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| August 28, 2012 | 2 Replies

They say…

“It’s Time To Cash In On The Planets No.1 Sport!”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Football Formula by Dan and two anonymous bookmaker employees.

So, what is Football Formula? Well, no prizes for guessing, its a football betting system that looks to take advantage of overpriced markets.

We’ve ordered our copy and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

The price of Football Formula is £45 for a 28 day subscription or 90 days for £90. There is no mention of a money back guarantee.

If you have any questions you can contact the support team at:

BetFan Limited
Suite 2423
6 Slington House
Rankine Road
RG24 8PH


Full review of Football Formula coming soon…

P.S. While you’re waiting for the review, if you have any experience of this service, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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OK, finally found some time to let you have my final thoughts, for what they are worth.

Firstly, taking everything into account (including the losing rolling accumulators), the profit achieved did not cover the monthly subscription. We had a 6 point profit on the single bets but an overall loss of 5 points on the rolling accumulator.

There were good sides and disappointing sides to this system. One of the dissappointing bits was the number of clicks required to actually find the bets. The process, imho, needs to be shorter in order to stop people becoming bored especially if you have a slow server.

It was also dissappointing that the authors could not find the time to respond to a query I sent them via email regarding the time they would place the bets on the site. I had to log in at least twice each day to find all the bets and, given the labourious process required, became a little fed up when the site had not been up dated. More than once, I missed out on a winning accumulator bet due to the time it was posted.

The number of different bookies required to ensure you could obtain all the odds listed was also a little disappointing. I have accounts with 18 bookmakers but would have had to open accounts with at least 5 more in order to have matched all bets suggested.

All the singles bets suggested were also advised as 10 point bets. Now, this could show a very confident nature but I see it as something entirely different.

As any bettor will know, not all bets are the same. There are those that you look at as a nailed on certainty and others that you see as value. Sometimes the value on a bet is higher than on others. So, from my point of view, I would prefer to see a separate points suggestion for each bet than the carte blanche method used by the system’s authors.

On the positive side, I did like the very varied type of bets that were offered even if, on occasion, the suggested bet seemed high. I am not the type of person who places a 10 point bet on a 12/1 first goalscorer bet for example.

So, the big question as to whether I would buy this system for myself – probably not. At £45 per 28 days (or £90 for 90 days), it is quite pricey and, for my trial period anyway, did not make enough profit to cover the subscription. If the authors were to offer a free period following a net losing one, that might be enough to change my mind.

If Matt could make contact with BetFan and ask them for a free month due to lack of profit for the trial period, I would happily continue to review and see what happens. However, for now (and based on results) my advice is to steer clear of Football Formula. There are likely to be better systems out there for this kind of outlay.



Tried to log in this morning to be told they could not find my details. I presume this means my review period is over and it is time to analyse the system. Before I do this, here are the results from Monday.

Single Bets
Daily Total = -1.95
Overall Total = +6.00

Rolling Accumulator
Bet 2 in string 7 won leaving that RA at a tantalising +1.92 points. However, there were 6 lost accumulators. The total, therefore, has to be -4 at best for that area of the trial.

I am mega busy this week so will leave this system here for now. However, I will be back as soon as possible to give my thoughts on this system for those of you who may be bothering to read this post.

Cheers for now.


Results for Friday to Sunday Inclusive
Were I to tell you that the bank starteed at +7.81 and finished at +7.95 would that be sufficient?

A mediocre weekend for this system which saw a net return of just +0.14 points and that is assuming you were able to take all the odds offered. I, personally (is there any other kind of I?) have accounts with 18 bookmakers but would have struggled to cover all the bookies covered this weekend. The spread of bookies is a definate downside to this site imho.

Anyway, a total of 28 bets over the 3 days (total recommended stake would have been £2,800!) with 13 winners and 15 losers.

The current Rolling Accumulator also came a cropper on Friday. The selection was a rather strange Dutch lower league match. In fact, it was one of the matches selected by a T FActor competitor! The T Factor selector covered the draw so well done there as the match did, indeed, end in a draw. Unfortunately, this meant the RA bet went down.

Single Bets
Weekend Period = +0.14 points
Total Overall = +7.95 points

Rolling Accumuloator is now down 6 points. String 7 has started.



Wed/Thurs Results
5 bets on each day with a total of 5 winners and 5 losers. In fact, Thursday saw a level playing field with 3 losing bets costing 3 points being covered by the two winning bets which gained 3 points. Bizarre.
Wednesday was a winning day thanks mainly to Messi scoring twice for Barcelona.

Single Bets
Last two days = +2.21 points
Overall total = +7.81 points

Rolling Accumulator
Current Acca (6 winners on the bounce now) = +6.867 points to go on next bet.
Brought forward loss of 5 points remains to be covered.

Due to other issues, I will not now be back until Monday. Have a good (and profitable) weekend and come on you Baggies!


Monday & Tuesday results
Monday saw 6 single bets with 2 winners. Tuesday saw a mammoth 12 single bets with a very impressive 8 winners taking this system back into profit.
In addition, the Rolling Accumulator won on both days as well.

Single Bets
Last two days = +6.86 points
Overall total = +5.60 points

Rolling Accumulator
Current Acca = 3.924 points to go on next bet.
Brought Forward = – 5 points


Friday through to Sunday catch up
Firstly, what a game on Saturday at Lords. About the most sensational end you could come up with. Of course, as a fan of Hampshire, the right team won but I did feel a little bit sorry for Warwickshire. That soon changed once I heard some of the Warwickshire fans comments afterwards! Not quite on a Man Utd type of chant but definately not something you would hope to hear at a cricket match. Anyway, less of that and on with the reason for me being here.

Overall, the period since I last posted has seen a total of 19 singles bets and 2 new rolling accumulators. Of the 19 single bets, 11 of them won including a full house of 4/4 on Sunday.

The rolling accumulator saw another loss initially. However, backing Man Utd to win on Saturday put this one back on track.

There were, actually, 20 single bets but I have voided one of them as it was a “1st goal after” bet. That match finished 0-0 but I have not been able to ascertain what the rules are on Boylesports in this event. So, the results do not include this bet.

So, the current position is as follows –

Single bets
Weekend = +5.22 points
Overall = -1.26 points

Rolling Accumulator
Current = +1.7673 points going on next bet.
Overall (excluding current bet) = -5 points


Thursday’s Results
Early today as not going to be around later.

Good day yesterday with all 3 bets winning. Always makes for a smile when this happens.

So, current position is –
Daily = +5.42 points
Total = -6.48 points

No change to Rolling Accumulator.

p.s – I am at Lords all day tomorrow watching the CB40 final so next post from me will be on Monday. Have a profitable weekend all.

Wednesday Results
Yesterday, the team at BetFan gave me four bets. All of which were on the same match. They clearly thought that TNS would be way too good for Prestatyn as all 4 bets were based on TNS winning and doing so by a very healthy margin. As it happened, Prestatyn won the game 1-0 meaning all four of the recommended bets lost.
Every recommended bet (singles) is to 10 points. One of the bets last night was a 20/1 shot. Not sure, if I was a playing with real money, I would ever put 10 points on a 20/1 shot especially when the other 3 bets were all between 2.15 and 3.10. I have to question how much thought goes into some of the recommended bets.

So, the position after Wednesday is
Daily = -4.00 points
Total = -11.90 points

No Rolling Acca yesterday so that remains at -4.00 points.


Tuesday Results
Nowhere near as good as our leader, Matt. In fact, just the 3 bets two of which lost. The Rolling Accumulator also lost although it was not actually posted on the site when I logged in at 13:30 as usual. I have emailed the guys at BetFan (via Matt) to see if they will start to post bets at a standard time and will report back as and when they reply.

Single Bets
Daily Total = -0.38 points
Running Total = -7.90 points

Rolling Acca = -4.00 points

Monday Results
We had 4 bets yesterday on this system with 3 winners. I think the return to somewhat lower odds (all between 2.1 and 2.55) saw this improvement. Going for a bundle of bets at odds of more than 3.5 does tend to be a recipe for disaster.

Single bets position
Daily = +2.95 points
Overall = -7.52 points

Rolling Accumulator lost again. Bank now stands at -3.00 points


Sunday Results
Another stonking day for this service. Just the two bets both of which lost! No rolling accumulator either.

Single bets
Daily = -2 points
Total = -10.47 points

Rolling Accaumulator
Running Total = -2 points

We have 4 bets for Monday but, at 13:20, there is no dign of the rolling accumulator. This failure to post up the bets in a timely fashion (or to advise there are no bets) is really beging to bug me. Coupled with the bad run, it may be enough for me not to recommend this service when the trial comes to an end.

Cheerio for now.


Saturday Results
OK, the results are in so I thought I would do this now rather than Monday.

8 single bets of which 7 were losers. Sounds bad (and it is from a points basis) but the bets are all odds against so losing runs are more likely. In addition, some of the bets were a tad unlucky. After all, you cannot legislate for one team to have 2 players sent off, for another team to storm the 1st half then shut up shop, or for the truly hot team of the moment to choose today to go off the boil. Had those 3 bets come in we would be looking at a very healthy profit on the day but there we go. That’s gambling.

Oh, the rolling accumulator lost as well.

Single bets
Daily total = -4.75 points
Overall total = -8.47 points

Rolling Accumulator overall position = -2 points.

Back Tuesday.


Friday Results
Just the one bet for Friday which, given the amount of football, I found a little strange. The one bet they did recommend was a loser!

Daily total = -1 point
Overall Total = -3.72 points

The Rolling Accumulator bet won @ odds of 1.59. This takes the bank to 2.639 on this string. Remember, we are down 1 point on this at the moment.

For Saturday there are 8 single bets and another bet in the rolling accumulator. I am not around on Sunday’s so will be back with those results on Monday.


Thursday 6th September
OK, I know I said I would be back tomorrow but felt this was something worth mentioning.

It is now 15:30 in the afternoon and I have just logged on to the BetFan website. No bets have been listed for today which is, I think, a little strange. Now, it may be simply because there is no football today. However, a post from the guys at BetFan stating “no bets today” would surely be a good thing.

Anyway, my next visit here will probably now not be until Saturday assuming they have some bets for Friday!!


Results from Wednesday 5th September
Very strange. The one bet posted to the site yesterday does not actually take place until today, Thursday! So, a no bet day Wednesday.

Back tomorrow.


Results from Tuesday 4th September
Good day yesterday with all 3 recommended bets winning for a profit, on the day, of 4.82 points. No rolling accumulator.

Totals for Single Bets
Daily = +4.82
Overall = -2.72

Rolling Accumulator
Current bank = 1.66 points.

Work calls. See you all tomorrow.

Results from Monday
Just the 3 single bets on Monday but 2 of them were losers. The 3rd was a winner at 2.36 rescuing most of the losses but not quite.

A new rolling accumulator started which won @ odds of 1.66.

Single bets
Daily = -0.66 points
Total = -7.54 points

Rolling Accumulator
Current bank = 1.66 points

Back tomorrow.


Results from the weekend
Well, to say the weekend was a massive disappointment would be an understatement. I know the basis of this system is to find value bets but I think the authors need to tread a little more carefully especially so early in the season.

Saturday saw a total of 12 single bets, 10 of which lost. The Rolling Accumulator won but more of this later.
Sunday saw a further 11 bets, 8 of which were losers. THe Rolling Accumulator also came to a grinding halt with a loss.

Personally, I tread very carefully during the 1st part of the season and generally wait until 6 games have been played before taking too many risks. This has proven very sensible over the years and would have saved plenty on this system had they done likewise. I know the aim is long odds/value bets but, if you joined this service on Saturday, you would now be some 12.3 points down. There will have to be some stunning days in the next 3 weeks to recoup that.

Earlier I mentioned the Rolling Accumulator. I mention this separately as, on Saturday (and had I been playing with real money), I was not able to check the bet as it was not posted on the website until after 11:15. I had to leave my computer at that time to travel to watch my beloved West Brom. As a result, I missed the winner. Of course, as the accumulator lost on Sunday, it mattered not (except I do not bet on Sunday’s) but the point is (and I have said so before), the site really needs to post a time by which it intends to post bets.

So, the p and l after all weekend bets.
Total for weekend = -12.30 points
Total carried forward = -6.90 points

Rolling Accumulator = -1 point.

Results from 31st August
Much better day all round. Just the 1 loser. A pleasant change from Thursday. The rolling accumulator won as well.

Anyway, the totals after Friday’s bets are
Single bets
Daily total = +4.05 points
Overall total = +5.40 points

Rolling Accumulator
Overall total = +3.4652 points

Results from Thursday 30th August
Not a good day for this system yesterday with all 5 suggested bets losing. Well, actually it was 6 bets as one of them was split but each half was for half usual stakes.

The rolling accumulator won @ odds of 1.38

Anyway, the totals after yesterday are
Single bets
Daily total = -5 points
Overall total = +1.35 points

Rolling Accumulator
Overall total = +2.139 points

Back tomorrow.

Thursday 30th 15:50 – Update
Bets finally up for today, Thursday. 5 singles and the 2nd bet in the rolling accumulator.
I wish they would post a notice telling me when the bets will be up. I had to log in about 4 times today before the acca bet arrived!

Results from 29th August
Well, not too bad a start with 2 out of the 4 single bets winning and the rolling accumulator also providing a good result.

The four single bets saw a daily profit of 6.35 points.
The rolling acca (starting at 1 point) now stands at 1.55 points.

Opening Thoughts

Just started looking at this system and here are my initial thoughts.

The site looks very exciting with loads of colour and flashing words all over the place. ALso, on my pc at least, the opening page was too big for my screen (even though the screen is 24″) meaning it as not immediately apparent what I had to do to find my bets. However, this is only going to be a problem the 1st time as, after that, it is really easy to know where to look and will take only a few seconds to be ready to go.

For Wednesday 29th August, there are 4 bets all over even money (which I like) and all are recommended as win singles with 10 points per bet. Their staking plan seems to recommend 1 point being equal to £10.00 meaning these would all be £100 bets. However, I was not able to find out whether a 10 point bet is as high as they go or even if this was a low as they go. Perhaps that will become clear as time goes on. However, I would like to know what their points range is for bets at the outset and I could not find this on the site.

The system also offers an accumulator bet which, if successful, may prove to be great. However, in order to benefit from this, you would need to be a member when the first bet is placed. In the current system, the string for the accumulator bet started on 27th August with bet 2 being posted on 28th AUgust. There does not appear to be a bet today but, as you can see, if I join in with this string now, I would be 2 bets behind others. That may not matter unless there is a limit to the accumulator (say 10 bets then cash out) but there does not seem to be any mention of the rules.

So, there are my initial thoughts. I will endeavour to post more every day but may not always have the time. I will, however, ensure I track all the bets and report back on results as regularly as I think necessary.

Cheers all.



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  1. Rob Broadhurst says:

    Results from 29th August
    Well, not too bad a start with 2 out of the 4 single bets winning and the rolling accumulator also providing a good result.

    The four single bets saw a daily profit of 6.35 points.
    The rolling acca (starting at 1 point) now stands at 1.55 points.

    More tomorrow.


  2. Rob Broadhurst says:

    Bets finally up for today, Thursday. 5 singles and the 2nd bet in the rolling accumulator.
    I wish they would post a notice telling me when the bets will be up. I had to log in about 4 times today before the acca bet arrived!

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