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Product Name:

The Professional Gamblers Club

Company Name & Contact Details:

MDB Marketing Ltd
Office 4
Kensington High Street
W8 6BD


Sales are made through BetInfo24.


£27.99 plus VAT = £33.59 per month.

A 30-day trail membership is available for £4.79 (including VAT) for new members.

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes, a 30-day money back guarantee is provided.

What Do You Get?

Daily tips, including Sundays, on British and Irish racing, ranging from favourites to each-way value selections.

Where to Buy:

The Professional Gamblers Club

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

This service operates with a recommended starting bank of 50-points.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The PGC page on the BetInfo24 website shows 84.84 points profit to the end of October 2019, an average of around 12-points per month since launch in March this year. This figure has been taken from their detailed results sheet and is recalculated from the figure shown using two-point stakes as that is at odds with their stated bank calculation.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

There is an average of four to five tips each day, although it is not uncommon to see six. All selections are singles, either win or each-way, and are to flat one-point stakes i.e. one-point to win or half-a-point each-way. As such, it is only a matter of five to ten minutes each morning when the tips are received, usually between 08:00 and 09:30.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connection and access to a range of online bookmaker accounts is recommended.

Value for Money?

Too early to say, and I’ll wait until the completion of the review before commenting. The performance during the three months of the review leaves me unable to reach any conclusion other than “no” based on that period.

Quality of Customer Service?

I have not had cause to contact either The PGC or BetInfo24 regarding the operation of this service. However, my dealings with both Mark at The PGC and Jason at BetInfo24 have been professional and timely. BetInfo24 advertise seven days per week support, with a maximum response time of 24-hours.


The Professional Gamblers Club (PGC) opened up one of their betting strategies to paying members in March of 2019 and have partnered with BetInfo24 for the promotion and sale of the service.

The service provides an average of four or five tips each day from British and Irish racing, although six tips on a day is not uncommon. All of the selections are singles, either to win or each-way, and range from short-priced favourites to value each-way shots. There is a mixture of these types on most days.

The tips are sent by email each morning between 08:00 and 09:30 and can also be accessed in the members’ area of the BetInfo24 website. There are no write ups or analysis of the tips, just the race details, selection, advised price, win or each-way and the bookmakers offering the advised price.

Staking is a flat one-point per selection, either one-point to win or half-a-point each-way.

Since launching their select service, The PGC have generated 84.84 points profit to the end of October 2019, an average of around 12-points per month since launch in March this year. This figure has been taken from their detailed results sheet and is recalculated from the figure shown using two-point stakes as that is at odds with their stated bank calculation.

Although the website states a return on investment (ROI) of 18%, a quick calculation based on the results sheet suggests that figure is probably closer to 7%.

Results – Month 1 (8th October to 7th November 2019)

The review got off to a poor start with just a single placed selection in the first ten runners. The month never got back into profit after that start and at one point sat over 27-points in deficit. However, there was a marked improvement form that low point onwards and with twelve of the last 22 tips either winning or placing the final loss was reduced to just 4.44 points.

There were 150 tips in the month, bank in line with the levels expected. Of those, five were non-runners and two were voided when Brighton was abandoned. The remaining 143 runners produced 27 winners (18.88%) and a further 18 placed efforts (12.59%), so roughly a third of selections providing a return of some description.

Whilst the average odds of all selections in the period was around 15/2 (8.44), the average odds of the winners was just 4.65 (just over 7/2). The highlight was undoubtedly Mild Illusion’s success at Newmarket at 16/1. The balance in the average odds came from the placed selections which achieved around 10/1 (10.94).

Results – Month 2 (8th November to 7th December 2019)

In complete contrast to last month, this month got off to a flyer when Paddy Power obliged at Newcastle at an advised 18/1, half-point each-way. The second day of the period then produced three winners from five selections for a further six-points profit. The double figure profit level was maintained until two sequences of 11 losers just after the mid-point of the month wiped it out and left us sitting on a small loss. This level was maintained until further losing sequences of five and six in the last few days saw the loss creep into double figures. A small recovery on the final day of the month with two short-priced winners and a place from five selections brought the loss back down under ten-points.

The final loss of 9.01 points gives us a cumulative deficit of 13.45 points after two months.

There was just one more winner than last month, but from 20 less runners, meaning a strike rate of 22.76% for the period. The cumulative strike rate is now just over 20% with 55 winners from 266 selections. With a further 28 selections placed, it means we have had almost a third of selections deliver a return. However, this is till behind the level required to break into profit as the average odds of all selections across the two months has been around 7/1 (8.10) and the win only selections just over 3/1 at 4.12.

Results – Month 3 (8th December 2019 to 7th January 2020)

We started the final month of the review with a run of 24 consecutive losers, and the month never recovered from there. Despite losing just a further 4.61 points through the remainder of the month the overall loss was 28.61 points. This gives us a final deficit for the review period as a whole of 42.06 points.

Not surprisingly given the start to the month, the strike rate was the lowest of the review at just 15.89%. This also had the impact of bringing the overall strike rate during the review down under 20%. Mick The Jiver was the stand out winner of the month at 16/1, but despite this the average odds of all winners during the period was still 4.62 (just over 7/2). This was slightly up on the overall average for the review but well behind the average odds of all selections during the quarter of 7.82 (getting on for 7/1).

The drawdown on the bank during the review was over 50% at £10 per point stakes, including the cost of the three month’s membership fees. 

Summary at End of Month 1

Although it would be nice to start with a profit, a loss of less than five-points is no great shakes in the grand scheme of things and can easily be recovered in the remaining two periods.

Summary at End of Month 2

Two small losing months to date haven’t been quite what we were hoping for, but equally have done little damage to the advised bank. The total drawdown, including the subscription costs for two months, is around 12.5% at £10 per point stakes or 9.5% at £50 per point. It would be good to see the final month in profit though.

Summary at End of Month 3

The final month proved to be a poor one and ultimately took the two small losses in the previous months to a total drawdown of over 50% of the bank at £10 per point stakes and taking into account the cost of membership.


A full analysis of the results from the review can be found here.


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