Review: Lunchtime Profit Alert

| July 26, 2012 | 6 Replies

They say…

“Before you go to lunch next Friday, take two minutes to lock-in a £37, £44 or even £180 tax-free profit…”

We say…

The latest product that my team has been looking at is Lunchtime Profit Alert by Richie Forbes.

So, what is Lunchtime Profit Alert? Well, it’s a weekly football email service that contains selections for the upcoming weekend, as well as occasional tips by text message and a monthly newsletter.

The price of Lunchtime Profit Alert is £37 for the first year and then £77 for any subsequent years. There is also the promise of your money back if you do not double your investment after 12 months.

If you have any questions, you can contact the support team at:

Agora Lifestyles Ltd
Curzon House,
24 High Street,


You can take a trial of it here:

P.S. If you have any experience of this service, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Final Review for Lunchtime Profit Alert

Well not a lot exciting to write about a service that is efficient, with texts and e mails as needed straight to you, and precious little work for me the punter to have to do (just as I like it!).


Seventeen bets in two months will seem a bit skinny to some of you (and me to be fair), and a total profit of just under three points means a) you need a big bank to start with or ) its hardly worth all the effort. All bets received in my trial period were football based with the majority successful to be fair but with half point bets and short prices most of the time, the returns do not pay back the costs for your average punter.

The best bits.

Simplicity, few bets, and a high strike rate

But on the negative side…..

Low odds, small stakes (mostly half a point), and not enough bets for someone as greedy as me!


It does seem to be profitable, and thus does seem to work but it needs to be a bit braver or stand up and be counted by suggesting a mega big betting bank to start with, so a half point bet adds up to something actually worth winning!


Well, I kept an eye on this over the remainder of the 2012/13 football season and I must say I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Richie has obviously listened to the feedback as he has increased the stakes to put a little more meat on my betting bones but in doing so, he also hasn’t risked the bank – a good balance I think!

More to the point, the results have been excellent. During the review period the service was profitable if a little slow and steady but since I took a backwards step (albeit still monitoring the updates) the profits have really accelerated, with an overall profit for the season of 64.32 points and a more than respectable ROI of 24.98%. While the odds on the weekly bets remain around the even money mark, that just seems to be football betting generally and it is balanced by a very healthy strike rate (as opposed to horses say, where the odds are bigger but the winners considerably less frequent). Besides, as mentioned by some of the commenters below, there are certainly some juicy ante-post bets to get stuck into, with winners last year including Bayern Munich to win the Champions League at 7/1 among others.

In short, I’ll be getting stuck into this service next season and I’d suggest that you do the same!

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Full Review

Well I have signed up eagerly for this product to see if it will live up to expectation – only time will tell on that one! I will now sit back and await my e mails with all the winners (or lay bets of course – only time will tell on that one), and look forrd to recording my experience here in front of the whole punting world?

Saturday 15 December

One bet on the football in Scotland (Division Three) saw a comfortable 2-0 success for Peterhead saw our 19/20 odds landed though to only half a point stake

Today’s P/L +0.475pt
Overall P/L +2.99925pts

Sunday 09 December

This time two bets on the Manchester derby with one on the draw and one on City to win – naturally United won and both bets went down the toilet double quick time though they only added up to a point risked in total!

Today’s P/L -1pt
Overall P/L +2.52425pts

Saturday 08 December

Two bets on the same Scottish football match today saw one of them correct and one of them incorrect for a small profit on the day.

Today’s P/L 0.15625
Overall P/L +3.52425pts

Saturday 01 December

Two bets placed over the weekend but one is a double that is still running so that will be updated later. One German football bet on the Asian handicap was placed, but sadly it was a loser.*CORRECTION* This bet was void via the handicap market of +1 goal – my error (sorry)

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +3.368pts

Sunday 25th November

Another simple and effective football bet I am glad to say – Southampton to beat Newcastle in the draw no bet market.

Today’s P/L +0.4pts
Overall P/L +3.368pts

Saturday 24th November

One rewarding bet on the football – Leeds to beat Crystal Palace at odds of 6/5 in the draw no bet market

Today’s P/L +0.6pts
Overall P/L +2.968pts

Saturday 17th November

Three football bets this Saturday saw two successful (at taken odds of 10/11 and 21/10) and one loser, though thanks to the staking suggested I did not get as rich as I hoped!

Today’s P/L +0.7295pts
Overall P/L +2.368pts

Saturday 10th November

A couple of football bets this weekend saw a winner on the Asian handicap and a loser for a small loss on the day.

Today’s P/L -0.0455pts
Overall P/L +1.6385pts

Saturday 3rd November

Two bets again this Saturday , both on the football and both successful but to small stakes so not a lot of profit for my £1000 starting bank!

Today’s P/L +0.767pts
Overall P/L +1.684pts

Saturday 27th October

Not one but TWO bets this Saturday, one a winner and one a no bet (on the “draw no bet” market and you guessed it, we pulled a draw), but more profit to fdd to the slowly growing bank.

Today’s P/L +0.417pts
Overall P/L +0.917pts

Wednesday 24th October

One bet placed today regarding a Champions League Group – so nothing I can comment on but just to let you know the bets are still arriving!

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0.5pts

Sunday 21st October

No bets today and from now on I will only add to the site when there actually is a bet to avoid clutter and confusion.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0.5pts

Sunday 21st October

No bets today

Today’s P/L 0.5pts
Overall P/L 0.5pts

Saturday 20th October

My football double became a football single (as it was draw no bet) and a half point profit – better than nothing.

Today’s P/L 0.5pts
Overall P/L 0.5pts

Friday 19th October

No Bets today but a football double tomorrow!

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0

Thursday 18th October

As I write this I can tell you we do have at least one bet coming over the weekend – but nothing to report today.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0

Wednesday 17th October

Although I pride myself on my use of the English language, there are only so many ways to tell you that there were No bets today….

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0

Tuesday 16th October

Starting with a blank day for bets but that only whets the appetite for the future!

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0


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  1. Astral42 says:

    Just had an email promoting this, from Matt, saying 21 winners from 26 bets since start of september and 14 pts profit. Must have been a lot of winners in the first few weeks! I signed up to the £1 offer (before I saw your review) Will see how it goes but I suspect I’ll need to put down uncomfortably large stakes to get a worthwhile return, given that it seems to have averaged a point a week, I doubt that a tenner a go is going to be worth the effort of signing into betfair, let alone making my way to the high street. Keeping an open mind though. Whilst Matt’s email maybe good copy I would say his conclusion is a touch ingenuous.

  2. agatity says:


    Is there any spreadsheets results over the past year or years?

    Thanks 🙂

  3. Kevin Haselden says:

    Astral 42 and agatity

    I subscribe to this service and based on the last 26 bets since the start of September I have 19 wins, 2 voided bets and 5 losing bets. During this time my profit is 12 points but this could be lower than the quoted 14 due to odds fluctuations.

    I would have thought that if you contact the customer services of the system then they will provide historic records.

    I have my own spreadsheet that I would be happy to provide which shows all bets I have placed since I joined the service at the start of the year but I just want to check with Matt that he is happy for me to do this. If possible could you email Matt at and tell him what you are after and as long as he his happy then he will forward your request to me and I will send you what I have.

    I agree if you are looking to make ‘big’ money off this then you would need to place large stakes as typically it is only a couple of bets a week at shortish odds, although there is the occasional ante-post bet. It is performing well and is profitable though so it may be a decent addition to a betting portfolio.



  4. BucksBaggie68 says:

    Hi Guys
    I too am a member of this service but do not now follow the text bets or the weekly bets. As has been said – stakes too low and odds too short for me. However, the ante post bets are (or have been in the past) quite stunning.

    In the last couple of years, Matt Houghton has made a good few really long odds bets. Last year he suggested we back the eventual Bundesliga Champions. Two years ago, we had a major coup on Lyon tyo win the French league each way at, I think, something like 1,000/1. On the last day of that season, those in the know laid the bet off on BetFair and walked away with an effective 500/1 winner. Lyon lost their last match and finished 4th I think hence the winning bet on Betfair.
    I also benefitted from Matt’s suggestion to back Luton to win the lower league football cup (cannot remember what it was called at the time) at odds of 100/1. Again, a winner and a lovely all expenses paid stag weekend trip to, oh heck, I can’t remember but it was fun!!!

    So, my advice is to join in just before the start of the footie season (using a reduced price offer perhaps) and follow the ante post bets. They have certainly proven worthwhile for me over the last 2 or 3 years.


  5. 25sazzles says:

    This is a great place to start if you are novice to sports betting and have a low risk requirement.

    The weekly tips are easy to follow and arrive promptly, the monthly outlook pdfs are helpful and explanatory.

    The profits are not massive, but there is a profit, even on low stakes to cover the cost of the system, especially if you buy it on the low priced first year offer. Although not a football fan, I have developed an interest in football enough to now have a sensible conversation with some of my football fan colleagues, I find in some cases I know more than they do.

    My only gripe is sometimes I can’t find the fixtures easily as I don’t know what league is called by other names by some betting houses, but it has got easier as I go along & subscribing to the William Hll weekly email helps as they usually list fixtures which makes them easier to find by date.

    I actually look forward to getting the LPA emails, only 2 aweek so its not a bombardment. Because the emails come out in good time, you don’t have to be able to get onto the internet straight away…say you don’t finish work til Friday evening etc, unless its a Friday eve fixture most times you can still get the bet placed in time. For me this is a great help as lot of the horse racing tipsters don’t out out the tips to late morning and if I’m on a day shift I won’t be able to place the bets in time. Although thankfully over the summer the later races mean I’ve been able to join in a bit more. I certainly wouldn’t pay for a system if I needed to be on the internet all day.

    Not fantastic, but consistent profits from the anti-post, slightly more erratic and less substantial profits from the weekly tips.

    Best for – novice betters, & people who can’t be on internet all day
    Good for – people who want to understand more about football stats

  6. Kevin Haselden says:

    As with Sean’s updated comments on the main review, this season finished with a very decent profit based on the weekly bets and the ante-post bets.
    I was so impressed that I have upped my stakes considerably for this year as I am confident of another profitable year. Most ante-post bets are in place and already the odds have reduced on most of them which shows we got them on at a good value.
    Well worth a try this service although it must be noted that there aren’t loads of bets so if you want to make a lot of money you will need big stakes.

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