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Product Name:

Phoenix Racing

Company Name & Contact Details:

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd
Innovation Way
South Yorkshire
S75 1JL

01302 429299


£40 per month with a first month introductory offer of £25.

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

Daily horse racing tips delivered by e-mail the evening before racing. Usually one-point win singles but occasional each way selections at either 0.5 points or one-point each way as well.

Where to Buy:

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

No mention of a recommended starting bank. However, based on the type and volume of tips received a 100-point bank should be sufficient, and this is what we have used for the purposes of the review.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No specific claims made, apart from the results of the trial period before Phoenix Racing became a paid for service, which claims 50.1 points profit from just 58 points staked.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Literally a couple of minutes each day when the e-mail is received.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

As is the norm with most services now, a laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone with internet access and accounts with online bookmakers is preferred. You could still pop into your local bookies, but if you wait until the following morning the prices will almost certainly have fallen.

Value for Money?

A promising start, but I’ll wait ‘til the end of the three months to offer a final view. Although we saw a bit of a dip in the third month, there was sufficient evidence from the first two to suggest this service does potentially offer excellent value for money. At £10 per point stakes across the review period you would have cleared a net profit, after the cost of the membership, of £428.80. At £50 per point that figure rises to £2,624.00. The ROI equates to 17.02% and 21.65% respectively.

Quality of Customer Service?

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd has a track record spanning 24 years in the industry, so their customer care should be first class. They offer both telephone and email support.

Although I haven’t had to contact customer support during the trial to date, I have had contact with their management whilst setting up the reviews and found their approach to be professional and courteous at all times, with a timely response to any communication from me.


Sportsworld Publishing put all potential new services through a public trial period to ensure that they have the best chance of introducing successful horse racing tipsters to their portfolio. Phoenix racing underwent their trial period between March and May this year and the records show a 50.1 point profit from just 58 points staked, a Return on Investment (ROI) of 86.4%. Following this they went live as a paid for service from 17th May 2018.

There is a full breakdown of results from the start of the public trial period through to the present available on the Phoenix Racing page of the website. These results show 85.38 points of profit for the four months to 16th September 2018 at an average of 21 points per month.

The service is based on finding value priced winners and the average odds of selections is well into double figures. Staking is one-point flat stake to win on the majority of selections. However, there are occasional each way picks at either 0.5 or one-point each way. There are between one and three selections daily and this has averaged out to around 2.5 tips per day.

Selections are delivered by email the evening before racing, usually between 20:00 and 21:00, although we have seen some slightly earlier than this and just a sporadic later one. The emails are brief and to the point, giving the selection the meeting and race time, the advised odds and the stake for each selection.

There is no analysis or explanation of the selection criteria, although there is sometimes a short note – though this is more often than not referring to the previous day’s performance.

Prices have generally been available as advised, although as the selections are often at longer prices these can disappear quite quickly after the email has been received.

Results – Month 1 (20th August to 19th September 2018)

Our review got off to the best possible start with the first selection, Chonburi, winning at Leicester at 10/1 (11.0). However, this was soon followed by losing runs of 13 and 21, broken only by another 10/1 winner. The early promise seemed to have evaporated, but we saw profits rising like a phoenix from the ashes (sorry!) when four of the next five selections won, including Warrior’s Sprit at 16/1 (17.0).

This seemed to set the tone for the month as we then endured a run of just one winner in the next 17. At this point we were sitting on a small profit, but we saw the first month end with a flourish as 12/1 and 9/1 winners in the last dozen bets saw us end the month on a profit of 18.55 points.

The overall strike rate for the month was 13.51%, but with the average odds of the winning selections being a shade over 8/1 (9.18) this was good enough for a nice profit to start the review. There was also a placed selection at 33/1 which helped the cause.

The ROI, whilst not hitting the 86.4% of the public trial, was still a very respectable 24.09%. With a Return on Capital (ROC) of 18.55% as well, this was a very impressive first month, and the monthly profit was well in line with the historic average seen since Phoenix Racing became a paid for service.

Results – Month 2 (20th September to 19th October 2018)

There were exactly the same number of bets as Month 1 – 74 – but this month the strike rate climbed to 17.57% and the average odds of winners also rose to 9.76 (almost 9/1). The result was a profit for the month of 51.83 points.

The losing runs this month were less severe, with 14 being the longest, as the winners were more evenly spread throughout the period. The big winner this month was Cool Strutter at 20/1 at Brighton, while there were three other double digit winners in Little Palaver (12/1), Just Hiss (12/1) and Captain Jamieson (16/1).

The ROI (Return on Investment) for Month 2 was 69.11% and the Return on Capital (ROC) was 51.83%.

Two months into the review we now have a cumulative profit of 70.38 points, all from flat one-point stakes. With a cumulative ROI of 46.3% and an ROC of 70.38%, this service is performing exceptionally well at this point.

Results – Month 3 (20th October t0 19th November 2018)

Unfortunately we ended the review period with a losing month, as 15.5 points were wiped off the cumulative profit brought forward. However, this still leaves us with a very healthy 54.88 points gain across the full three months. 

This month started with 24 losing selections, which when added to the four losers that ended last month gave us the longest losing run of the review. Although the run was ended with Uncle Norman’s success at 28/1, a further run of 20 losers followed which left us at a loss of 17 points at that stage. Despite a few winners along the way the losses continued to increase until the final two days of the month when 4/1 and 7/1 winners reduced the overall loss to the final position of minus 15.5 points.

The average odds of all selections this period was 16.53 (between 15/1 and 16/1) which was by far the highest we had seen. The average odds of the winning selections was also the highest we had seen at 11.58 (between 10/1 and 11/1). However, although the average odds were higher we saw just six winners from 87 selections, a strike rate down at 6.9%.

The overall profit for three months of 54.88 points came from a strike rate of 12.34%. Given that the average odds of the selections was 13.67 (towards 13/1) and the average odds of the winners was 9.93 (9/1), this strike rate was very acceptable. The average monthly profit of 18.29 points is close to the 21 points a month average claimed for the service since it started. 

With a 22.87% Return on Investment (ROI) and 54.88% Return on Capital (ROC), this service has shown great potential over the course of the review.

Summary at End of Month 1

Despite some lengthy losing runs, which would be expected of a service operating at the average odds we have seen, this was an impressive first month and certainly bears out the historic results claimed for this service.

Summary at End of Month 2

With over 70 points profit from flat one-point stakes, an ROI of 46.3% and an ROC of 70.38% through two months, this is shaping up into an exceptional performance.

Summary at End of Month 3

If you are comfortable with the long losing runs which will be a feature of this type of service, then the overall results of 18.29 points average monthly profit, 22.87% ROI and 54.88% ROC to flat one-point stakes make Phoenix Racing a serious consideration for any tipping portfolio.

Despite the loss in the final month, and losing months will be a feature of this style of betting, I am awarding Phoenix Racing a four-star rating.

A full list of the selections in the review to date can be found here.


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