Rebel Betting Review

| December 1, 2013 | 7 Replies

They say…

“Imagine you could bet on both teams in a match and make a profit every time. Sports Arbitrage turns gambling into investing, with no luck involved, increasing your investment by 10-20% every month.”

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is RebelBetting by ClaroBet.

So, what is Rebel Betting? Well, it’s a Sports Arbitrage software which capitalises on differences in bookmaker odds to lock in profit. On the promotion page it mentions that you can expect to increase your investment by at least 10% every month.

We’ve just joined and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

Full membership to Rebel Betting is: £25.15 + VAT for a one week trial, £83.19 + VAT for a monthly membership, £57.39 + VAT per month for a 6 month membership or £44.50 + VAT per month for a yearly membership.

If you would like to purchase the product please click here

If you have any questions, you can send the support team a message via their online messaging system at

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Initial thoughts

I have been really interested in sports arbitrage betting for sometime and having tested a couple pieces of software previously it always seemed really difficult to get the odds matched in the short amount of time the Arb was available. Having looked at many reviews RebelBetting has consistently been given glowing reports. I have used the trial software and been hugely impressed with both it’s effectiveness and how user friendly it is. The main difference between the trial version and the full offering is the scale of the Arb available. So I am really excited that I can trial this and I will be using it with my own betting bank.

The other thing with arbitrage betting is that you do need a significant bankroll to make decent money but I am going to work on percentage return on investment. The other key factor is the more time you have to dedicate to it the larger the ROI should be but due to other commitments I am going to be restricted to how much time I can dedicate to it so I will define this throughout the review process.

I will post regular updates on progress!!

Final thoughts

Overall I have been very impressed by the software and the amount of arbing opportunity it identifies. Not only that but the software if very user friendly taking you directly through to the relevant websites specific betting page for the match identified meaning that the ability to place the bets quickly is maximised which is crucial when placing arbing bets.

To make decent amounts of money you do need a large bankroll and the time to invest  but if you do I see no reason why you couldn’t make a steady profit using this software. I have had feedback regarding accounts being limited or suspended but out of the 10 I used I only had 1 suspended but still had plenty more to replace it with.

Overall stats

I put in about 90 hours of time using the software and was generally doing £100 bets where I could. My overall profit was £757.87 and I managed to get about 90% or the arbs on in time.

I will definitely continue to use the software in the future.

Nov 28th

Running profit £757.87

Well I managed to get a final 12 hours in over the last week or so  to complete the trial.

No of different Arbs identified; 25

No of Arb bets placed in time; 23

Biggest Arb; 9.4%

Total amount bet; 2256.66

Total profit; £115.09

ROI; 5.1%

Nov 19th

Had a lot more time this last week and managed to get 18 hours of arbing in. I have still only had one account suspended so far.

Running profit £642.78

No of different Arbs identified; 34

No of Arb bets placed in time; 30

Biggest Arb; 6.9%

Total amount bet; 2780.88

Total profit; £114.02

ROI; 4.1%

Nov 12th

Apologies I have been very busy so have not updated for a while. I have only managed to put in another 6 hours over the 11 days but the software has continued to generate good arbing opportunities.

Running profit £528.76

No of different Arbs identified; 18

No of Arb bets placed in time; 17

Biggest Arb; 8.4%

Total amount bet; 1529.67

Total profit; £68.84

ROI; 4.5%

Oct 31st

Managed to get another 8 hours in over the last 4 days.

Running profit £459.92

No of different Arbs identified; 22

No of Arb bets placed in time; 20

Biggest Arb; 7.7%

Total amount bet; 1634.12

Total profit; £70.00

ROI; 4.1%

Oct 26th

I have got in another 6 hours over the last 3 days.

Running profit £389.92

No of different Arbs identified; 17

No of Arb bets placed in time; 15

Biggest Arb; 6.3%

Total amount bet; 1280.45

Total profit; £49.94

ROI; 3.9%

Oct 22nd

Running profit £339.98

No of different Arbs identified; 29

No of Arb bets placed in time; 24

Biggest Arb; 9.1%

Total amount bet; 2245.89

Total profit; £116.79

ROI; 5.2%

Apologies for the gap in posts but has been a hectic week with work commitments. Having said that I have had a relatively free weekend so put a few hours in. I also have to report that I have had my first UK account limited but given that I have only used 10 in total for the trial I will replace with another.

Oct 14th

Running profit £223.19

Managed to get 8 hours in since the 8th October.

No of different Arbs identified; 23

No of Arb bets placed in time; 21

Biggest Arb; 7.9%

Total amount bet; 1743.60

Total profit; £64.51

ROI; 3.7%

Oct 8th

Running profit £158.68

Only managed to get two hours in over the last two nights.

No of different Arbs identified; 7

No of Arb bets placed in time; 7

Biggest Arb; 4.9%

Total amount bet; 386.00

Total profit; £11.12

ROI 2.9%

Oct 6th

Running profit £147.56

Ran the software for 6 hours over the last 2 days.

No of different Arbs identified; 22

No of Arb bets placed in time; 18

Biggest Arb; 9.3%

Total amount bet; 1326.89

Total profit; £65.17

ROI 4.9%

Oct 3rd

Once again I have ran the software for the last two nights for two hours at a time, Overall results were better due to picking up some bigger Arbs, so far very impressed.

No of different Arbs identified; 11

No of Arb bets placed in time; 10

Biggest Arb; 8.7%

Total amount bet; 978.29

Total profit; £45.00

ROI 4.6%

Oct 1st

Before I give an update on the results to date I want to explain exactly how I have been using the software as there are lots of different filters and settings you can use. I have chosen 10 bookmakers from where my Arbs will come from and set these up (entering my log in details via RebelBetting) to allow the system to take me direct to the individual market on each bookmaker site to place the bet, this is one of the huge benefits of the site in allowing to get on the arbs as quickly as possible. It also has a built in calculator that gives you the exact amount to bet and expected profit although you can adjust the initial bet amount to suit yourself.

I have also only chosen to see any arbs that are between 1.5% and 10% where the event is due to take place over the next 24 hours to avoid having lots of money tied up for extended periods of time. I have ran the software for the last 3 nights for 2 hours at a time and the results are below.

No of different Arbs identified; 19

No of Arb bets placed in time; 15 (this will increase as I get more experienced with the software)

Biggest Arb; 6.9%

Total amount bet; 1385.00

Total profit; 37.39

ROI 2.7%

I am starting off relatively slowly and only placing initial bets that are approx £50, this will increase over time. The software is doing a great job at identifying the Arbs and I am using alerts also which is another great feature of the software. The most impressive thing to date is the speed in which you can get the arbs on due to being taken directly to the correct market.

Oct 3rd

Once again I have ran the software for the last two nights for two hours at a time, Overall results were better due to picking up some bigger Arbs, so far very impressed.

No of different Arbs identified; 11

No of Arb bets placed in time; 10

Biggest Arb; 8.7%

Total amount bet; 978.29

Total profit; £45.00

ROI 4.6%

Oct 6th

Ran the software for 6 hours over the last 2 days.

No of different Arbs identified; 22

No of Arb bets placed in time; 18

Biggest Arb; 9.3%

Total amount bet; 1326.89

Total profit; £65.17

ROI 4.9%









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  1. bigken1s1 says:

    Hi, I am interested to read your review on Rebel betting as I am looking at purchasing their service soon. Could you tell me which 10 bookmakers you chose to place your arbs and if you have any problems with them limiting your account as that is one of my main concerns with arbitrage betting. Thanks

  2. Peter Williams says:

    Having looked at a variety of arbing services Rebel Betting was the best around although quite expensive…but you can see why. Excellent set up with direct links to your bookie accounts to put the bets on.
    Yes you need to spread a large bank around and tie up a lot of funds. You also need to keep careful records of all your arbs.

    I sometimes had to trade out of positions as one side of the arb was reduced but that is easily managed.

    I loved this service when I used it…but why did I not continue to use it?

    Well the best arbing opportunity bookmakers soon get onto you no matter how you try to ‘stay under the radar’ and I was soon restricted to betting peanuts!
    This reduced the opportunites and increased the need to wait for favourable arbs. After about 4 or 5 months I was spending too long waiting and became increasingly frustrated at meagre pickings.

    This led me to do more live betting and trading which ultimately involves a bit more risk but pays off much better with a disciplined approach – it’s the way to go!

  3. Ian Atkinson says:

    One of the best arbs systems available has to be in Bonus Bagging. Use Mike’s Bonus Bagging advice to build up your bank and then add on his arbs option. It links to the bookies etc and he has video’s showing how it all works. Plus of course his support is second to none, absolutely first class.Get it at:-

  4. Simon Patton says:

    Just responding to the comments made over the last couple of days.

    Ian, I totally agree with you about Bonus Bagging and the new Profit Maximiser. I have been using Mike’s services for a few years now and agree that his service is of a very high standard. In respect to the arbing software though my own view is that RebelBetting is a step ahead and more advanced although Mike is probably still way ahead of a lot of other systems out there.

    Peter, I share your positive view but also appreciate your reasons for not continuing. As yet I have neither been limited or suspended on any accounts but that may just be a matter of time. It can also feel like a lot of work for small margin gains but as the risk is very small if you do have a large bankroll the guaranteed ROI is a lot better than the bank!!!, but you also need time, hard to make serious money on ad hoc basis.

    Bigken, As mentioned above, I have as yet not had any accounts suspended or limited. My advice is that you must have accounts both Marathonbet and Pinnacle as the majority of arbs come through these sites whether that be vs each other or with typical UK based bookies. I believe that Pinnacle are very relaxed about arbing and very rarely suspend or limit accounts.

    • nea83chora says:

      Dear Simon,

      After reading your article I thought I should give the Rebelbetting a chance.

      I have been registered with 30 bookies the last 40 hours, and yet I havent managed to place an arb as most of the arbs that appear have a limit on the max bet.

      Could you please tell me the 10 bookies you set your account up with? I know that Marathonbet and Pinnacle are two of those, what were the other 8. Also, which bookie suspended you and how did he detect you.

      I am eager to get your reply.


      • Kevin Haselden says:

        Hi George,
        I have seen your email on this, apologies for not replying sooner. Simon hasn’t done any reviews for a while now but I will email him and see if he can respond to you.



  5. Kevin Haselden says:

    Hi George,

    I did not get a response from Simon but we are hopefully due to start a review of this service on the More Money Review site. Please see link below and we will hopefully be able to bring you so more recent results very soon.



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