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Racing Code 2017: Selections (Part Two)

| September 18, 2017 | 20 Replies


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Comments (20)

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  1. Ian Pretty says:

    Is anyone else finding logging on to the site taking a long time. This seems to have happened over the last week. I am having no problems anywhere else just on this one. I see your IT man has corrected the heading back to the correct one but has he created another problem.

  2. Peter Knight says:

    Yes, me as well.

  3. The slowness issue is a general one with all Agora sites at the moment. It’s being looked into.

  4. Kieran Hagan says:

    Started the day 16 points down after what can only be described as a bad month or so since I joined. Nezar would surely not turn it around would he. Bloody hell, he is going to….. oh ffs, how on earth did he throw that away!!

  5. David James says:

    Nezar, what a tough one to take. Its a daily occurrence for me, not usually at that price mind. I will moan like hell yet I am already betting on tomorrow’s races!

  6. Kieran Hagan says:

    2:25 Newmarket is Elbereth. I assume that was the quiz question ? What is the prize ?

  7. David James says:

    Elbereth in the 14.25 then mate

  8. David James says:

    Feint wins after an absolute monster drift, also had it in a Yankee with today’s other selections, well done mate!

  9. Kieran Hagan says:

    Fantastic turnaround this month for me. I obviously just joined at a really tricky/unlucky time and things have now righted themselves! Great stuff Miles!

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Good to hear, Kieran. Encouragingly, the two biggest dips this season have been spells with plenty of near misses, so performance levels have been steady even if returns have fluctuated to some extent. Inevitably, with any service there’ll be periods when returns are around its average, others above average and others below average, but it’s pleasing that that below average month has been followed by an above average period, especially with the end of season aproaching.

  10. Duncan Campbell says:

    Carvaggio £3.75 e/w at 5? This doesn’t fit your usual betting pattern. Is this correct?

  11. Duncan Campbell says:

    Thanks Miles, hadn’t noticed the explanation

  12. Kieran Hagan says:

    My first month was a poor one, the only losing month of the season, but my faith stayed strong, basically because of the performance of the Syndicate and my trust in Miles. Boy am I glad I stuck around. A fantastic final month. It takes someone with real knowledge and understanding to run a service like this and I am delighted I found it. Bring on 2018. Enjoy the holiday Miles. Kieran

  13. David James says:

    Hi Miles. I tried posting after the final selections but the website was down. I would just like to say a big thanks for all your hard work this year and the profits generated, its very much appreciated. Its fair to say the changes you made from last year have paid dividends and I believe this will be even better again next year! Thanks again

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Thanks David. I think it’s in good shape now and the added flexibility this year really moved it forwards. There are a couple of little aspects that I want to improve- such as making it much clearer for everyone to see how each individual trainer has been performing for us and slightly refining how I find contenders- that should be beneficial, so hopefully it’ll continue to grow and prosper.

  14. David James says:

    I’m sure it will, look forward to next year…

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