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Product Name:

Racing Odds

Company Name & Contact Details:

Paul Towers


£49.99 every 30 days.

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

Between one and three daily win singles on British racing, delivered by email at 10:00 each morning (a members’ login is also available on the website).

Where to Buy:

Racing Odds

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A 100-point betting bank is recommended for this service.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The Racing Odds website claims “over 20-points profit per month at high odds”. All selections are backed at two-points to win.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Simple, straightforward win singles, usually one a day, never more than three on a day, so it’s a five-minute job to get the bets on.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connectivity and access to a range of online bookmakers is recommended. The tips can be followed by placing them across the counter at your local bookmaker’s shop, but the prices won’t always be available with that bookmaker(s) and/or at the time you get down there.

Value for Money?

As is the norm, I will wait for the conclusion of the three-month review before offering an opinion. This is borderline over the course of the review, with £10 per point stakes actually resulting in a net loss of £51.97, but £50 per point stakes resulting in a net profit of £340.03. It’s difficult to form a definitive opinion based on the review period and I would want to take a longer look before reaching a decision either way.

Quality of Customer Service?

Not tested. There are no stated timeframes for responding to email enquiries on the website.


Paul Towers has been running his Racing Odds service since October 2018 offering “Great value researched tips”.

The service is based on a very simple formula of one to three tips per day and a flat-rate stake of two-points to win on all selections. The selections are sent via email at 10:00 each morning, and this is one of the few services I have reviewed where the daily advice is sent at the stated time on over 95% of days. On the rare occasions when it doesn’t arrive at 10:00 it always appears before 10:30.

The email itself is clear and concise, giving the race details, the selection, the best available odds and the bookmaker(s) offering those odds.

This is a selective service with an average of between 25 and 30 selections each month. It is, however, also very simple to follow, requiring no more than five minutes a day to get the bets placed. All-in-all there I not much more to add about the service and it is results that will ultimately define the value.

In terms of results, the website claims over 20-points per month profit on average from a strike rate of 30% and average odds of around 4/1. We will use these claims as the benchmark for assessing the performance during the review. The results summary on the Racing Odds website shows just one losing month in the nine and a bit months it has been operating.

Results – Month 1 (12th June to 11th July 2019)

The review started with a monthly profit of 10.4 points. This is about half of the historic average monthly profit, but interestingly both the strike rate (27.78%) and the average odds (4.64) are very close to the historic benchmarks. The average odds of the winning selections were just over 3/1 at 4.18.

The longest losing sequence was seven selections and this came close to the end of the month. However, immediately following that run there were three winners from the final four selections in the period to ensure the 10+ points profit.

The return on investment (ROI) was 13.68% in the period. Although when you take into account the cost of the monthly subscription this drops to 6.67% at £10 per point stakes or 12.21% at £50 per point.

Results – Month 2 (12th July to 11th August 2019)

You really can split this month in two. The first 12 days produced five winners from 14 selections and 19.23 points profit, all after the first four selections of the month lost. There then followed 12 consecutive losing picks, and although there were two winners in the last six selections, all of the profit bar 0.89 points was given back. The cumulative profit after two months now stands at 11.29 points.

The overall win strike rate in month 2 was 21.88%, which is well down on last month. Whilst the average odds of all selections stayed fairly constant , the average odds of the winning selections was actually almost half-a-point up on last month at 4.65 (just over 7/2).

The return on investment (ROI) this month was just 1.39% and this sees the overall ROI for the two months fall to 8.06%. Month 2 was in effect a losing month as the profit failed to cover the cost of membership at both £10 and £50 per point stakes. The net breakeven point came at just over £56 per point stakes. The net ROI after two months now stands at just 0.86% from £10 per point stakes or 6.54% from £50 per point.

Results – Month 3 (12th August to 11th September 2019)

Another month around breakeven with a small loss of 1.49 points recorded, which means we have lost 0.6 points over the last two months. With the profit from the first month we end the review with an overall gain of 9.8 points. This does mean that stakes of less than £15 per point would have resulted in a net loss after paying the three month’s subscription fees.

The month started brightly enough with three winners from the first four selections, there was then a run of four winners in five selections which took the month to a profit of almost 25-points at that stage. However, a losing sequence of 14 selections put paid to that accrued profit and the month eventually ended at the small loss of 1.49 points after a short period of ups and downs. 

Despite the strike rate increasing this month to 25.58%, the benefit was offset by a fall in the average odds of the winning selections to 3.86 (under 3/1). The strike rate over the review period was 25.23% and, whilst the average odds of all selections was very stable around 4.68, the winning selections’ average odds varied from 4.18 to 4.65 and back down to 3.86. This equates to an average of 4.17 across the three months.

The return on investment across the three periods was 4.3%. However, as mentioned above, at £10 per point stakes there is actually a net loss after the cost of membership. At £50 per point stakes the net ROI is 2.94%.

Summary at End of Month 1

A solid start to the review with many of the metrics in line with the historic benchmarks. A sound base to build on for the next two months.

Summary at End of Month 2

Unfortunately the poor second half of the month wiped out any opportunity to build on the first month’s profit. However, we are still sitting comfortably in profit with the third and final month still to come.

Summary at End of Month 3

A second month close to breakeven meant the total profit from the review was all from the first month. A profit is a profit, but in both Months 2 and 3 there was promise of much better results in the first half of each month. 


The full list of results during the review period can be found here.


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