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They say…

“25 Weeks of PAWS Selections Bookie Returns 121 points Profit Betfair SP (-5%) 106 Points Profit Return On Outlay 106%”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is the Personal All Weather Selections (PAWS) service by Allan Moore.

So, what is PAWS? Well, as the name suggests it focuses on all weather horseracing and provides email based win bets.

We’ve ordered our copy and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

The price of PAWS is £39.99 per month and there is no mention of a money back guarantee.

If you have any questions, you can contact the support team at:

Steve Davidson
PO Box 356
WA 6210


Full review of PAWS coming soon…

P.S. While you’re waiting for the review, if you have any experience of this service, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Full Review

Is it a lion?  is it a bear? No!! Its…(wait for it), PAWS, the Personal All Weather Selections here to(with any luck) rescue my imaginary bank account from a deathly lack of interest.

OK I have downloaded the page with links to an introductory PDF and a link to a members only website. The PDF is essentially a welcome message/letter and initially explains that PAWS selections are based on BSP (Bet Fair SP) or BOG (Best Odds Guaranteed)  with BOG being generally the better of the two but it also goes on to explain in which circumstances BSP can be better. The purpose of the explanation being to make the point that you can actually improve upon the advertised results by taking advantage of the circumstances they talk about.

Further down there is an explanation as to how they expect you to bet, including types of bet, with what stakes, what starting bank, and at what point you should increase your stakes. They also attempt to set expectations by explaining about 3 phases (winning, losing, and mixed) that tipsters normally goes through and that it is a matter of luck as to which cycle you hit when you first start out. However there is no mention of what kinds of losing streaks to typically expect.

Following their suggestions I will use an imaginary £100 (100 point) bank with 1 point for any win only bets and 2 points per each way bet with 1 point on the win and 1 on the place. There are also EW doubles tips when prices allow but this is rare.

The members website is a fairly straight forward affair with a short message welcoming you to the site and explaining that selections will be posted here each day in case emails go missing. The selections are listed under date headings and are password protected, the password being given in the initial downloaded webpage. There is also a link to the welcome PDF given on this page.

As a late evening initial first glance, I have taken a look at the selections for Monday 13th August together with the results from Time Form and there was one winner who’s BSP was 4.1, one loss with a BSP of 5.5, one NR and one loss with  BSP of 3.43. There was also an EW double but it included the selection that was a NR so the other selection in the double (which lost) became a single adding a further 1 point loss.

Overall result a profit of nil point for the day which depressingly isn’t that far off my dreary bank account rate.

That’s it for now, I will be reviewing this system over the course of a month to determine if these PAWS belong to a lion or a pussy cat and whether I will be breathing a sigh of relief that my bank account is imaginary or a sigh of regret that it isn’t. Not sure which is better actually, a brief PAWS for thought methinks. Hmmm. Til next time…

Update 10th September

No PAWS bets today

Update 9th September

No PAWS bets today

Update 8th September

Ok a couple of Win selections today, one came 3rd (BSP 5.51) and the other won (BSP 2.34). So a loss of one point on the first and 1.34 profit on the winner giving a daily profit of 0.34.

Bank now stands at £100.93

Update 7th September

No PAWS Bets today

Update 6th September

One selection today ( a win bet) but it came second with a BSP of 5.5 so minus 1 point for the day.

Bank now stands at 100.59.


Update 5th September

Excellent a winner to add to the collection, 1 selection so 100% record for the day. This was at a BSP of 4.4. so 3.4 points profit for the day.

Bank now stands at  101.59

Update 4th September

There are no PAWS bets today.

Update 3rd September

One PAWS bet today, an EW bet with the win portion having a BSP of 8.58 and the place portion at a BSP of 2.2. Sadly the horse came 6th and so a 2 points loss for the day.

Bank now stands at £98.38

Update 2nd September

No PAWS Bets Today

Update 1st September

No PAWS Bets Today

Update 31st August

Well one bet today, an EW bet that came 3rd so 1 point lost on the win portion and 1.81 BSP gain on the place leaving an overall profit for the day of -0.19.

Bank now stands at £100.19

Update 30th August

No PAWS bets today.

Update 29th August

Two bets today, both win bets, one came 4th with a BSP of 1.69 but this was more than compensated for with the second bet which was a winner with a BSP of 9.9. Lets hope that’s a sign of things to come as so far this service  has been pretty underwhelming. Apparently though this is a quiet time for the service so who knows it may pick up and right now it needs it!!

Overall profit for the day +7.9 and bank now stands at £100.38

Wow now we REALLY are giving the banks interest rate a run for its money 🙂

Update 28th August

Ok a couple of bets on today with 1 EW which came in 2nd. So 2 points staked, one on the win (BSP of 9.65) and one on the place (BSP 2.65). Result 1 point lost and 1.65 points gained. The second bet was a Win bet with a BSP of 3.8 which came in  second as well so one point lost on that one. Overall for the day minus 0.35 points.

Bank now stands at £92.48

Update 27th August

No PAWS bets today.

Update 26th August

No PAWS bets today.

Update 25th August

No PAWS bets today.

Update 24th August

No PAWS bets today.

Update 23rd August

No PAWS bets today.

Update 22nd August

One PAWS bet today but it was a NR.

Update 21st August

No PAWS bets today

Update 20th August

One PAWS bet today and guess what folks, its a winner!! A BSP 0f 2.83 giving £1.83 profit for the day.

Bank now stands at £92.83. So it’s onwards and upwards…

Update 19th August

No PAWS bets today

Update 18th August

No PAWS bets today

Update 17th August

And so the trend continues…

Two selections, both lost. One came 3rd with a BSP of 8.8 and the other came 5th with a BSP of 2.62. Daily loss of 2 points.

Bank now stands at £91.

Update 16th August

No PAWS selections today.

Update 15th August

Just 2 selections today, both win bets but sadly both lost, each coming third. The BSP for one was 1.81 and the BSP for the other was 4.11.  So a loss of 2 points for the day.

Bank now stands at £93.

A trend is forming but not a good one. Still very early days yet.

Update 14th August

Well, the 2nd day has posted 2 selections and 3 bets with the third being an each way double of the first two. The first was itself an each way selection which came seventh with an BSP of 8.71 on the win and 2.64 on the place. The second selection was a straight win bet which came second with an BSP of 5.3, needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) the EW double failed as well.

This left an overall loss of 5 points for the day (2 each on the EW bets and 1 on the straight win selection) . I thought these EW doubles were supposed to be rare? That’s 2 in as many days.

Bank stands at £95.

Was it D:Ream that said ‘Things can only get better’? How very true..still at least it was sunny.





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