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| August 28, 2012 | 19 Replies

They say…

“How would you like to turn £1,000 into £3,138.43 in 12-months and into an amazing £30,912.68 in just 36-months? All from a tiny 2 profits a month!”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Football Bankbuilder by Matt Fisher.

So, what is Football Bankbuilder? Well, its a lay betting system that uses compound staking in an attempt to build your betting bank.

We’ve ordered our copy and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

The price of Football Bankbuilder is £97. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and a free copy of ‘Winning on Betfair for Dummies’.

If you have any questions you can contact the author at:

ADK Publishing via Canonbury Publishing Ltd
Unit 3 Hainault Works,
Hainault Road,
Luittle Heath,

Tel  02085970181

Full review of Football Bankbuilder coming soon…

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Full Review

This product seems to have caused some interesting debate already among the loyal readership, and I will start testing either tonight (Friday 31st) or tomorrow – I need to be clear about how it works first. What you get for your money is a detailed PDF file in good sized print (which I liked!, and at first glance the system seems simple enough to implement though I will not be taking on the various staking methods as a) each one will alter the profit and loss figures and b) I am a firm believer in level stakes as the true test of any system or tipster unless they personally send you the stake per bet.

Final Review for Football Bank Builder Service.

A few teething problems for me here as I took on the all selections level stakes option as per the review below only to be put right three quarters of the way through by the system provider – slapped wrist time for me!

To be fair I have gone back through my records and I will record both the all selection level stake figures (bad) and the top three selections using their staking method (good) for some kind of clarity.


Here we go lol with THREE sets of figures!

Level stakes all selections: 288 bets in total over the month saw a loss of 16.63 points to one point level stakes and without any exchange commission included (as different punters will have different commission rates). 122 “winning “ bets and 166 losing bets (all at odds on) was not as good as I hoped.

Level Stakes first three selections in chronological order: 88 selections, 34 going our way meaning 54 going against us and a loss of 7.3 points not allowing for any exchange commission.

First three in chronological order using the recommended staking system:

88 selections (as above), same 34 winning bets but a profit of 10.23 points before commission is taken in to account (or 5.08 points after 5% commission if you prefer, and I did that maths for my own benefit!

The best bits.

Once you get the hang of what they are getting at it really only takes a matter of minutes to put the system in to practice and if you follow their suggested three then its only a few minutes before you are ready to place your bets.

But on the negative side…..

My problem is that the system has three staking options which can confuse punters (it did me!), ands that different punters can have different selections depending on the exact second they log on to the exchanges (with prices being so variable). I would also have to say that they suggest logging n at 11.00am but some of us have jobs so that is just not possible?


I have to recommend the system and more importantly the suppliers! They have answered my every question immediately, pointed out my error (we agree to differ there!) without being rude, and I do genuinely believe they would treat other customers exactly the same.

Off we go…..

Sunday 30th September

Last day of the trial today (review to follow but give me a day or two!), and I only found five bets resulting in a final profit – though it will be interesting to see how it all works when I add a different selection idea as suggested and a new staking system!

Today’s P/L +1.42 points
Overall P/L -16.63 points

Saturday 29th September

A huge (bigger than whopping!)27 bets on Saturday saw fourteen go the way we wanted and thirteen go against us for another profitable day.

Today’s P/L +2.71 points
Overall P/L -18.05 points

Friday 28th September

A whopping fourteen bets were placed on Friday but with eight of those going our way a nice little profit was made on the day.

Today’s P/L +2.76 points
Overall P/L -20.76 points

Thursday 27th September

Lots of contact from the system providers means my final review will use all the staking/selection methods to put a fairer complexion on the results but until then, level stakes it is! Thursday saw five bets placed with two in our favour (and obviously three against) for a small loss.

Today’s P/L -0.57 points
Overall P/L -23.52 points

Wednesday 26th September

Seventeen bets saw only six of them go our way and a loss on the day – though I do look forward to my final review when we will see how the updated version would have got on and the staking plans as well!

Today’s P/L -2.96 points
Overall P/L -22.95 points

Tuesday 25th September

I have now been sent the updated version of this system and will look at how it would have performed (if possible) when I complete my final review. For the moment I will carry on as it was….Nine bets today ,three in our favour and six against for a loss of close to 4 points

Today’s P/L -3.95 points
Overall P/L -19.99 points

Monday 24th September

A pretty quiet day saw just the four bets with three gong against us and one profitable trade.

Today’s P/L -1.36 points
Overall P/L -16.04 points

Sunday 23rd September

However you look at it, a good weekend was had by all! Nineteen bets came to the fore on Sunday but a decent enough TWELVE were in our favour and a nice little profit ensued!

Today’s P/L +6.49 points
Overall P/L -14.68 points

Saturday 22nd September

That’s a lot more like it! A massive eighteen bets saw 50% fall in our favour once again and a nice little profit on the day.

Today’s P/L +1.26 points
Overall P/L -21.17 points

Friday 21st September

Yesterday I was actually contacted by the product supplier regarding my Football Bankbuilder review and we reached an amicable agreement that I will continue testing as I am (to level stakes0) but will also include one other selection fine tuning method and one other staking method in my final review – both are in the original product but were not the only options but deserve a fair crack of the whip at trial’s end.

Today’s P/L -8.89 points
Overall P/L -22.43 points

Thursday 20th September

In answer to a reader query I am attempting to review all selections (no cherry picking) at the time I look on the exchanges – I do appreciate that others will have different bets as the odds change. I am currently working to level stakes as I always do BUT the final review is intended to include the various staking options and the returns to various other ides including the five shortest priced lays each day. This Thursday I had a total of six bets but only two fell our way for a 1.2 point loss.

Today’s P/L -1.2 points
Overall P/L -13.54 points

Wednesday 19th September

Three bets saw two losers and a winner for a loss of less than a point – but a loss none the less. Surprising to see so few bets but I did go through every game which just shows the rules are at least selective?

Today’s P/L -0.75 points
Overall P/L -12.34 points

Tuesday 18th September

Seven bets on Tuesday but only the three went our way so a small loss on the day – we need a good day or two if we are to get back in to the black by the end of the trial.

Today’s P/L +0.6 points
Overall P/L -11.59 points

Monday 17th September

Six bets Sunday and a fifty fifty split with three profitable and three losses but overall a small bit back to the bank!

Today’s P/L +0.53 points
Overall P/L -10.99 points

Sunday 16th September

Today I was a better boy and spent my time gong through each and every opportunity regardless of the league or nationality, ending up with no less than 20 bets, though sadly only six of them came out the way we wanted and we made a pretty substantial loss on the day.

Today’s P/L -4.95 points
Overall P/L -11.52 points

Saturday 15th September

Way too many games for my little brain this Saturday so I took the first ten qualifying games I came across, and worked on them to see what would happen? Five winners and five losers left us with a small profit on the day which cant be bad….?

Today’s P/L +0.85 points
Overall P/L -6.57 points

Friday 14th September

A funny old day today with no less than thirteen bets of which six were successful meaning seven were losers for us, but we did make a small (and I mean small) profit overall on the day!

Today’s P/L +0.02 points
Overall P/L -7.42 points

Thursday 13th September

Unlucky for some on the 13th with one bet and a loser for this system – sorry!

Today’s P/L -0.92 points
Overall P/L -7.44 points

Wednesday 12th September

Another quiet mid week day on the football with just the two bets, both go9ing against us on this occasion.

Today’s P/L -1.57 points
Overall P/L -6.52 points

Tuesday 11th September

A very quiet day with just two suitable bets but both went in our favour so good news at last!

Today’s P/L +2 points
Overall P/L -4.95 points

Monday 10th September

Only the four selections on Monday but as we only made a profit on one of them that could yet be a good thing! Another loss I am sorry to report, but a long way still to go still…..

Today’s P/L -1.65 points
Overall P/L -6.95 points

Sunday 9th September

Six selections once again saw an exact 50/50 split of winners and losers but thanks to the odds that meant another profitable day (and exactly the same profit as yesterday – weird!!

Today’s P/L +1.04 points
Overall P/L -5.3 points

Saturday 8th September

Better today with a massive sixteen bets, half successful (8) and half unsuccessful (also 8), though thanks to the method a profit was still made before commission, which I have not included.

Today’s P/L +1.04 points
Overall P/L -6.34 points

Friday 7th September

Not a good day at the office with four selected bets all going against us….

Today’s P/L -3.44 points
Overall P/L -7.38 points

Thursday 6th September

Just the two bets today but that may have been a blessing in disguise as both were losers and we did not have the best of days!

Today’s P/L -1.64 points
Overall P/L -3.94 points

Wednesday 5th September

A slightly quieter day on Wednesday but we still managed to find six bets of which we had a 50/50 split – three winning and three going against us for a small profit on the day.

Today’s P/L +0.74 points
Overall P/L -2.3 points

Tuesday 4th September

Twelve bets today saw five go our way but seven go against us, though thanks to the clever selection process the damage was nowhere near as bad as it could have been.

Today’s P/L -1.39 points
Overall P/L -3.04 points

Monday 3rd September

The phrase “bad day at the office” may well have been coined specifically for yesterday where we laid six football bets and lost every single one! Due to the nature of the system it wasn’t as bad as it sounds but a 4.66 point loss will take some pulling back – luckily we have most of a month to do so!

Today’s P/L -4.66 points
Overall P/L -1.65 points

Sunday 2nd September

A massive sixteen bets were found by yours truly yesterday and although they suggest you can stop at a set number or not, as it was my choice I thought I would record the lot. Eight losers and eight winners left us with a small profit but do remember I am not including any exchange commission as we all differ…

Today’s P/L +1.62 points
Overall P/L +3.01 points

Saturday 1st September

After a flying start on day one (I should have known that was too good to be true), we had nine bets yesterday (lays) and only three were successful but thanks to the rules, although we made a loss as you will see from the figures, it wasn’t actually that bad!

Today’s P/L -2.61points
Overall P/L +1.39 points

Friday 31st August

Day one of my one month trial and a highly impressive start I have to say. In minimal time with little effort I came up with four lay bets on Friday ,all of which won for us so a great start and long may it continue!

Today’s P/L +4 points
Overall P/L +4 points


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  1. Rob Broadhurst says:

    I have recently subscribed to this service. My initial tohughts were not good as it seemed to be an “in-play” system. However, that proved to be an incorrect assumption. It is actually a system that looks at the over/under 2.5 goal market. You are asked to try the system for 7 days before judging which is sensible I guess.
    The pamphlet that comes with the subscription is quite lengthy and can be a little misleading. I am still not sure, having read it several times, whether there is a limit on the number of bets you make each day. Personally, I am limiting myself to a maximum of 10 bets where there are 10 qualifying games.
    The real downside (for me) is that you must rely on BetFair listing the “in-play” games at a time suitable to you. I was unable to place any bets yesterday as, when I logged on to BetFair and clicked through to the right page, there were no games listed. I suspect this was because I was there too early in the day.
    I will continue to play this system for another week (as suggested) and see where I lie. However, I suspect I will be cancelling my subscription as the time and effort needed to place the bets (when coupled with the requirement to be on the BetFair site at a time when the games are listed) makes it unlikely to be a system that fits in with my life.


  2. brunobrooks says:

    I have done this for four days now and it has been easy. That said you do need to be able to get on Betfair at lunchtime and probably early evening . For the matches which have little liquidity in the market, I have just left unmatched but not at “in play”. Have got some very good odds that way. Early days but 4 points up. I can see the maths behind it, so let’s hope it is as good as it claims

  3. Rob Broadhurst says:

    I had 7 matches yesterday (29th August) of which only 2 were winners. After 4 days, I am 3 points down.

    It will be interesting to see how this progresses when compared to the results from brunobrooks. 🙂

  4. brunobrooks says:

    that is odd. maybe it is because i had more access to betair? i had over 20 matches on Sun and Mon. Lets see how it goes

  5. Rob Broadhurst says:

    Not as odd as we might think.
    I suspect the real issue here is the time you visit the site. BetFair being what it is, the odds can move quite quickly and, with the parameters given by the BankBuilder, you may have a qualifying match one minute and then, a minute later, the match no longer qualifies.

    Also, I did not play the markets on Sunday or Monday due to family commitments.

    Yesterday, Wednesday, I had 7 games including CFR Cluj, Fenerbache, Nautico, DC United, Real Madrid (!), Rayo Vallecano and Eendracht Aalst. Of those, just the 2 were winners.

    As youay, let’s see how it goes although I am fairly certain this will be something I pass on. More to do with available time I think than any flaw in the system itself.

  6. brunobrooks says:

    after 8 days:
    Sun 22 bets (+2.75 points)
    Mon 28 bets (+0.75)
    Tue 10 bets (-0.1)
    Wed 6 bets (+0.75)
    Thur 3 bets (+1.15)
    Fri 13 bets (+0.05)
    Sat 16 bets (+0.35)
    Sun 11 bets (+3.1)

    total 8.8 points

    this is to level stakes and is profit after betfair commision

    good so far and pretty easy to do as long as you can get on a couple of times a day.

  7. charlie007 says:

    I use the Football Bankbuilder on the 3 shortest price to lay selections from the betfair in-play coupon everyday and for the past 9 weeks i am 11 points ahead at levels stakes, but using the fibonaaci sequence i am doing a lot better at 44 points! My advice is too lay the 3 shortest everyday from those that qualify and i think we are onto something here, forget level stakes as the losing runs are very short with losing runs no longer than 5 so its ideal for the fibonaaci sequence. Cant understand reviewers figures?? Are you using it on all or been selective in approach?. Its interesting to note if you used the Fibonaaci sequence you would be in profit even with your results so i think thats the way to go i feel – Charlie 🙂

  8. jayjay says:

    Sean, i see you made 5 points profit with football bankbuilder last month, i bought this a couple of months ago and tried it with the recommneded staking plan and made good profits. I have since made a point of only using it on the Italian & French top leagues only and on a maximum of 2 selections per day that are the shortest price to lay. This has doubled my profit and shortened the losing runs; August+21, September+16; have i found something all by myself!!! If it continues i will stick with this one but will keep you updated.

  9. petewins57 says:

    I bought this system & my best investment was baling out & getting the money back I think.

    I agree completely with Sean that, if the system is any good, it should show some sort of profit to level stakes. In my case it reduced my test betting bank of 100pts by 35 pts! Any lay system which is consistently getting losing streaks of 5 is not doing the business, even if it is laying odds on bets.

    As we have seen from other threads on this site (I’m thinking of Karlos here), using Fibonacci (or close equivalent) staking plans can be a recipe for unbridled disaster.

    As for the product creators contacting the reviewer & twisting his arm to use Fibonacci staking, is that fair? As I remember it, their PDF did state that you could opt to use level stakes, adjusting the stake every month. If you’re going to put that in your system rules, you should be prepared to be judged on that, otherwise, why include it?

    …Oh, & I never did receive the promised “Betfair For Dummies” book.

  10. Peter Williams says:

    I received an email from Clive Keeling ysterday extolling the success of this system but then noticed it is promoted by his own publicists, ‘Cannonbury’. having read the review and comments above I remain a bit confused and wonder if it is worth investing in this as part of a portfolio. If anyone could make it clearer for me it would be greatly appreciated.

    petewins57; I have a copy of the promised ‘Betfair for Dummies’ e-book; you are quite welcome to have a copy – just let me know

    Also could anyone tell me if Clives information is accurate as he does make some strong claims for this – or is it just a load of ‘Cannonbury Fodder!’

    These are Clives reported results;
    Here are the points by points profit by month (beginning November 2011)
    November +11
    December +15
    January +21
    February +14
    March +8
    April +13
    May +12
    June +14
    July +7
    August +12
    September +9

    TOTAL:- 136 points.

    When you realise how easy the selection strategy is, and how unique the staking plan is, then these profit figures become even more impressive.

    So what’s involved?

    Well you don’t need the towering intellect of a John Terry or a Joey Barton to be able to use the Football Cash Builder. It’s simplicity itself.

    Simply look for certain odds in certain matches, check another market and if the odds meet the selection criteria, place your lay bet using a special staking plan.

    Then go do something else as your betting bank increases month on month.

    And the secret weapon?

    Fibonacci and compounding! The above profit was realised using a Fibonacci staking plan.

    The new Football Cash Builder manual is completely updated with the latest feedback on how to increase profits even more, whilst still keeping the strategy as low risk as possible.

    It’s an excellent, easy to follow strategy. I highly recommend checking this out, I don’t want you to miss out on another 11 months of clear profit.

  11. Sean Trivass Sean Trivass says:

    In answer to the many queries, different people will come up with different matches and different odds as the exchanges are liquid and can and do move from second to second let alone minute to minute. I cannot agree or discount others results, merely calculate and record my own ( I never review with any ulterior motive). I do still stand by my thoughts that level stakes profits or losses are a fairer way of recording results but have to admit they do suggest two other staking options which is why my final review included the fibonacci method. Yes they did contact me but only to point this out (no pressure was or could be brought to bear), and it was all done in a very amicable way – they also told me the new version would only have this staking method which is a whole new ball game and why I mentioned it in my final review. Sean

  12. jayjay says:

    @Peter, use it on the French Leagues only and you cant go wrong, and just keep looking at the lowest scoring leagues around the world and use it on them. Its working very well for me and when followed word for word it seems to work fairly well. At level stakes using it on one perhaps two a day it did make a profit for Sean but it was too slow going so i stick with the fibonaaci staking option.

  13. winterbet007 says:

    I would not recommend this to anyone. I have tried it with very poor results and written asking for my money back. Standard letters come back promising an answer but after well over a month still no refund that I asked for and after each request the line goes dead.
    I backed selections as per instructions and ended up with a loss of £83 at £5 stakes during the early part of September. A total of over £1000 staked. One run of 30 produced 4 winning bets the rest lost. Together with the subscription this comes to £180 loss. Not what I expect and now being given the runaround trying to get my suscription back.

  14. slicksid says:

    I’ve been running this since 28/08/12 to level stakes and am currently 18.5 pts up. I guess the hardest thing to get my head around was having to lay the lowest odds possible – surely the lower the odds the more likely the result?!? Or am I missing something?

    Still, I’ve read through all the comments and observations and will try tweaking my selections. Certainly I will try sticking to league matches rather than including cup and reserve matches as the form is probably more reliable.

    Does anyone use sites like soccerway to try and get more insight as to whether the match is going to be a high scoring game or not?

  15. jgg321 says:

    Why are Agora Lifestyles now promoting this system, which didn’t do very well in the testing and received mixed reports from contributors BTL?

  16. charlie007 says:

    @winterbet.. i think you must be doing soemthing wrong as like slicksid above i am well up with this one! Over 14 weeks and i am up 36 points using the staking plan. I took on board jayjay comments and have kept notes on using french & italy top leagues and it showed a high ROI and higher strike rate. It will do for me!
    @jgg321, the betting rant test showed a profit using the staking plan but i actually beat their total!

  17. jayjay says:

    winterbet, you must be mixing this up with another system as like all those post above i have been doing very well out of it also, my last 36 bets have given me 18 winners so thats bang on 50%, how on earth you got only 4 winners from 30 bets is puzzling? Even laying blind the favoured outcome would have given you more winners than this. As for support i have emailed them twice and on both occassions they got back to me same day, so for me the support is top dollar as i did have problems at start with selecting matches.
    Slicksid, what i do now is check to see what are the top 5 lowest scoring leagues in world, then i look for games that qualify from these leagues and lay one at most 2 games a day using the staking sequence the advocate. If no games from these leagues then no bets, At present the French League 1 & 2 and turkish leagues are best. Keeping omn top of these stats really does make a huge impact on profits with this system. hope this helps some people.:)

  18. Peter Inwood says:

    …I finally got my Betfair For Dummies book last week! More entertaining than informative, I’d say, but probably good solid stuff for newbies.

    As to the system, I was encouraged to give it another go after I baled out & got the refund. Sadly, the results were similar, so I’ve stopped using it again.

  19. charlie007 says:

    @Peter..I am having a great time with this footie bankbuilder and yet to have a losing month. Folliwing the simple rules i was up 15 points in November and up 7 points so far this month with a bumper day on saturday with 4 winners on the bounce. 9 winning runs of 4 in Nov with longest losing of 5, so its going very well for me. Pretty decent for such a simple set of rules.

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