Lay Profit Hunter Review

| December 12, 2012 | 15 Replies

They say…

“While his wife thought he was playing snooker, this retired Granddad quietly turned his crappy state pension into a £22,410 fortune”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Lay Profit Hunter by Jim Nendel.

So, what is Lay Profit Hunter? Well, it’s a daily lay betting service that covers a variety of sports and aims to slowly build a starting bank into a significant sum.

We’ve ordered our copy and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

The price of Lay Profit Hunter is £197 per year. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the service.

If you have any questions, you can contact the support team at:

Agora Lifestyles Limited
Curzon House,
24 High Street,


Final Review for Lay Profit Hunter

Not enough bets and not enough profit to justify the outlay to be honest though perhaps I could have started with a bigger bank if I had known the risk was as minimal as it now appears to be – and please note my figures have NOT taken in to account any commission on the exchanges as the percentage will differ from punter to punter.


Twenty five lay bets were advised in total with four of them rejected as I could not get the maximum odds suggested on either BETDAQ or BETFAIR. Of the 21 remaining, five made losses though one was to a 3% risk which hurt the bank pretty badly, while the other sixteen bets went our way, though often to smaller stakes.An overall profit of £35.28 is acceptable but not a lot after two months – you would need to up your betting bank from my £1000 put aside, or they would need to increase bets and profits to make this worthwhile.

The best bits.

Simplicity – e mails texts etc, straight to you, with clear simple instructions even I can understand.

But on the negative side…..

Not enough bets, minimised risk means minimal profit even when things do go well.


Personally, this seems to be aimed at punters with a few thousand pounds gathering dust looking to make a small income on the side,. It may work for them, but even if I could afford to use £1000, the returns are just not worth the cost – sorry.

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Full Review

The Lay Profit Hunter looks intriguing as well as nice and simple which suits me fine! Fact is they send you all you need to know and there is very little work involved other than placing the bets (shhhh don’t tell anyone what an easy life I have),so starting today we will see how they get on though I do gather bets are fairly irregular and will not arrive on a daily basis. For the purpose of this review I am assuming a betting bank of £1000 to start with as they recommend bets based on a percentage of your bank.

*** Please note I have now been corrected and have amended the figures (see below) as in the percentage given is NOT the percentage bet but the liability concerned. The results and bets do NOT change, but the amounts and points profit/losses do….I am still working to a hypothetical £1000 starting bank.

Saturday 15 December

One bet on the Scottish football where the lay was for St Johnstone – they drew 2-2 so our bet was landed though only to small stakes.

Today’s P/L +£4.72
Overall P/L +£35.28

Friday 14 December

One lay bet on the American Football and I matched (in fact bettered) the suggested odds before sitting back for a nice easy collection.

Today’s P/L +5.04
Overall P/L +£30.56

Tuesday 11 December

Simply put, we struck lucky last night – there were two bets, they both went against us – BUT I could NOT get the odds they suggested so the bet was null and void and no damage was done.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£25.52

Sunday 09 December

Two bets over the weekend came to fruition here with a winner on the cricket (lay the draw India v England) and a loser on the football (lay Manchester United) for a small overall loss.

Today’s P/L -£3.80
Overall P/L +£25.52

Tuesday 04 December

One bet was given today but I could not get anywhere near to the maximum lay price advised so there has been no effect on the figures as the bet was not placed.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£29.32

Sunday 02 December

A lay bet on the American football went badly astray on Sunday as St Louis beat San Fransisco – ouch!

Today’s P/L -£54.47
Overall P/L +£29.32

Tuesday 27th November

A small lay bet on Sunderland v QPR paid off after a 0-0 draw and a profit ensued – I just wish I had started with a bigger betting bank!

Today’s P/L +£7.74
Overall P/L +£83.79

Sunday 25th November

A decent sized bet (lay to lose 5%) on Kansas to lose came home in first place so another addition to the pot.

Today’s P/L +£10.65
Overall P/L +£76.05

Thursday 22nd November

One bet on the Europa League saw me laying Bayer Leverkusen who lost 2-0 so a collection once again.

Today’s P/L +£3.66
Overall P/L +£65.40

Wednesday 21st November

One bet in the Champions league and what looked like a sensible choice in laying the under 2.5 goals Manchester City v Real Madrid which sadly ended as a 1-1 draw and we lost our dough, though thank goodness we only risked the 1% of our bank.

Today’s P/L -£6.00
Overall P/L +£61.74

Sunday 18th November

A super confident lay bet on the American football came off this week – if only just! 10% of the bank was risked at lay odds of 12.0 (and I struggled to find that!) whenHouston beat Jacksonville 43-37 in what turned out to be a far closer match than the odds predicted! My nerves may be shot to shreds but the profit was still made I suppose….

Today’s P/L +£9.62
Overall P/L +£67.74

Tuesday 13th November

One bet on the American Football today and a winner all be it only just (16-13) and our lay was to 5% of the bank at odds of 6.6!

Today’s P/L +£9.36
Overall P/L +£58.12

Sunday 11th November

Although there was a bet today I could not get the recommended odds…..

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£48.76

Tuesday 6th November

*** With apologies, all figures have been updated below after a mathematical error on day one – thank you for pointing that out to me!

No sport today and no 1% bet either, but an astounding 10% of the bank lay on the Republican Party – and we all know Obama won again, so that bet was successful.

Today’s P/L +£26.78
Overall P/L +£48.76

Sunday 4th November

I am so glad that you do not need to understand the sports you are betting on as today was the turn of American Football. All I know is Buffalo lost which is what we wanted…..and with a 2% lay stake as well.

Today’s P/L +£4.24
Overall P/L +£21.98

Saturday 3rd November

One bet on the Premier league and a positive result thanks to Manchester United and Arsenal ending 2-1 as we were laying both teams NOT to score!

Today’s P/L +£5.95
Overall P/L +£17.74

Wednesday 31st October

One bet and the first one to go against us with a shock tennis result I am sorry to say.

Today’s P/L -£4.84
Overall P/L +£11.79

Tuesday 30th October

One percent seems to be the norm but this time we were laying on the French tennis and another success saw the bank increase once again.

Today’s P/L +£4.40
Overall P/L +£16.63

Monday 29th October

Another 1% bet this time on the American football and another comfortable result for us -I just wish the stakes were a it larger (but don’t we all when the results go our way).

Today’s P/L +£4.11
Overall P/L +£12.23

Saturday 27th October

One bet on the football on over 2.5 goals on the Barcelona game (they won 0-5 away!), and 1% staked but another winner!

Today’s P/L +£3.59
Overall P/L +£8.12

Thursday 25th October

One bet on the football and 1% staked but another winner – and by the way, from now on I will only write something when there is a bet to mention.

Today’s P/L +£3.85
Overall P/L +£4.43

Tuesday 23rd October

One bet on the tennis this Tuesday and a profitable one at that – job done and long may that continue.

Today’s P/L +£1.78
Overall P/L +0.58

Saturday 20th October

One successful bet on the Rugby Union was all we needed and at 4% of the bank, very profitable as well!

Today’s P/L +£8.80
Overall P/L -£1.20

Wednesday 17th October

One suggested lay bet today, but the maximum odds indicated were never available on the exchanges that I saw, so no bet was placed.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L -£10.00

Tuesday 16th October

Day one and one lay bet at odds of 7.0 on the exchanges at the time I placed the bet. Sadly the horse won at odds of 5/1 and the percentage staked was 1% so £10 down.

Today’s P/L -£10.00
Overall P/L -£10.00


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  1. pammy99 says:

    I have been using this system since April this year and I have to say it is one of the better ones I have joined. Don’t think you are going to make a fortune overnight because you are not, you really need to know how Laying works before starting as if like me a complete novice I made a complete hash of the first couple of weeks and lost quite a bit, but thankfully I am getting the hang of it now.
    Personally as I said before it is one of the better betting systems around.

  2. spazzedup says:

    p99, Glad you are doing ok with this, have you used many systms at all to compare this with?, What sort of points are you winning, strike rates etcc????

  3. Kevin Haselden says:

    I have been using this since mid January and I am about £20 down from a starting bank of £200. I only started with a £200 bank as the introduction stated there maximum lay was 10% of the bank and I didnt want to risk more than £20 at a time. However, since starting this system there have been very few lays at the full 10%, with most of them being 1% or 2%. I think I missed a couple of winners at 10% and this has a double effect as not only do you not get the winnings, because you are using a progressive staking plan you dont get the additional ‘benefit’ of increasing the bank.
    It has a strike rate of 73% however which is pretty decent and I am going to give it a bit longer.
    Hopefully our review will provide some positive results.

  4. chinablade says:

    Hi Sean,
    Surely your staking plan is wrong for this? You say that you won £108.03 for Obama winning the election, but shouldn’t that amount have been your liability not your winnings? Otherwise, at lay odds of around 5, you’d have blown 40% of your bank if obama had lost….

  5. gfkw47 says:

    Chinablade I think you’re wrong. The stake was 10% so it would be around £108. But I do think the first bet result is wrong on 16th October. If the stake was £10 at 1%, with odds of 7.0 losing this bet would have been a £60 loss not £10 loss, so even if all the others are OK it means that overall profit to Nov 6th is £50 less than shown above.

  6. chinablade says:

    Hi gfkw47,
    Sorry, I think I wasn’t clear enough about my meaning. I don’t think Sean should be using a 10% stake here, but a 10% liabilty instead.
    Sure, the winnings would be £108 if using a 10% stake as above. My point really though, is that if using a 10% stake, the liability is 40% of your bank, ie over £400! That’s just not sensible betting practice, no matter how great you think the system is.

  7. gfkw47 says:

    Hi Chinablade. I agree with that. I have just subscribed for 90 day trial. I had decided during the trial to start with bet pool of just £100. My first be came thro yesterday with 5% stake (ie £5)at odds of 6.6. So if it wins I win £5. but my liability if I lose is £28 which feels totally mad to me. What you think? Unless the proposed £5 means you are supposed to calculate backwards how much you need to bet to give a liability of 5%. No that’s crazy it would be far too complex.

  8. gfkw47 says:

    My second bet just arrived. Another 5% stake at odds of 7.4 so my liability is £32! So after receiving 2 bets my potential winnings are 2 x £5 = £10. But I now have £60 at risk which is 60% of my bank. Am I just not understanding properly, or is this not looking very good?

  9. chinablade says:

    Hi gfkw47,
    Now you understand my original point! To be honest, that’s risking far too much, so I think you should just use the percentage figure as a liabilty. Although with only a £100 bank you’ll be forced to go higher than than anyway, as the min bet is £2.
    BTW, Betfair will do all the calculations for you. After you open the lay bet screen, click on ‘your liabily’ above and to the right….
    Good luck anyway with whatever you decide to do!

  10. gfkw47 says:

    Hi chinablade
    Thanks for your input – if you’re right about the % being the amount at risk it has certainly not been explained very well. I think I will just do a paper trial and see what happens.

  11. Kevin Haselden says:

    Hi Chinablade & gfkw47,

    I feel I should just comment on the staking plan as part of it is maybe me not explaining it properly to Sean in the first place when he started the review. The % given on the advice from the system is the percentage liability and not the stake. Therefore if you are starting out with a £1000 bank and you get a bet for 5% then that would mean your maximum liability should be £50 and not the stake. As you quite rightly say, doing it the other way could result in some massive liabilities and a couple of bad results could wipe out most of your bank.

    I started with this service with a £200 bank as I was initially under the impression that most bets would be the maximum 10% liability as was the case earlier in the system. However since I have been a member, the % liability has been more towards the lower end of the scale with only the odd 10% bet. This has meant that it has been a slow burner in terms of trying to increase the bank and therefore it is probably wise to start with a slightly higher bank if you can. You could always do this on a hypothetical basis in order to calculate your liability but have a different stop-loss amount.
    For example you may want to start with £1000 as your bank but if you ever found yourself £200 down (your original bank) then you could walk away. The advantage of this is that if most bets are only 1% then you are risking £10 at a time rather than just £2. At £2 a time it would take ages to build the bank. The obvious downside of doing it this way is you could end up with 2 losing 10% lays and your stop loss limit is reached!!
    As you can see on the review, Sean has now corrected the profit and loss figures to match the correct staking plan

  12. Astral42 says:

    I gave this a go and like others read the stake/liability back to front which resulted in a couple of proportionately hefty losses. I re-read the instructions and realised there were two ways of of looking at it. An email begging the question and I was back on track but soon a couple more larger losses started to make me rethink. Then a liability came up so high that it had a huge potential loss against a win you could probably pick up in small change, off the pavement. I didn’t place that bet or even check on the result. At this point I was down by a similar amount to when I had done it wrong (the two together being a bit over 20% of my bank). So because my then position meant I would be looking for daily winners for several weeks (months even) to get back to where I started I decided it wasn’t for me. The guarantee ? My refund was back in my bank in a couple of days. And yes with a small bank you would have problems with betfair minimum bet. A dilemma since going outside your %age could mean potential larger losses than the method allows for whilst the gains would be measured in pennies.
    I may have started at a particularly bad time I know a couple of the losers (from my view) took sports reporters by surprise but that’s what taking a gamble means. This, if successful, is a slow burner which means you need to have your bank tied up for a long time 1K really is a realistic minimum to my mind.

  13. gfkw47 says:

    When I subscribed to this I did not get any explanation of how the system worked – only a description of how to bet/lay on Betfair ( which wasn’t new to me anyway). Unsurprisingly I assumed that the stake % was the stake not the potential risk. I tried to email to ask for more details which had to be done thro Agora. I was not impressed when I received a reply saying they were very busy and would get back to me asap. Two days later another holding email! Then I had an email direct from Jim giving the info needed from the start plus a spreadsheet download which makes it easy to setup bet and keep track of them. I now have Jim’s email address so I can contact him direct in future if I need to.
    After the first few days I had decided to give up – but now with Jim’s explanation and spreadsheet I will give it the full 90 days trial and see what happens.

  14. gfkw47 says:

    Agora are really going down the pan. Having told them that I wanted to continue with Profit Hunter (see my previous post) after getting explanation of working direct from Jim, they have now emailed – a week after my first email – to say they have cancelled my subs and are returning money paid. I give up with these people – they may have some worthwhile systems but their communications are hopeless.

  15. Kevin Haselden says:


    I know Agora have had some issues with their customer service team which has led to some delays in response. I would recommend if you want to clarify anything with them then contact them via telephone and then there will be no cross over in terms of emails.
    Hope you get this sorted because as you mention, this could well be a worthwhile system

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