Peter Couchman: Up The Odds

| June 17, 2013 | 274 Replies

What’s it all about?

“I’ve been thinking about starting up my own service for some time – not by choice, though!

“Background – I’ve been backing horses as a serious 2nd income for about eight years. I’m barred by VC, Coral, Ladbrokes, Stan James and Boylesports and severely restricted by all others except 888 (so is my mother and fiancée!)

“I subscribe to two services and follow Pricewise and Hugh Taylor. I estimate, however that > half my annual profit derives from my own selections based on eight years of wearing the t-shirt.

“I prefer the flat but also have a couple of successful angles on the jumps. No odds-on, average price being around the 6-1 mark.”

Sport: Horseracing
Bet type: Backing
Number of bets: Between 3-5 per day
Starting bank: 100 points
Stake: 1, 1.5, 2pt wins – 0.5, 0.75, 1pt e/w

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Comments (274)

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  1. soccanut1 says:

    18-Jun asc 15.05 MEDICIAN MAN 0.75e/w bfsp bf
    asc 15.05 SWISS SPIRIT 1.5 bfsp bf
    th 17.20 DHHAMAAN 1.5w bfsp bf
    th 17.50 WHISPERED TIMES 2w 13/2 gen*
    th 18.20 CAPTAIN ROYALE 1e/w 12/1 sj/vc

    * gen = 3 or more bookies

  2. soccanut1 says:

    swiss spirit is 1.5w

  3. zosojpp says:

    Good luck Peter, hope it works out !

  4. strike20 says:

    Just wanted to wish you success with your T-Factor campaign. May the best tipster win 🙂

    Michael (Strike 20)

  5. soccanut1 says:

    19-Jun asc 4.25 FURY 1e/w 16/1# gen #=bog
    ham 3.30 TINCTORIA 1e/w bfsp **
    ham 4.10 SPRINGHEEL JAKE 2w 7/2 gen*
    kemp 18.40 ARE YOU MINE 1e/w 16/1 vc
    rip 19.20 MARGRETS GIFT 2w 5/1 pp

    Hi Guys(gals) – * – looks good – Ann Duffield coming into form
    ** – interesting outsider back to 8f

  6. soccanut1 says:

    Hi all – here we go again –
    20-Jun asc 17.35 SPACESHIP 1e/w 20/1# gen # = bog
    rip 14.10 OMANOME 1w 9/1# gen
    rip 17.10 ANOTHER CITIZEN 1w bfsp
    warw 17.50 GREYEMKAY 1e/w 16/1
    ffos 20.45 MAN OF LEISURE 2w 10/3# lad
    Can’t resist putting up at least one for Ascot – Gosden does earn a lot of £££ for Lord Rothschild.
    Another Citizen can pop in again on his return to Ripon

  7. soccanut1 says:

    Hi there – today’s offering.
    21-Jun asc 17.35 SMARTY SOCKS 1/2w sp bf

    MEZZOTINT 1/2w sp bf
    SHAMAAL NIBRAS 1/2w sp bf
    mr 14.55 WALTER WHITE 2w 4/1 gen
    mr 17.20 HALUCHA 2w 5/1 gen
    good 19.55 SIGNED UP 1e/w 8/1 gen

  8. soccanut1 says:

    22-Jun asc 15.05 AIKEN 1e/w bfsp
    nmkt 14.15 ANAKAYA 0.5e/w bfsp
    red 15.55 BOXING SHADOWS 2w 13/2 vc
    nmkt 15 25 ZEYRAN 2w 11/4# cor
    hay 20.20 BRAVE ACCLAIM 2w 11/4# vc

  9. soccanut1 says:

    Hi guys – 1 extra to add:-
    Asc 17.00 LAHAAG 1.5e/w 10-1# gen

  10. soccanut1 says:

    Hi – 3 for now – possibly 1 or 2 to follow
    23-Jun pont 16.40 HUFFOOF 1w 9/1# L/C
    pont 17.10 SCENTPASTPARADISE 1e/w 12/1# gen
    pont 17.10 CHASING DREAMS 1.5w bfsp

    These 2 to finish off
    hex 15.30 WHAT A STEEL 1e/w bfsp
    hex 16.30 CLAUDE CARTER 1e/w bfsp

  11. soccanut1 says:

    Hi – Mondays bets and hope for a biggun!!
    24-Jun chep 14.30 LADY BAYSIDE 2w 5/1# gen
    15.00 HALLINGS TREASURE 2w 6/1 byl/888
    16.30 FROSTED OFF 1w # gen
    thirsk 18.50 RUBY GLASS 0.5w bfsp
    20.20 ORPSIE BOY 0.75e/w bfsp
    20.50 MULTISURE 0.5W bfsp

  12. soccanut1 says:

    FROSTED OFF = 16/1# GEN

  13. soccanut1 says:

    Hi – Easter Diva would have been my 7th bet yesterday (already going over my stated 3-5/day)…still – spilt milk and all that! – Here’s todays and hoping that top jock can relight Thrust Control’s fire!
    25-Jun bev 15.00 THRUST CONTROL 1e/w bfsp
    16.30 VALENTINO OYSTER 1.5w 8/1# gen
    new 19.25 AMBER ISLE 1.5w 7/1# gen
    21.05 DREAMS OF GLORY 2w 9/2# gen
    n. abb 18.30 DOWNWARD SPIRAL 1e/w 10/1# gen

  14. ian fraser says:

    Hi are you showing a running total of how your doing anywhere?

  15. soccanut1 says:

    Hi – 20 pts down – unfortunate but quite normal – last few for a week (holiday)
    26-Jun carl 15.30 ITS A MANS WORLD 0.75e/w bfsp
    WORLD RECORD 0.75e/w bfsp
    worc 16.45 KILDERRY DEAN 1e/w bfsp
    salis 17.55 ROANNE 1.5w 8/1# gen
    kemp 19.20 ANGLOPHILE 2w 7/2# gen

  16. soccanut1 says:

    5-Jul donc 15.00 NUR JAHAN 1w bfsp
    warw 14.10 JOMARI 0.5e/w bfsp
    sand 15.25 MUNJALLY 2w bfsp
    sand 16.00 WORLD DOMINATION 1e/w bfsp

  17. soccanut1 says:

    last one for today
    bev 20.00 REGGIE BOND 1.5w 15/2# gen

  18. soccanut1 says:

    7-Jul ayr 15.00 ARGAKI 1w 6/1 sj
    15.30 ST IGNATIUS 1w bfsp
    17.00 METHAALY 1e/w bfsp
    m/r 14.45 KAYFTON PETE 1w 5/1 pp/vic
    17.15 PHOENIX EYE 1e/w bfsp

    • soccanut1 says:

      8-Jul n/a 14.45 RUSTY NAIL 0.5e/w bfsp
      16.45 LITTLE EAGLET 1w bfsp
      rip 18.50 ANNIE GOGH 1w bfsp
      RYEDALE VALLEY 1w bfsp
      19.20 THE DUFFERER 1.5w 4/1# gen
      21.20 BUNCE 1w bfsp

      • soccanut1 says:

        9-Jul pont 15.00 YORKSHIREMAN 1w bfsp
        wolv 15.15 TOP SET 1w bfsp
        15.45 NEVER TOO MUCH 0.5w bfsp
        south 18.35 ANYTIMEATALL 1w bfsp
        19.35 ROYAL STYLE 1w 9/1# gen
        HIDDEN ASSET 1w bfsp
        uttox 21.15 VINNIE MY BOY 2w 11/10# gen

        • soccanut1 says:

          can’t resist this one at a decent price
          uttox – 20.45 – BINOWAGH BAY – 1w bfsp

          This guy doesn’t race too many over here but the ROI is about 50% over 5 years, 2/2 at uttox and miles better than over in Ireland!! Now watch it fail miserable way my luck is going!!

          • soccanut1 says:

            Brief explanation of poor results:-
            Basically I bet for value in the higher price ranges and have inevitable long losing runs. My main method this year has looked like this – 01/01 to 07/04 = -8 pts… 01/01 to 05/05 = +59pts…01/01 to 17/16 (day before t-factor)= +81 pts… 01/01 to 08/07 = +61 pts. Although I’ve lost 20 pts and about 25 pts overall including all methods, I actually have around 12-15 bets a day and find it difficult to chose between them. ‘SIGNIFICANT MOVE’ Winds 21.00 yesterday was just one example of being scared of the price because I’d lost half my bank.

            With a 20% strike rate for his older horses at Windsor..a 5lb claimer on board a horse who won CD 3 months ago… not too hard to bet at a decent price, but with Betfair edging beyond 20.00 (won 22.04) I didn’t have the guts to put it up. I follow Pricewise and Hugh Taylor, not that I could compare my abilities to these two megastars, but HT lost half his bank earlier in the year when mine doubled and PW has lost half his bank since 15/06 including a complete at Royal Ascot. That’s how it is with big prices

            Well that’s me done with excuses – they WILL pop in – hopefully soon!!!

  19. soccanut1 says:

    will be late today – evening stuff – about 4pm

  20. soccanut1 says:

    10-Jul yarm 17.10 JONNIE SKULL 1w bfsp
    worc 20.10 MOYNE NINEOSEVEN 1w 7/1# 365
    worc 20.10 BLUE SIGNAL 1w bfsp
    kemp 21.20 KARATE 1e/w bfsp

  21. soccanut1 says:

    11-Jul nmkt 14.10 MASTER CARPENTER 0.5e/w bfsp
    17.00 BOSUN BREESE 0.75e/w 18/1 SB
    eps 18.50 UNFASHIONABLE 1w bfsp
    19.20 UPPERCUT 1w 9/2# gen
    19.55 GOLD MINE 1w bfsp

  22. soccanut1 says:

    oops – wrong one again
    Account Statement : Main wallet
    Peter Couchman 11-Jul-2013 14:33
    It can take up to 10 minutes after a market is settled to add the records to your Account Statement
    To access multiples transactions select ‘Sports Betting Only’.

    Settled Ref Id Placed Description Avg. Odds Stake Status DR
    (£) CR
    (£) Balance
    14:25 28160389588 2013-07-11
    10:48 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2
    Comm Charged 4.5% On Net winnings of GBP202.36 – – – (9.11) 1,964.73
    14:25 28159607798 2013-07-11
    08:13 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2 / Anjaal
    Back 11.26 12.00 Won 123.17 1,973.84
    14:25 28159499307 2013-07-11
    07:30 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2 / Anjaal
    Back 12.00 4.00 Won 44.00 1,850.67
    14:25 28159402864 2013-07-11
    06:44 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2 / Anjaal
    Back 11.80 4.00 Won 43.19 1,806.67
    14:25 28160389588 2013-07-11
    10:48 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2 / Master Carpenter
    Back SP 47.60 8.00 Lost (8.00) 1,763.48Account Statement : Main wallet
    Peter Couchman 11-Jul-2013 14:33
    It can take up to 10 minutes after a market is settled to add the records to your Account Statement
    To access multiples transactions select ‘Sports Betting Only’.

    Settled Ref Id Placed Description Avg. Odds Stake Status DR
    (£) CR
    (£) Balance
    14:25 28160389588 2013-07-11
    10:48 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2
    Comm Charged 4.5% On Net winnings of GBP202.36 – – – (9.11) 1,964.73
    14:25 28159607798 2013-07-11
    08:13 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2 / Anjaal
    Back 11.26 12.00 Won 123.17 1,973.84
    14:25 28159499307 2013-07-11
    07:30 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2 / Anjaal
    Back 12.00 4.00 Won 44.00 1,850.67
    14:25 28159402864 2013-07-11
    06:44 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2 / Anjaal
    Back 11.80 4.00 Won 43.19 1,806.67
    14:25 28160389588 2013-07-11
    10:48 GB Newm 11th Jul / 14:10 6f Grp2 / Master Carpenter

  23. soccanut1 says:

    12-Jul nmkt 13.40 JUBILANTE 1.5w 6/1# WH
    15.50 RIGHT OF APPEAL 0.75e/w bfsp
    asc 16.15 CREW CUT 1w 13/2# SJ
    16.15 GABBIANO 1w 10/1# 365
    16.50 EFSTIFZAZZ 1w bfsp

  24. soccanut1 says:

    chest 19.50 ROUGH COURTE 1w bfsp

  25. soccanut1 says:

    13-Jul nmkt 15.50 GALE FORCE TEN 1.5w 13/2# gen
    HAMZA 1w bfsp
    asc 13.55 AJJAADD 0.5e.w bfsp

    couple to follow

  26. soccanut1 says:

    asc 14.30 FAMOUS POET 0.5e/w bfsp
    16.15 FEDERAL BLUE 0.5e/w bfsp
    chest 16.35 ALTA LILEA 1w bfsp

  27. soccanut1 says:

    Had 11 possibles today – still can’t put the winners up!
    13:50 28199389682 2013-07-13
    10:17 GB York 13th Jul / 13:45 1m Hcap / The Rectifier
    Back SP 24.06 10.00 Won 230.55
    14:59 28199696290 2013-07-13
    10:34 GB York 13th Jul / 14:55 1m2f Hcap / Danchai
    Back SP 12.00 15.00 Won 165.00

  28. soccanut1 says:

    14-Jul south 14.10 MAD PROFESSOR 1w bfsp
    15.10 TRACKING TIME 1w bfsp
    17.10 WAVE THE GRAPES 2w 3/1# 365
    strat 15.50 DINEUR 1w bfsp
    17.20 OPHELIA’S KISS 0.5e/w bfsp

  29. soccanut1 says:

    15-Jul ayr 16.30 RAWAFED 1w 8/1# gen
    17.00 CHOOKIE ROYALE 0.5e/w bfsp
    wind 19.30 TRADING PROFIT 1w 6/1# COR
    20.00 EASTER DIVA 1w bfsp
    wolv 19.50 SUMMER DREAM 1w bfsp

  30. soccanut1 says:

    16-Jul bath 16.15 ALCANDO 1w 9/2# gen
    yarm 19.50 BLESSING BOX 1w 4/1 365/lad
    kemp 19.30 AUTUMN DRAW 0.5w bfsp
    WALL STREET BOSS 0.5w bfsp
    20.00 STORMING 1w bfsp
    20.30 LAMUSAWAMA 1w bfsp

  31. soccanut1 says:

    stats up to 15/7/2013 = -78.14pts … ROI = – lots!!

  32. soccanut1 says:

    17-Jul uttox 14.20 IMPERIAL LEGACY 0.5e/w bfsp
    ling 17.00 ANGELS CALLING 1w 7/1# gen
    sand 18.35 DAYLIGHT 1w 9/2# gen
    worc 17.50 CAP ELORN 1w 9/1 sj
    19.25 KIMORA 1w 9/2# gen
    21.00 PRICELESS ART 1w 15/2# pp/cor

  33. soccanut1 says:

    19-Jul new 13.50 MOUNT LOGAN 1w bfsp
    14.20 SAXON PRINCESS 0.5w bfsp
    14.50 SHAQAWIYA 1w 6/1# SJ
    INVINCIBLE CARA 2w 7/2# gen
    nott 15.00 KWANTO 1w bfsp
    17.50 FIRST GLANCE 1w bfsp

  34. soccanut1 says:

    couple of early ones
    20-Jul m/ras 15.30 KINGS LEGACY 1w 18/1 wh#
    nmkt 17.20 THA’IR 2w 4/1# pp/sj

  35. soccanut1 says:

    that’s the lot
    newb 14.40 DICK DOUGHTYWYLIE 1w bfsp
    rip 15.10 HAKUNA MATATA 1w 7/1# gen
    17.25 CRACKING CHOICE 1w 12/1# byl sb/888
    MONAKOVA 1w bfsp

  36. soccanut1 says:

    21-Jul red 15.10 MANDY LAYLA 1w 8/1# gen
    16.10 FOREIGN RHYTHM 1w bfsp
    strat 15.30 STRUMBLE HEAD 1w bfsp
    n/abb 16.50 DEER PARK 1w 16/1# cor/365

  37. soccanut1 says:

    one early one before price goes completely
    22-Jul ayr 14.30 CHOOKIE AVON 1.5w 7/1# sj

  38. soccanut1 says:

    cart 15.55 SOUL MAGIC 1.5w 4/1# gen
    16.30 GREY SOLDIER 1w bfsp
    bev 21.00 INDIAN TRAIL 1e/w bfsp

    that’s all for today now.

  39. soccanut1 says:

    one more after all
    ayr 17.15 HILLS OF DAKOTA 1w bfsp

  40. soccanut1 says:

    23-Jul muss 14.30 DAMAAH 1w bfsp
    sth 14.15 GREEN BANK 1w bfsp
    bang 18.15 KETTLEWELL 1w 11/2# gen
    ffos 18.35 MY OWN WAY HOME 1w 9/2# gen
    19.05 GOLDEN JUBILEE 1w 5/1# sj

  41. soccanut1 says:

    24-Jul worc 14.20 SAFE INVESTMENT 1w bfsp
    ling 16.40 SPIC ‘N SPAN 1w bfsp
    leic 17.40 STORMBOUND 1w bfsp
    sand 20.05 MACCHIARA 1w bfsp
    20.40 BRIDGEHAMPTON 1w 7/2# cor/byl

  42. soccanut1 says:

    25-Jul sand 14.00 DRIVE ON 1w bfsp

  43. soccanut1 says:

    yarm 14.20 PASTORAL WITNESS 1w bfsp
    15.25 HERMOSA VAQUERA 1w bfsp
    sand 15.40 NINGARA 1w 15/2# gen
    bright 18.55 WAVEGUIDE 1.5w 7/2# gen

  44. soccanut1 says:

    26-Jul asc 14.00 LIKELIHOOD 1w bfsp
    16.50 GABBIANO 1w 4/1 888
    thirsk 14.10 MULTISURE 1w 12/1# gen
    utt 17.50 HMS INTREPID 1w bfsp
    nmkt 18.10 ICE SLICE 1w 17/2# vic
    20.45 MAGIQUE 1w bfsp

  45. soccanut1 says:

    can’t resist a go at this – last run at 12f wasn’t too bad – drawn wide and forced out – worth a go at a likely big price
    chep 20.55 KRISTALLO 0.5e.w bfsp

  46. soccanut1 says:

    Early one – available with pp 08.30-08.35am
    27-Jul york 15.30 SECRET WITNESS 1w 28/1 pp

  47. soccanut1 says:

    newc 13.55 NEEDLESS SHOUTING 1w bfsp
    PENHILL 0.5e/w bfsp
    15.05 ORTAC ROCK 1w bfsp
    16.50 RIO’S GIRL 1w bfsp
    ling 20.00 AMPLEFORTH 1w bfsp

  48. soccanut1 says:

    28-Jul pont 14.20 CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT 1w bfsp
    BACK LANE 1w bfsp
    asc 16.50 SNOW POWDER 1w bfsp
    17.20 ANOTHER WISE KID 0.75w bfsp
    REBECCA ROMERO 0.75w bfsp
    STORM MOON 0.5w bfsp
    carl 17.30 FERDY 1w bfsp

  49. soccanut1 says:

    29-Jul ayr 17.00 FUNKY MUNKY 1w bfsp
    wolv 17.45 BURREN VIEW LADY 1w bfsp
    winds 18.00 STOMP 1w bfsp
    uttox 17.50 NIGHT OF PASSION 1w bfsp
    19.20 BALLYVESEY 1w bfsp

  50. soccanut1 says:

    The two pp bets are money back if 2nd
    30-Jul good 13.55 FENNELL BAY 0.75w bfsp
    RESET CITY 0.75w bfsp
    15.40 CLOWANCE ESTATE 1w 8/1 pp
    16.15 MUNFALLET 1w 14/1 pp
    17.25 TIDALS BABY 1w bfsp
    perth 20.05 MUMBLES HEAD 2w 7/2# gen

  51. Sam_Sharp says:

    Well done with Tidals Baby Peter!

    • soccanut1 says:

      Cheers Sam – Tony Carroll does choose his Goodwood runners well – was tempted to back Valmina as well but at half the price I didn’t bother

  52. soccanut1 says:

    At last – one of the bigguns made the cut yesterday!
    31-Jul good 13.55 BROXBOURNE 1w bfsp
    16.15 STARS ABOVE ME 1w bfsp
    16.50 SAUCY MINX 1w bfsp
    red 14.05 SECRET OASIS 1w bfsp
    16.25 STRONG CONVICTION 1w bfsp

  53. soccanut1 says:

    Just to remind myself in case I lose calcs … As of yesterday …

    Points bet .. 228.50 returned .. 199.62 I make ROI -10%

  54. soccanut1 says:

    1-Aug good 16.20 REGARDEZ 0.75w bfsp
    16.50 CZECH IT OUT 1w bfsp
    17.25 COPPERWOOD 0.75w bfsp
    SIR MIKE 0.75w bfsp
    CALAF 0.75w bfsp
    nott 15.25 KAIZEN FACTOR 0.75w bfsp
    16.30 WEST END LAD 1.5w 11/2# gen
    17.00 FLYING APPLAUSE 0.75w 33/1# gen

  55. soccanut1 says:

    2-Aug good 15.05 GALICIAN 1w 14/1# gen
    15.40 JWALA 1w bfsp
    16.15 IF WE CAN 1w bfsp
    DOUBLE CZECH 1w bfsp
    16.50 HOW’S LIFE 0.5e/w bfsp
    thirsk 16.05 NO QUARTER 1w bfsp
    16.40 NO NAY NEVER 0.5w bfsp
    18.20 RED CAPE 1w 8/1# gen

  56. soccanut1 says:

    3-Aug good 15.15 THISTLE BIRD 0.5e/w bfsp
    15.50 FACE THE PROBLEM 1w bfsp
    BARNET FAIR 0.75w bfsp
    PABUSAR 0.75w bfsp
    17.00 BUREAU 1w bfsp
    nmkt 17.15 MIDNIGHT RIDER 0.5e/w bfsp

  57. soccanut1 says:

    two more to finish with
    good 14.05 TAKE COVER 0.5w bfsp
    ling 19.00 SPELLMAKER 1w 10/1# gen

  58. soccanut1 says:

    Tell me about it – a nose and a neck away from +100 points!

  59. soccanut1 says:

    After yesterday’s agony!! …. a couple more attempts at cheating the odds
    4-Aug chest 14.30 TELLOVOI 1w bfsp
    15.05 INTRANSIGENT 1w bfsp
    16.45 THISTLEANDTWOROSES 1w bfsp
    KONZERT 0.5w bfsp
    m/ras 14.20 SEABOUGG 1w bfsp
    14.50 EMILY’S FLYER 1w bfsp

    • ambetf says:

      Well,Tellovoi certainly helped to relieve yesterday’s agony!
      A few more at prices like those would soon improve the R.O.I. and turn this into a real competition.
      Best of luck to all of you – just a pity that some competitors seem to have given up.

  60. soccanut1 says:

    ambetf – Totally agree about those that have given up – with one notable exception, being a tipster and following one can be a nerve jangling ride!

    I doubt that anyone had considered following what might appear to be my rather bizarre tips, especially as I’d lost most of my bank!

    However ‘Tidals Baby’ just might have persuaded some to have a second glance. Since then there was 5pts profit the following day – 15pts loss over the next 3 days and 33pts profit yesterday.

    ITS GOOD BUT IT’S NOT (quite) KARL(ing)!!

  61. soccanut1 says:

    Here’s today’s odds-defying hopefuls!
    5-Aug rip 14.15 MOVING WAVES 1w bfsp
    15.45 BEDLOES ISLAND 1w bfsp
    17.15 HONOURED 1w bfsp
    wolv 14.30 KOPKAP 1w 10/1# wh/sj
    17.30 LEXI’S DANCER 1w bfsp
    winds 20.00 ROCKY RIDE 0.5w bfsp
    carl 18.15 M J WOODWARD 1w bfsp
    18.45 DUBARA REEF 0.5w bfsp

  62. soccanut1 says:

    couple of earlies
    6-Aug ffos 16.00 DANZIGER 1w 14/1# cor/vc
    16.30 PRINCESS CAETANI 1.5w 5/2# gen

  63. soccanut1 says:

    got a feeling this price will go
    ffos 17.00 UNISON 1w 10/1# cor/sj

  64. soccanut1 says:

    that’s the lot!
    rip 18.40 SECRET APPLAUSE 1w bfsp
    19.40 CHUNKY DIAMOND 0.75w bfsp
    LUCKY NUMBERS 0.75w bfsp
    20.10 ROCK THE RUNWAY 1w 8/1# lad/byl

  65. soccanut1 says:

    7-Aug pont 15.30 KIAMA BAY 1w bfsp
    17.00 DELORES ROCKT 0.75 bfsp
    TEE TOTAL 0.75 bfsp
    newc 14.10 IRONDALE EXPRESS 0.75 bfsp
    15.10 PIVOTAL PROSPECT 0.75 bfsp
    KING PIN 0.75 bfsp
    15.40 CAPTAIN ROYALE 0.75 bfsp
    kempt 20.00 CATCH THE CIDER 1w bfsp

  66. soccanut1 says:

    8-Aug bright 16.20 PENNY ROSE 2w 7/2# gen
    sand 18.40 ICONIC ARTIST 1w 16/1# gen
    chep 18.50 HANDWOVEN 1w bfsp
    south 18.30 THE LOCK MASTER 1w bfsp
    EWELL PLACE 0.75w bfsp
    20.10 GLAN LADY 0.75w bfsp

  67. soccanut1 says:

    9-Aug hay 20.30 PASSIONADA 1w 8/1# byl
    nmkt 18.45 STATE LAW 1.5w bfsp
    JUAN ALONSO 1w bfsp
    20.20 KING OF JAZZ 1w 10/1# gen
    ELUSIVE FLAME 1w bfsp

  68. soccanut1 says:

    10-Aug hay 14.20 DANCHAI 1w bfsp
    red 14.35 MON CHIC 0.75w bfsp
    nmkt 14.25 DIME DANCER 1w bfsp
    15.00 FENNELL BAY 1w bfsp
    17.55 BIG TIME BILLY 1w 4/1# gen
    ling 17.45 BOLD JACK DONAHUE 1w bfsp

  69. soccanut1 says:

    late arrival
    hay 14.55 CITY STYLE 1w 7/1# gen

  70. soccanut1 says:

    11-Aug leic 14.25 DESERT SKYWALKER 1w bfsp
    16.25 FORTINBRASS 1w bfsp
    winds 14.40 GO FOR BROKE 0.75w/0.5p bfsp
    SYDNEY JAMES 0.75w/0.5p bfsp
    15.10 FANROUGE 1w bfsp
    16.10 STORMING 1w bfsp

  71. soccanut1 says:

    12-Aug ayr 15.00 CLUMBER PLACE 1w bfsp
    CARRIE’S MAGIC 1w bfsp
    15.30 TECTONIC 1w bfsp
    16.00 OPT OUT 1w 25/1# gen

    couple more to follow

  72. soccanut1 says:

    17.00 FORT BELVEDERE 1w bfsp
    winds 17.40 EXCEED AND EXCEED 0.75w bfsp
    CRYSTALLISED 0.5w bfsp
    18.10 EMJAYEM 0.75w bfsp

  73. soccanut1 says:

    13-Aug carl 16.15 JOSHUA THE FIRST 1w bfsp
    17.15 RAVI RIVER 1w 12/1# gen
    couple more to follow

  74. soccanut1 says:

    worc 14.30 AFILLYCALLEDLILY 1w bfsp
    nott 17.35 MICK’S YER MAN 1w bfsp
    strat 17.20 LERTETA 0.75w bfsp
    18.20 TURBO DU RANCH 1w 10/1# sj
    all up now

  75. soccanut1 says:

    14-Aug bev 14.40 MISTER UNO 0.5w bfsp
    15.10 MAID IN RIO 1w bfsp
    15.45 INDIAN TRAIL 1w bfsp
    16.50 RED CHARMER 1w bfsp
    ffos 15.00 GREYEMKAY 1w bfsp
    17.10 WHITEFALL 1w bfsp

  76. soccanut1 says:

    15-Aug salis 14.20 OUR DUCHESS 1w bfsp
    bev 15.05 RANGOONED 0.75w bfsp
    16.40 SHAGWA 1w bfsp
    nmkt 14.10 AL GHASHAMIYA 0.75w bfsp
    font 17.30 GOLANOVA 1w bfsp
    20.00 MOYNE NINEOSEVEN 1w bfsp

  77. soccanut1 says:

    16-Aug newb 14.20 EMEF DIAMOND 0.75w bfsp
    14.50 RONDEAU 1w bfsp
    17.00 WIZARA 0.75 bfsp
    nott 14.00 OAK BLUFFS 0.5 bfsp
    newc 14.40 GREEN PARK 0.75 bfsp
    15.10 MISS LUCY JANE 1w bfsp
    16.20 CALEDONIA 0.75 bfsp

  78. soccanut1 says:

    17-Aug rip 14.50 GABBIANO 1w bfsp
    DORBACK 0.75w bfsp
    BAJAN TRYST 1w bfsp
    15.30 THUNDERBALL 0.75w bfsp
    CAPTAIN RAMIUS 1w bfsp
    nmkt 14.55 ROCKY GROUND 1w bfsp
    15.25 ULTIMATE WARRIOR1w bfsp

  79. soccanut1 says:

    rip 16.05 DESERT CREEK 0.50w bfsp
    that’s all

  80. soccanut1 says:

    18-Aug pont 14.15 THE BOSS OF ME 1w bfsp
    16.50 MONTEFELTRO 1.5w bfsp
    south 14.00 MARICO 1w bfsp
    15.30 ROVING LAD 1w bfsp
    16.05 LEATH ACRA MOI 1w bfsp

  81. soccanut1 says:

    19-Aug thirsk 15.00 CHOSEN ONE 1w bfsp
    15.30 MESHARDAL 0.75 bfsp
    worc 15.15 A BIT BREEZY 1w bfsp
    winds 17.30 MOCACHA 1w bfsp
    19.30 TALENTED KID 1w 6/1# gen
    wolv 19.20 SYRIAN PEARL 0.75 bfsp

  82. soccanut1 says:

    20-Aug yarm 17.05 DUKE OF DESTINY 1w bfsp
    worc 17.40 SPOCK 1w 9/2# gen
    18.40 ECHO DANCER 1w bfsp
    19.40 ABBRACCIO 1w bfsp
    leic 17.00 MOSSY LEA 1w bfsp
    19.00 COPPERWOOD 1w 8/1# gen

  83. soccanut1 says:

    21-Aug york 13.55 SECRET ASSET 1w bfsp
    WHOZTHECAT 1w bfsp
    15.05 SPILLWAY 1w bfsp
    15.40 HILLSTAR 1w bfsp
    couple more to follow

  84. soccanut1 says:

    york 16.55 BANADEER 0.75w bfsp
    ling 16.40 SENORITA GUEST 0.75w bfsp
    n/abb 18.10 HAZELDENE 0.75w bfsp
    warw 17.00 WINNIE PERRY 0.75w bfsp
    thats all

  85. soccanut1 says:

    22-Aug york 13.55 HAIKBIDIAC 1w bfsp
    14.30 ALUTIQ 0.75w bfsp
    ffos 16.30 KNOX OVERSTREET 0.75w bfsp
    wolv 17.50 SHAHRAZAD 1w bfsp
    19.50 GRILLETTO 1w bfsp
    n/abb 18.35 GET HOME NOW 1.5w 7/2# gen

  86. soccanut1 says:

    23-Aug york 13.55 WHITE NILE 1w bfsp
    15.40 ROSDHU QUEEN 1w bfsp
    nmkt 15.20 BON VOYAGE 1w 12/1# 365
    16.30 MAGIC HURRICANE 2w 5/2# gen
    good 17.40 PACK LEADER 1w bfsp

  87. soccanut1 says:

    24-Aug york 15.50 GUARANTEE 1w 20/1# lad

  88. soccanut1 says:

    york 14.05 FORT BASTION 1w bfsp
    16.25 BAYTOWN KESTREL 0.5e/w bfsp
    couple more to follow

  89. soccanut1 says:

    nmkt 14.10 DUBAWI’S THUNDER 1w bfsp
    15.20 SADLER’S RISK 1w bfsp
    good 16.05 CRYSTALLIZED 0.75w bfsp
    cart 15.05 KING BREX 0.75w bfsp
    that’s all

  90. soccanut1 says:

    25-Aug good 14.10 MARINER’S MOON 1w bfsp
    15.20 BROUGHTON 1w bfsp
    bev 16.05 BOURBON 1w bfsp
    16.40 INNOCENTLY 1w bfsp
    OVERSTEP 1w 10/1# gen
    17.40 SHAGWA 1w bfsp

  91. soccanut1 says:

    26-Aug rip 14.25 LEXINGTON BLUE 1w 8/1# gen
    16.10 OSTEOPATHIC REMEDY 1w 10/1# gen
    eps 14.00 ELLALAN 1w bfsp
    15.40 FATTSOTA 1w 3/1# gen
    warw 15.55 SET THE TREND 1w bfsp
    newc 15.25 EXTRA TERRESTRIAL 1w bfsp

  92. soccanut1 says:

    28-Aug catt 15.10 LOOKS LIKE RAIN 1w bfsp
    15.40 BLUEGRASS BLUES 2w 13/8# gen
    worc 15.20 WESTERN WAY 1w bfsp
    carl 14.30 LOMOND LASSIE 0.75w bfsp
    south 16.50 NORTHGATE LODGE 0.75w bfsp
    19.20 HUNTING GROUND 1w 9/1# gen

  93. soccanut1 says:

    29-Aug ham 15.10 HAMOODY 1w bfsp
    font 17.00 DOUGLAS 1w bfsp
    ling 18.40 ALFRAAMSEY 1w bfsp
    kemp 18.50 LARS KRISTER 1w bfsp
    19.29 REHANAAT 1w bfsp

    Hols now – back on Sat 7th Sept.

  94. soccanut1 says:

    7-Sep hay 15.15 GASSIN GOLF 1w bfsp
    15.50 REX IMPERATOR 1w bfsp
    thirsk 14.00 SOLAR SPIRIT 1w bfsp
    14.30 BEARSKIN 1w bfsp
    17.25 WAR POET 1w bfsp
    wolv 18.30 WORK ETHIC 1w bfsp

  95. soccanut1 says:

    this one also looks worth a shot
    hay 14.05 ROCKY GROUND 1w bfsp

    thats all

  96. soccanut1 says:

    8-Sep york 14.30 MY INSPIRATION 1w bfsp
    15.00 MINCE 1w bfsp
    font 15.45 GUARD’S CHAPEL 1w bfsp
    16.50 SHE IS A CRACKER 1w bfsp
    17.50 OVILIA 1w bfsp

  97. soccanut1 says:

    9-Sep bright 14.30 INTERAKT 1w bfsp
    17.00 HANDSOME STRANGER 1w bfsp
    hunt 15.40 HANGA ROA 1w bfsp
    16.40 MOYNE NONEOSEVEN 1w 9/2# gen
    perth 16.20 SUPER COLLIDER 1w 16/1# gen

  98. soccanut1 says:

    hunt 15.40 TOWN MOUSE 1w bfsp

    bit speculative but conditions seem right and really hasn’t had any luck over obstacles. Hopefully has had some schooling in last 7 weeks. Price likely to be high due to not enough information!
    That’s all for today

  99. soccanut1 says:

    26-Aug rip 14.25 LEXINGTON BLUE 1w 8/1# gen 0.00
    16.10 OSTEOPATHIC REMEDY 1w 10/1# gen W 11.00
    eps 14.00 ELLALAN 1w bfsp 0.00
    15.40 FATTSOTA 1w 3/1# gen W 4.00
    warw 15.55 SET THE TREND 1w bfsp n/r 1.00
    newc 15.25 EXTRA TERRESTRIAL 1w bfsp W 3.81
    397.00 346.57
    28-Aug catt 15.10 LOOKS LIKE RAIN 1w bfsp 0.00
    15.40 BLUEGRASS BLUES 2w 13/8# gen 0.00
    worc 15.20 WESTERN WAY 1w bfsp 0.00
    carl 14.30 LOMOND LASSIE 0.75w bfsp 0.00
    south 16.50 NORTHGATE LODGE 0.75w bfsp 0.00
    19.20 HUNTING GROUND 1w 9/1# gen W 10.00
    403.50 356.57
    29-Aug ham 15.10 HAMOODY 1w bfsp 2nd 0.00
    font 17.00 DOUGLAS 1w bfsp W 17.15
    ling 18.40 ALFRAAMSEY 1w bfsp 0.00
    kemp 18.50 LARS KRISTER 1w bfsp 0.00
    19.29 REHANAAT 1w bfsp 0.00
    408.50 374.07
    7-Sep hay 15.15 GASSIN GOLF 1w bfsp 0.00
    15.50 REX IMPERATOR 1w bfsp 0.00
    thirsk 14.00 SOLAR SPIRIT 1w bfsp 0.00
    14.30 BEARSKIN 1w bfsp 0.00
    17.25 WAR POET 1w bfsp 2nd 0.00
    wolv 18.30 WORK ETHIC 1w bfsp 0.00
    hay 14.05 ROCKY GROUND 1w bfsp n/r 1.00
    415.50 375.07
    8-Sep york 14.30 MY INSPIRATION 1w bfsp 0.00
    15.00 MINCE 1w bfsp 0.00
    font 15.45 GUARD’S CHAPEL 1w bfsp 0.00
    16.50 SHE IS A CRACKER 1w bfsp n/r 1.00
    17.50 OVILIA 1w bfsp 0.00
    420.50 376.07

    As requested = minus 10.57%

  100. soccanut1 says:

    Nice to hit the back of the net at last yesterday – here’s today’s bets

    10-Sep red 15.30 AYASHA 1w bfsp
    16.30 KALANI’S DIAMOND 0.75w bfsp
    worc 14.10 ECHO DANCER 1w bfsp
    leic 16.20 MRS PAT 1w bfsp
    bev 17.40 LUCKY NUMBERS 0.75w bfsp

    AYASHA was my biggest winner last year at bfsp 225.44 – 6f cl5 at Redcar! That was over a year ago yet Brian Smart has left it until now to return the horse to Redcar – ?? horses for courses and all that!
    Having said that, I’m interested in both his runners in the 16.30, especially CHESSFIELD PARK.

  101. Sam_Sharp says:

    Cracking result for you yesterday Pete! Very well done!

    • pepston says:

      Are you a dark horse Pete? Had a little snippet on your advice on Town Mouse. I follow all of you contenders and place money on all of your systems. I think it`s gonna be a toghie this year. I wish you all the best. Especially if you slip one of those in occasionally.Ta much. Steve.

  102. soccanut1 says:

    Thanks Sam and Pepston – much appreciated. Did anyone spot Jim Goldie’s brilliant bit of horse placement yesterday? (I didn’t) ‘Dhaular Dhar’ flops at his first 2 attempts over hurdles – then he waits 2 years and 16 losing flat races before trying him again at Perth yesterday. A nice 36 on betfair – would have been a bet at that price. I must look deeper into NH angles – there’s good money to be made.

    Cheers again guys!

  103. soccanut1 says:

    11-Sep donc 16.45 BRETON ROCK 1w bfsp
    17.15 HAAJES 1w bfsp
    uttox 16.25 PRICELESS ART** 1w bfsp
    carl 16.35 PORTHOS DU VALLON 0.75w bfsp
    kempt 18.45 CATERINA DE MEDICI 0.75w bfsp
    21.15 THE HAPPY HAMMER# 1w bfsp

    ** best effort by far at this grade came over 23f, so I’m hoping the increase in trip will be favourable
    # Not here just because I support West Ham!!

  104. soccanut1 says:

    12-Sep donc 14.10 ZURIGHA 1w bfsp
    14.40 MALACHIM MIST 0.75w bfsp
    STEVENTON STAR# 0.75w bfsp
    16.25 TAROOQ 1w* bfsp

    # up from 5 to 6.5f // 1st time blinkers
    * 2 from 3 at donc this yr – both big prices

    couple more to follow

  105. soccanut1 says:

    chep 13.55 MISS BRAZIL 0.75w bfsp
    eps 15.25 HIPSTER** 1.25w bfsp
    16.00 SIGNIFICANT MOVE 1w bfsp

    ** won here last time on soft
    That’s all

  106. soccanut1 says:

    Question – donc 14.40 – what did the winner and fourth have in common?
    Ans – both soundly beaten 5 days ago. ? just stretching their legs for the big one?
    I put up Steventon Star in case that was so – besides bfsp 53.33 and Hannon seemed more reasonable than a Ryan horse reverting to blinkers for the big occasion and at what I estimated would be about 3x the price.
    But 470.34 ?? – I’m sick as a pig!!!!!!!

  107. soccanut1 says:

    13-Sep sand 14.30 WINDSHEAR# 1.5w 8/1 sj
    15.05 GEORGE CINQ 1w bfsp

    # I’ll record as 15-2 as price coming down
    more to follow

  108. soccanut1 says:

    donc 13.40 GREEN DOOR 0.75w bfsp
    15.15 LUSTROUS 1w bfsp
    15.50 BRAZOS 1w bfsp
    wolv 18.00 MEET ME HALFWAY 1w bfsp
    20.00 WANDSWORTH 1w bfsp
    that’s all

  109. soccanut1 says:

    14-Sep donc 14.40 SECRET WITNESS 0.75w bfsp
    DEFINIGHTLY 0.75w bfsp
    18.05 LEVITATE 1w bfsp
    chest 14.20 CONRY 1w bfsp
    couple more to follow

  110. soccanut1 says:

    chest 17.15 YOUNG JAY 1w bfsp
    bath 14.15 CORNCOCKLE# 1w bfsp
    donc 16.25 HANOVARIAN BARON 1w bfsp
    ling 16.15 CHRISTMAS WISH* 1w bfsp

    # – last run too bad to be true
    * – down in class,Mick Channon has a good record here

    that’s all for today

  111. soccanut1 says:

    15-Sep bath 14.40 AMPLEFORTH 1w bfsp
    16.20 MISTER MUSIC 1w bfsp
    17.20 SECRET MISSILE 1w 10/1# var
    ffos 15.30 INTENSE FEELING 1w 7/2# var
    17.05 1N THE CROWD* 1w bfsp
    17.35 SPIC N SPAN 1w bfsp

    * – chance that earlier flat races were over inadequate distance

    thats all

  112. soccanut1 says:

    16-Sep muss 14.10 DRIVE HOME 0.75w bfsp
    PTOLEMY 0.75w bfsp
    15.10 MAN OF PLENTY 1w bfsp
    15.40 CLASSICAL DIVA 0.75w bfsp
    16.40 BOUCHER GARCON 1w bfsp
    wolv 16.30 GRILLETTO 1w bfsp
    18.00 SATWA LAIRD 0.75w bfsp

  113. soccanut1 says:

    17-Sep chep 15.20 TAMAYUZ MAGIC 1w 6/1# gen
    yarm 15.00 DANCEALOT 1w bfsp
    thirsk 15.40 KLYNCH 0.75w 20/1# gen
    strat 16.35 MOUNTAINEER 0.75w bfsp
    18.05 VINNIE MY BOY 1w bfsp
    19.05 OUR BOY BEN 1w bfsp

  114. soccanut1 says:

    18-Sep bev 14.30 LA HAVRESE 0.75 bfsp
    16.10 SCENTPASTPARADISE 1w bfsp
    yarm 15.10 AGENT ALLISON 1w bfsp
    15.45 HARRY BUCKLE 0.75w bfsp
    sand 14.50 LIBECCIO 1w bfsp
    15.55 BANA WU 1w bfsp
    16.30 MAGIQUE 1w bfsp

  115. soccanut1 says:

    19-Sep ayr 13.40 BOOGANGOO 0.75w bfsp
    14.40 SALVATORE FURY 0.75w bfsp
    GRAN CANARIA QUEEN 0.75w bfsp
    15.40 JEANNIE GALLOWAY 1w bfsp
    yarm 17.20 YOU’RE THE BOSS 1w bfsp
    kempt 20.10 COMPTON BIRD 1w bfsp
    21.10 ISHI HONEST 0.75w bfsp

  116. soccanut1 says:

    Sorry – running late

    20-Sep ayr 13.20 BEAUTIFUL STRANGER 0.75w bfsp
    13.50 BLACK TREACLE 0.75w bfsp

    others within 30 mins

  117. soccanut1 says:

    ayr 14.20 HAZELRIGG 1w bfsp
    newb 16.50 FREEWHEELING 1w bfsp
    newc 15.50 INDIAN GIVER 0.75w bfsp
    wolv 18.40 SKY RANGER 0.75w bfsp
    19.40 YAHILWA 0.75w bfsp
    20.40 LA BELLE EPOQUE 0.75w bfsp

  118. soccanut1 says:

    gold cup 15.50 HAMZA 0.5w bfsp
    LOVER MAN 0.5w bfsp
    MASS RALLY 0.5w bfsp
    LOUS THE PIOUS 0.5w bfsp
    few more to follow

  119. soccanut1 says:

    21-Sep ayr 14.40 GANDALAK 0.75w bfsp
    15.15 AZAGAL 1w bfsp
    SANDRA’S DIAMOND 0.5w bfsp
    newb 13.50 CAMBORNE 1w bfsp
    nmkt 17.55 CONSIGN 0.75w bfsp

  120. soccanut1 says:

    22-Sep ham 14.20 OVERSTEP 0.75w bfsp
    PIDGEON PIE 0.75w bfsp
    15.50 LASILIA 0.5w bfsp
    plump 15.30 BALLYVESEY 1w bfsp
    uttox 15.10 GREEN TO GOLD 1w bfsp
    16.40 WATCH HOUSE 1w bfsp

    that’s all for today

  121. soccanut1 says:

    Hi all
    I offered an explanation for poor results on July 9th, in case anyone was putting a few bob on the selections. I said the results would come and luckily I haven’t made a fool of myself by stating that.

    Good ROI of 144% last fortnight and 16.87% for the competition now.

  122. soccanut1 says:

    23-Sep leic 14.00 ROSEBAY CORAL 0.5w bfsp
    kempt 14.50 DESERT SOCIETY 1w bfsp
    15.20 AMASEENA 1w bfsp
    15.50 LADY CROSSMAR 1w bfsp
    16.20 SPOKESWOMAN 0.75w bfsp
    HOODNA 0.75w bfsp

  123. pepston says:

    I hardly call a 25/1 winner in Hoodna making a fool of yourself matey. Well done sir. I wouldnt have picked it. Nor Town Mouse on the 9th. Like I said keep slipping these long shots in you/we`ll do fine.
    Kind regards, Steve.

  124. soccanut1 says:

    Cheers again Steve – hope you got the other two on the 20th!

    • pepston says:

      Alas no Mr. Couchman. Sadly this hobby doesn`t provide me with enough income to quit my job yet. I was sad to miss Black Treacle and Hazelrigg that day as I had a site meeting. Sods law. Unlucky today Dursey Island beaten shd at 10`s. Plenty more to come I`m sure. I am surprised you haven`t had more comments though! Has everyone lost interest in the comp?

  125. soccanut1 says:

    Bit late – sorry

    24-Sep bev 14.10 VICTORY DANZ 0.5w bfsp
    17.10 AY TAY TATE 0.75w bfsp
    ling 15.00 DURSEY ISLAND 0.75w bfsp
    16.00 WELSH SUNRISE* 1w bfsp
    carl 17.40 SALVATORE FURY# 1w bfsp
    n/abb 14.20 DIDDYPURPTOON 0.5w bfsp
    15.50 INSIDE DEALER 1w bfsp

    * – won so easily LTO albeit a rubbish race – Luke Morris onboard was looking round in the closing stages for non existent opposition!
    # – no rain f’cast at Ayr which will help.

  126. soccanut1 says:

    25-Sep good 14.00 AERTEX 1w bfsp
    17.20 VALMINA 1w 8/1# gen
    red 14.10 BEAUTIFUL FOREST 1w bfsp
    15.15 ALAKHAN 1w 6/1# gen
    perth 17.10 PALOS CONTI 1w bfsp

  127. soccanut1 says:

    26-Sep nmkt 14.00 CARTHAGE 1w bfsp
    14.35 GOLD TOP 1w bfsp
    perth 14.45 REV UP RUBY 0.75w bfsp
    17.35 THE PADDY PREMIUM 0.75w bfsp
    18.05 DARK CAVIAR 0.75w bfsp
    pont 17.50 THE CORNISH COWBOY 0.75w bfsp

  128. pepston says:

    Another 10/1 Pete. Well done chap. Would you recommend backing all your long shot winners next time out or do you think theyd`e be too short?

    • soccanut1 says:

      27-Sep nmkt 15.50 GILBEY’S MATE 0.75w bfsp
      17.00 ICEBUSTER 0.75w bfsp
      CREDIT SWAP 0.75w bfsp
      hay 14.30 DESTINY’S KITTEN 1w bfsp
      15.00 KAHEYLL 1w bfsp
      worc 16.35 HANDSOME BUDDY 1w bfsp
      wolv 17.40 TANFORAN 0.75w bfsp

    • soccanut1 says:

      Hi Steve – answer to your question would be definitely not. Having said that,I was tempted to put The Cornish Cowboy up again but only because he’s appreciated a quick return to the track in the past. I’ve backed it myself, but then again I back 20-50 horses a day!

      • pepston says:

        I backed him just out of curiousity having returned to the track so soon and a good price too. Sometimes that strategy works. He ran a good race though but obviously knackered. It`s rather difficult for trainers to pitch horse in rather unknown quntity races. Point taken sir. I`ll have a few squids on Town Mouse in the 1.45 Mkt Rsn to verify your comment. Good luck today.

        • soccanut1 says:

          Hi steve

          Just noticed your comment here – my “definitely not” meant not to back – not that they’d be too short. My selections tend to be one-offs.

  129. soccanut1 says:

    28-Sep nmkt 14.35 DOROTHY B 1w
    15.50 SEEK AGAIN 0.75w
    DANCHAI 0.75w
    17.00 TELLOVOI 0.75w
    hay 15.00 UJAGAR 075w
    15.30 CHEVIOT 0.75w
    wolv 19.30 TIGERINO# 0.75w

    This may be way off the mark but the favourite has never run here and Tigerino can’t seem to perform anywhere else. Factor in all the complaints about the state of the track at Wolv. and who knows?

  130. soccanut1 says:

    whoops – forgot – all bfsp!

  131. soccanut1 says:

    29-Sep eps 15.55 BENZANNO 1w bfsp
    16.30 BEE JAY KAY 1w 9/2# gen
    OMAR KHAYYAM 1w bfsp
    17.30 OPERATION CHARIOT* 1w bfsp
    muss 15.00 FUNDING DEFECIT 1w bfsp

    * has been running in better races and this is more realistic with a 5lb claimer on board

  132. soccanut1 says:

    one final selection
    muss 17.45 THE KICKING LORD 1w bfsp

  133. soccanut1 says:

    30-Sep bath 15.30 RONALDHINO 0.75w
    16.00 BONDI MIST 0.75w
    ham 16.40 SUNRAIDER 1w
    n/abb 14.20 HERE COMES MOSS 0.5w
    17.20 ROISINI BAY 0.5w

  134. soccanut1 says:

    1-Oct ayr 16.25 LOUKOUMI 1w bfsp
    17.00 CHEEKY WEE RED 1w 8/1# gen
    chep 14.00 JOSIE’S DREAM 0.75w bfsp
    14.30 BLOWING A HOOLIE 0.75w bfsp
    15.40 NOMADIC DREAMER 0.75w bfsp
    sedg 14.20 DOWNTOWN BOY 0.75w bfsp
    kempt 19.20 ZAEEM 1w bfsp
    19.50 QUALITY ALLIANCE 1w bfsp

  135. soccanut1 says:

    salis 14.20 SOLO HUNTER 0.75w bfsp
    nott 15.00 HOT SUGAR 0.75w bfsp
    16.10 DESERT SKIES 1w bfsp
    newc 15.45 FAB LOLLY 1w bfsp
    kempt 20.40 CURLY COME HOME 0.75w bfsp

    that’s all

  136. soccanut1 says:

    5 from 7 in the frame at big prices yesterday – sometimes it just doesn’t fall right!

    3-Oct bang 14.50 SON OF FLICKA 0.75w bfsp
    south 14.30 PLATINUM PROOF 1w bfsp
    16.00 ANYTIMEATALL 1w bfsp
    wark 15.10 MISS BUCKSHOT 0.75w bfsp
    15.40 FIRST EXPERIENCE 0.75w bfsp
    16.40 HYDRANT 1w bfsp
    17.10 CAPTAIN SCOOBY 0.75w bfsp
    HADAJ 1w bfsp

  137. soccanut1 says:

    couple of earlies (price taken)

    4-Oct font 15.50 FALCON ISLAND 1w 7/1# gen
    hex 17.45 BALTIC PATHFINDER 1w 9/1# fred/tote

  138. soccanut1 says:

    font 14.10 MAYPOLE JOE 0.5w bfsp
    hex 16.40 MOHEEB 0.75w bfsp
    wolv 18.55 SANTAYANA 0.75w bfsp
    19.25 JOWHARA 0.75w bfsp
    19.55 REMINISCE 0.75w bfsp
    MEET ME HALFWAY 1w bfsp

    that’s it for today

  139. soccanut1 says:

    5-Oct asc 13.30 MEDICEAN MAN 0.75w
    14.40 GATEWOOD 1w
    15.15 JIMMY STYLES 0.75w
    red 15.30 OMAHA GOLD 1w
    16.35 DUBAI HILLS 0.75w
    nmkt 14.20 HUNTER’S CREEK 0.75w
    16.10 GERTRUDE VERSED 1w

    that’s all

  140. soccanut1 says:

    6-Oct long 15.15 LEADING LIGHT 1w
    uttox 15.35 SPANISH OPTIMIST 0.75w
    kelso 14.00 GLENCREE 1w
    hunt 16.25 GODWIT 1w

  141. soccanut1 says:

    one early one – price may not hold

    7-Oct winds 14.20 WITH A TWIST 1w 20/1 sj/888

  142. soccanut1 says:

    wolv 14.30 GRILLETTO 1w 11/2# var
    winds 14.50 BURY PACER* 1w bfsp
    17.20 MELVIN THE GRATE 1w 9/2# var
    pont 16.40 JACKADDOCK# 0.75w bfsp
    17.10 MAGICAL MISCHIEF 0.75w bfsp

    # – will probably make an ass of myself here but this horse was sired by 2005 Derby winner ‘Motivator’, who just so happens to have sired ‘Treve’, yesterday’s Arc de Triomphe winner!
    Also, a number of horses in this race recorded their first win when upped in distance, so it’s down to the handicapper – has he got it right?

    * – Richard Hannon tops the 2013 table for 1st time out 2 yr olds

  143. Sam_Sharp says:

    Good to see you nicely in profit Peter, it’s a shame you don’t get more plaudits to be honest.

    Good luck for the rest of the competition!

  144. soccanut1 says:

    Cheers Sam and thanks – I do adopt a ‘larger number at high prices approach’ which means few winners to comment on (and many more losers!) Still, it has never (touch wood) let me down over the last 8 years.

  145. soccanut1 says:

    8-Oct bright 15.20 MOUNTAIN KINGDOM 1w bfsp
    catt 17.00 PEAKS OF FIRE 0.75w bfsp
    leic 14.10 DARK REALITY 0.75w bfsp
    15.40 POMPEIA 1w bfsp
    16.10 CHARLEMAGNE DIVA 0.75w bfsp
    17.45 FERRYVIEW PLACE 0.75w bfsp
    wolv 20.10 AZRAG 1w bfsp

    • pepston says:

      I have to agree with Sam and really puzzled by the lack of edification. I`ve made 11.75 points since Sunday !!! Haven`t checked your ROI overall yet but the stats must look pretty good at present mate. Can`t thank you enough.
      Kind regards, Steve.

  146. soccanut1 says:

    9-Oct nott 16.00 MALACHIM MIST 0.75w bfsp
    FAIR RANGER 0.75w bfsp
    17.00 HYDRANT 0.75w bfsp
    KING OF JAZZ 0.75w bfsp
    17.30 WEST END LAD 0.75w bfsp
    lud 15.10 INSIDE DEALER 1w bfsp
    15.40 THE BAY BANDIT 1w bfsp
    16.40 GRASSFINCH 1w bfsp

  147. johnye_pt says:

    People like to see the bank grow steadily, that’s probably why there might not be many followers to your tips. Either that, or there’s not much to comment on. Strangely enough, Karl attracts many followers but I’ve given up on progressive betting a while ago because it’s a great recipe for disaster. But I digress…

    Is anyone keeping track of Peter’s tips @ BSP? I’m curious as to the strike rate and profit from using only BSP. Although I’m not following anyone’s tips, I would like to vote on Peter’s tips but I would like to take a look at some kind of worksheet first. I know, I’m picky!

  148. soccanut1 says:

    10-Oct ayr 13.40 SCURR MIST 1w bfsp
    17.10 GALILEE CHAPEL 0.75w bfsp
    worc 17.30 JUDICIARY 1w bfsp
    exeter 14.50 IF YOU THINK SO 1w bfsp
    16.20 DIDDYPURPTOON 0.75w bfsp
    kempt 19.10 TAMARKUZ 1w bfsp

  149. Goodcommerce says:

    Peter, not clear on your staking plan. Is a 0.75 an e/w bet or a win bet? If it has ‘w’ after it, I’m assuming that w = win bet. Mike

  150. soccanut1 says:

    Hi johnye (and other voters)

    It’s true, I don’t post many comments. Tom Segal (Pricewise in RP)and Hugh Taylor from ATR do lengthy comments on their selections and the large majority are losers. Other TV/Press pundits mainly look at the horse(s) MOST likely to WIN, irrespective of their odds – usually first 3 or 4 horses in the market. TS and HT work outside those limited confines and seek VALUE in the remainder. These guys are very successful and accept that some of the time their assessments will make them look silly…BUT..they know their stuff and their success lies in the prices of their selections. I am trying to do likewise but I guess I haven’t got the guts to make myself look silly 85% of the time.

    The subject of how a bank grows in relation to tipping is very interesting. It should be no surprise to see most tipping services aiming at the lower end of the market – that way, when they have a good spell, then they’re “moving in the right direction”, and a bad run is a temporary blip because they’ll have a couple of 7/4 shots soon. Trouble is, most of these services JUST want your money and they get it – because (due to the low prices)it takes a subscriber ages to work out whether it’s worth the continued subscription fees.

    I’m digressing a bit now but I’m trying to offer a good reason why VALUE is where it’s at. PW and HT are very well known and their selections are heavily backed (16s into 8’s for example). I am unknown so that doesn’t happen to my bets. Also, whilst I’m very restricted by the bookmakers, there are better reasons for me using BFSP. Once you get into double figures, the BF price gets proportionately bigger than that offered by the bookies. A 14/1 shot can get 18’s to 25’s on Betfair and an SP of 33-1 was 55.00 on betfair (Black Treacle 20/09/2013).

    Finally, if you subscribe to a tipster who puts up several selections every day, isn’t it so stress relieving when you can simply press a few buttons when you’ve got a spare 5 minutes and not have to worry about anything else?

  151. PeterSavva says:

    Hello Peter, I am quite impressed by the points gain you have made this year. All to BSP too. What’s your average points gain over a typical year? Is it around 200 points? So far I think its 170 points since 1/1 this year.
    I have been following another popular T Factor system and lost a packet.
    I would be interested in following your system from next year whether you win or lose the competition.

  152. soccanut1 says:

    Hi Peter

    My main “system” made approx. 268 pts in 2012 however one winner was 76 pts! This year to date, it’s 148 pts though it would be closer to your 170 pts had I not bothered with 1/2pt bets and e/w bets earlier in the year. I put system in inverted commas because it continually evolves over the months.

    A newer angle is an old, failed system which I bought several years ago – it’s now running well following a full service. Just 43 pts bet and 56 pts returned really means it’s either one for larger bets, or maybe I’ll re-vamp it.

    My final one incorporates many factors, sometimes individually and occasionally in combination. 2012 was 902 pts bet and 1062 pts returned. This year so far there have been fewer bets (528 pts)and just 573 pts returned – well it can’t all work well all the time!

    Hope that’s ok

  153. pepston says:

    Hi Pete, as me old black country grandad used to say when I was a sprog…”Always back the outsider in a 3 or 4 oss race” How right the old boy was. You were bang on too. Bostin.

  154. soccanut1 says:

    Hi ?Bostin

    Yep – works quite a lot – so does backing the outsider of a top trainer’s two entries – there’d be a system there if they both happened more than half a dozen times a year!


    • pepston says:

      Please excuse my Black country terminology. Bostin = Brilliant. I`ve never looked at backing a top trainers second string but interesting thought especially when a few other fancies have been withdrawn. Cheers Steve.

  155. soccanut1 says:

    11-Oct york 14.30 BOP IT 1w bfsp
    15.05 OSTEOPATIC REMEDY 0.75w bfsp
    16.15 HANOVARIAN BARON 0.75w bfsp
    17.20 POWERFUL PRESENCE 1w bfsp
    carl 15.55 BOOK ‘EM DANNO 1w bfsp
    16.30 OR DE GRUGY 1w bfsp

  156. soccanut1 says:

    12-Oct nmkt 15.10 ANJAAL 1w 9/1 pp**

    I’ve put this up early as PP will offer 9/1 at 08.30 Because Pricewise is not involved in this race I have doubts as to whether Betfair will be as good come race time.

  157. soccanut1 says:

    nmkt 14.35 BROWN SUGAR 0.75w bfsp
    15.50 WATERCLOCK 0.75w bfsp
    CLOWANCE ESTATE 0.75w bfsp
    16.25 LUSTROUS 1w bfsp
    york 14.20 SEUSSICAL 1w bfsp
    15.30 SECRET WITNESS 0.75w bfsp
    chep 16.45 BOB’S WORLD 1w bfsp

  158. soccanut1 says:

    13-Oct good 15.05 ENQUIRING 0.75w bfsp
    16.15 ZESHOV 1w bfsp
    16.45 TAROOQ 1w bfsp
    17.15 SALUTATION 0.75w bfsp
    17.45 MESSILA STAR 0.75w bfsp
    ffos 14.15 DARDANELLA 0.75w bfsp
    15.20 NIGHT ALLIANCE 1w 11/1# sky/vc

  159. soccanut1 says:

    couple of earlies
    14-Oct salis 14.50 BE MY ICON 1w 11/1# byl/sj
    winds 17.10 LILAC TREE 1w bfsp

  160. soccanut1 says:

    salis 14.50 LITTLE DWIGS 0.5w bfsp
    winds 14.00 COMANCHERO 0.75w bfsp
    16.40 MAGIQUE 1w 8/1# cor
    17.10 MR FITZROY* 0.75w bfsp
    muss 14.40 ICE MAYDEN 0.75w bfsp
    16.50 SILVER RYME# 0.75w bfsp

    # has won twice lately following a recent outing
    * close 2nd only time on soft – gdwd and winds both sharp courses

  161. soccanut1 says:

    Sorry – missed one
    muss 17.20 ALL NECESSARY FORCE 1w bfsp

  162. johnye_pt says:

    Well, my vote went for you and now you got a new follower. I know you mentioned half your annual betting profit derives from your own selections and I’m also conscious that when someone starts sharing their selections they don’t usually perform as good as they should (peer pressure, perhaps?), so let’s hope for at least a small profit till the end of the competition, as I’m sure you’ll make it to the finals.

    Let’s hope for some nice BSP winners 😉

    • soccanut1 says:

      Thanks for that Johnye – and I hope for the same. Trouble is I have many more of my selections that I don’t put up and law of averages comes into play – missed a 22-1 and 25-1 over the last two days – maybe I should do the complete opposite to every other tipster out there and set a MINIMUM price.

  163. soccanut1 says:

    15-Oct leic 14.10 FOCUSOFOURTHOUGHTS 1w bfsp
    16.10 PRINCESS OF ORANGE 1w bfsp
    17.45 EVER FORTUNE 1w bfsp
    newc 17.00 FLIGHTY CLARETS 1w bfsp
    hunt 14.50 AUTUMN SPIRIT 0.75w bfsp
    15.20 BEAUJOLAIS 0.75w bfsp
    15.50 DE BLACKSMITH 0.75w bfsp

  164. soccanut1 says:

    Last one
    hunt 15.50 NEXT EXIT 0.5w bfsp

    nearly didn’t bother but sometimes a horse takes to a family setting and they’ve had 41 days to get to grips with this horse following its flop over 3m.

  165. soccanut1 says:

    16-Oct kempt 20.40 LAYL 1w 10/1# 365

  166. soccanut1 says:

    cancel the above – 365 had it at 10’s when the rest were 6’s or less – knew they’d eventually realise their error!!!

  167. soccanut1 says:

    16-Oct nott 14.10 IDDER 0.75w bfsp
    14.40 HABDAB 0.75w bfsp
    16.20 HUNTING RIGHTS 0.75w bfsp
    ling 15.00 ZEE ZEELEY 0.75w bfsp
    MANOR WAY 0.5w bfsp
    weth 14.50 SPOCK 0.75w bfsp
    16.30 CROOKED ARROW 0.5e/w bfsp

    I’m always pushed for time on a Weds – no time to look at Kempton – may put a couple up before 5pm if I can get answer from Matt on that

  168. soccanut1 says:

    kempt 19.40 KINLOSS 0.5w bfsp
    CAMEO TIARA 0.5w bfsp
    21.10 MIGNONNE 1w bfsp
    that’s all

  169. soccanut1 says:

    one early one
    17-Oct uttox 16.00 BLAKE DEAN 1w 5/1# gen

  170. soccanut1 says:

    About time another one (or two) came in!
    17-Oct uttox 14.30 WEST END 0.75w bfsp
    16.00 PRICKLES 0.75w bfsp
    winc 14.20 UPTON WOOD 1w bfsp
    15.50 GORING ONE 0.75 bfsp
    kempt 17.50 EDGE 1w bfsp
    18.50 CELESTIAL KNIGHT 0.75w bfsp
    19.50 GONE DUTCH 1w bfsp

    Anyone watch Kempton last night …………… tbc

  171. soccanut1 says:

    ……. I hate the big winners that ‘miss the cut’ but I’m not unduly upset when I do put it up and it gets narrowly beaten – this refers to ‘Cameo Tiara’ last night.

    Go to Racing UK and watch the replay – CT was last/2nd last approaching the final furlong …then came one helluva turbo drive which, had it have begun 50 yards earlier, would have resulted in a win.

    I said on 10/10/13 about why I go for BFSP – the win would have been 200-1 (477% more than SP) If anyone backed the place, they got 33-1, the same as the win price at the bookies!

  172. soccanut1 says:

    Prayers answered yesterday – shame about the dead heat but better than losing by a nose!

    18-Oct hay 14.55 URBAN DREAMER 1w bfsp
    17.10 CHOSEN CHARACTER 0.75w bfsp
    red 14.30 MAJOR ROWAN 0.75w bfsp
    15.40 BOND CLUB 1w bfsp
    17.20 YORKSTER’S PRINCE 1w bfsp
    chelt 14.10 MAN OF LEISURE 1w bfsp
    15.50 ULTRAGOLD 0.75w bfsp
    16.25 APOLLO ELEVEN 0.75w bfsp

  173. Benno says:

    Very best wishes for the rest of the competition

  174. soccanut1 says:

    Cheers Benno – here’s two I’d better get up quick – more to follow

    19-Oct catt 13.20 PRAVDA STREET 0.75w bfsp
    asc 13.45 AIKEN 0.75w bfsp

  175. soccanut1 says:

    asc 14.55 HOT SNAP 1w 5/1# gen
    15.30 GREGORIAN 0.75w 33/1# gen
    16.05 MAIN SEQUENCE 0.5e/w bfsp
    16.45 CREW CUT 0.5w bfsp
    kelso 14.10 SHOW PUBLIC 0.75w bfsp
    chelt 17.30 CHILL FACTOR 1w bfsp
    that’s all

  176. soccanut1 says:

    20-Oct bath 15.05 ROYAL DUTCH 1w bfsp
    16.10 STORM LIGHTNING 0.75w bfsp
    17.15 TIGERS HOME 1w bfsp
    kempt 15.50 GREEN BANK 1w bfsp
    BAILEY STORM 0.75w bfsp
    16.25 ROCK ON RUBY 2w* bfsp
    17.30 WHISPERING BOB 0.5w bfsp

    * – hopefully 9/4 (ish) – that represents 4.5x the return you’d get backing ‘The New One’ OK this is an up and coming horse but ROR only found ‘Hurricane Fly’ too good on his last two starts (has also beaten HF) and unlike TNO, has experience of the fast Kempton track where only Binocular was too good.

    A fast 2 miles seems right for ROR and I’m hoping that it suits him more than TNO who hasn’t run such a short race for 18 months.

  177. soccanut1 says:

    PS I don’t do many short priced horses but when I do I sometimes set up a new bookie account with any bookie who either refunds your 1st bet or gives a freebie to the same value. My mum’s got £50 on ROR as a freebie with Sportingbet courtesy of her first bet losing but there are others who don’t require multiple bets before you cash-in.

  178. soccanut1 says:

    21-Oct pont 14.10 FIRECRUISE 1w bfsp
    MADAME MIRASOL 0.75w bfsp
    17.40 ARDMAY 0.75w bfsp
    plump 15.20 BENNY THE SWINGER 1w bfsp
    16.20 AKBABEND 0.75w bfsp
    16.50 ROCKY ELSOM 1w bfsp
    17.20 MAC’S GREY 0.5w bfsp
    winds 17.00 INVIGILATOR 0.75w* bfsp

    *Heavy going on the flat is a great equalizer and at a big price this is worth a shout. He’s won over the distance on soft and the 7lb claim will help.

  179. soccanut1 says:

    22-Oct yarm 15.50 COMRADE BOND 1w 14/1# gen
    Putting this up before price goes any further

  180. soccanut1 says:

    yarm 14.20 BLOSSOM LANE 1w bfsp
    16.20 ZENARINDA 0.5w bfsp
    16.50 ALL RIGHT NOW 1w bfsp
    ex 15.10 ERNEST SPEAK 0.5w bfsp
    16.10 CALLISTO MOON 0.75w bfsp
    17.10 ALFA RED 0.75w bfsp
    ANWYL HOUSE 0.75w bfsp
    kemp 19.40 ZAEEM 0.75w bfsp

  181. soccanut1 says:

    23-Oct font 14.20 NO IFS NO BUTS 0.75w bfsp
    nmkt 16.10 MUTARAADIF 0.75w bfsp
    worc 15.15 FULL OF BEANS 0.75w bfsp
    15.50 BONDS CONQUEST 1w bfsp
    17.30 MISS SAFFRON 1w bfsp
    kempt 19.20 D’AVIGNON 1w bfsp
    20.50 LEWISHAM 0.75w bfsp

  182. I’m delaying the quarter final vote until Monday. Hope that’s not a problem…

  183. soccanut1 says:

    24-Oct carl 13.50 BLAKEMOUNT 0.75w bfsp
    TINY DANCER 0.75w bfsp
    24-Oct south 15.35 TEALISSIO 0.75w bfsp
    BENEFIT CUT 1w bfsp
    16.05 EIGHTEEN CARAT 0.5w bfsp
    lud 17.20 BIN END 1w bfsp
    wolv 19.40 COCONELL 0.5w bfsp

  184. soccanut1 says:

    25-Oct donc 14.10 AURORA BOREALIS 0.75w 25/1
    14.40 FENNANN 0.75w bfsp
    newb 13.30 SWANWICK SHORE 0.75w bfsp
    14.30 EXPRESS HIMSELF 0.75w bfsp
    15.35 ASTRA HALL 1w bfsp
    16.10 KAZAK 1w bfsp
    16.40 FILATORE 1w bfsp
    fak 14.20 BAR DE LIGNE 0.5w bfsp

  185. soccanut1 says:

    26-Oct newb 13.45 SUPER MOMENT 1w bfsp
    14.55 PRINCE BISHOP 1w bfsp
    15.30 SAM SHARPE 1w bfsp
    strat 14.10 PHASE SHIFT 0.75w bfsp
    15.55 TOUBAB 0.75w bfsp
    17.05 MEMORY CLOTH 1w bfsp
    aint 16.15 MILANO MAGIC 1w bfsp
    16.50 BAR DE LIGNE 1w bfsp

    Slipped a bit lately but that always happens. My main “system” ROI for the year is 9.9% represented by bets of £27,645 and returns of £30,382.
    Incidently my best angle in terms of ROI (37% for the year) has lost money during T-Factor … that’s just the way it goes!

  186. soccanut1 says:

    27-Oct aint 13.00 RICH FOREVER 0.75w bfsp
    13.30 POWERFUL AMBITION 1w 11/4# gen
    14.40 KINGS GREY 1w bfsp
    15.15 CROWNING JEWEL 1w bfsp
    16.20 BALLY BRAES 1w 9/1 gen
    winc 14.20 MISTER SNOWBALL 0.75w bfsp
    14.55 BRACKLOON HIGH 1w bfsp
    16.35 LADIES DANCING 0.75w bfsp

  187. soccanut1 says:

    Apologies for the recent poor results – unfortunately this does and will happen when looking for bigger prices.

    What I will say is that my REAL method is to combine the big shots with as many (or even more) single figure bets. This results in shallower peaks and troughs and a steady increase throughout the year. Unfortunately the competition doesn’t allow that many bets.

    I spend a lot of time investigating/analysing tipster services from those that provide less than one a week right up to one that gives 50+ a day. There are actually very few that offer over 5 daily tips – however whilst the ROI is lower, in most cases the actual pts profit is higher and the number of consecutive losers is lower. So at one end of the scale, if you are prepared to put £50-100 each on 3 horses a week, you might bet around £10,000 and return 15% or £1500. Obviously I am nearer the other end – say 100 horses a week at £5 a time. This would amount to £25000 over the year but would only require 6% ROI to make the same money as the 15% ROI tipster.

    Bearing in mind what I said in the 2nd paragraph, I’m as positive as I can be that should I be offered a service at the end of this, it will not only be profitable but will avoid long losing runs and retain punter confidence.

    OK – so that’s why I think I should get some votes, but one thing is true of all participants which can’t be said of most of the so called tipsters out there. We ARE Dedicated – we don’t have to pretend we are just to pull in subscribers!

  188. soccanut1 says:

    29-Oct catt 12.50 CAPTAIN JOE* 1w bfsp
    14.20 BECKERMET 1w bfsp
    15.20 DUBARA REEF** 1w bfsp
    yarm 13.10 BILIMBI*** 1w bfsp
    14.10 AL FREEJ 0.75w bfsp
    14.40 SYRIAN PEARL 1w bfsp
    ffos 13.30 MEZZANISI 0.75w bfsp
    14.00 KIMORA 0.5w bfsp

    * eased down when beaten by v. good 1-3 fav last time out (soft)
    ** running on 2nd last time out – extra 2f seems good move
    *** Haggas 2 yr olds tend to improve on 2nd run – 50% strike rate at Yarmouth this year.

  189. pepston says:

    Bang on with Bilimbi and nice e/w Al Freej and Dubara Reef. Your afternotes were verified. Things picking up. Every confidence in you matey and thanks.
    Kind regards, Steve.

  190. soccanut1 says:

    Thanks for that Steve – another Haggas horse today.

  191. soccanut1 says:

    30-Oct nott 14.00 MISTER MARCASITE 0.5w bfsp
    15.05 FLIRTINASKIRT 0.75w bfsp
    16.10 IVY PORT 1w bfsp
    carl 14.10 KNIGHTLY ESCAPADE* 0.75w bfsp
    15.15 MAKHZOON 0.75w bfsp
    kempt 16.35 SOLVANNA 1w bfsp
    17.40 ENFIJAAR** 1w bfsp
    20.10 BYRONESS** 0.75w bfsp

    * has had a chance to come on from tougher race LTO
    ** Suroor horse down in dist-Haggas horse up – prefer the latter
    *** Well backed LTO – down in grade – chance if he can get away quickly

  192. soccanut1 says:

    31-Oct ling 12.50 MAGIC SHOES 0.75w bfsp
    14.20 MIA’S BOY 1w bfsp
    14.50 VALAIS GIRL 0.5w bfsp
    sedg 15.00 GRANARUID* 0.75w bfsp
    strat 14.10 FEARLESS LEADER** 0.5w bfsp
    14.40 STROLLAWAYNOW 0.5w bfsp
    kempt 18.30 MARSHGATE LANE 1w bfsp

    * feasibly weighted – back to winning dist
    ** tall order but trainer does ok here and bottom wt should help

  193. soccanut1 says:

    1-Nov weth 12.40 RUN RUCTIONS RUN 0.75w bfsp
    13.10 RENE LE ROI 0.5w bfsp

    more to follow

  194. soccanut1 says:

    weth 13.40 HARTSIDE 0.5w bfsp
    14.10 NOBLE LEGEND 1w bfsp
    15.55 STITCHED IN TIME* 0.5e/w bfsp
    nmkt 15.05 NEAR TIME 0.75w bfsp
    15.40 SHELFORD 1w bfsp
    uttox 16.05 CUSHEEN BRIDGE 0.5w bfsp

    Rose Dobbin managed 8 wnrs last season and she’s already scored 7 times this season. She won this last year with a horse that failed to make frame in all four of its previous hurdle starts yet won this by 7 lengths.

  195. soccanut1 says:

    2-Nov asc 13.35 MINELLA DEFINITELY* 0.75w 25/1# gen
    15.20 BIG FELLA THANKS 0.5w bfsp
    BLESS THE WINGS 0.75w bfsp
    16.20 SOLSTICE SON 1w bfsp
    nmkt 14.20 PARTY ROYAL 0.75w bfsp
    weth 13.50 PRIMA PORTA 0.75w bfsp
    15.35 HARRY TOPPER 1w bfsp
    16.05 VASCO D’YCY 0.5w bfsp
    ayr 15.45 MISTER STICKLER 1w bfsp

    * Last 2 winning runs suggest he can go further – easy to forgive the 2 defeats in much better company.

  196. soccanut1 says:

    3-Nov hunt 12.45 ETON RAMBLER 1w bfsp
    15.30 ELEGANT OLIVE 1w bfsp
    16.00 YES I WILL 0.75w bfsp
    carl 15.45 JAUNTY JOURNEY 1w bfsp
    RHUM 1w bfsp

    carl 13.00 YORKIST
    hunt 14.20 TROUFION
    0.5 e/w double @ bfsp

    I’ve done this last bet because Troufion’s price has come in.
    If you are unfamiliar with Betfair doubles you need to go to the multiples tab bottom left of the screen. Click on the first horse and then repeat for the second and you’ll be given the option for the double

  197. soccanut1 says:

    4-Nov wolv 14.15 ELUSIVE GOLD 1w bfsp
    15.55 MAPPIN TIME* 0.75w bfsp
    17.55 LOCHIEL 0.75w bfsp
    kempt 13.05 GRAND MARCH 0.5w bfsp
    13.35 NASH POINT** 0.5e/w bfsp
    14.05 VIA SUNDOWN*** 1w bfsp

    * rare a/w runner but did ok here last visit – stable 2nd string
    ** pedigree suggests he’ll be v good at some stage – these odds too good
    *** this horse hasn’t done much wrong and can belie likely odds

  198. soccanut1 says:

    Just seen the voting – thanks to everyone for their support despite the downturn. I’ll say it again – these swings are usual – bank was <50% earlier in the competition.

    Cheers guys!

  199. johnye_pt says:

    Peter, is there any possibility you could add your current bank (and ROI if possible) along with your daily selections? Also, are you (or anyone) taking note of the selections in a spreadsheet? I would be interested to check the results so far, and play around with some numbers.

    • soccanut1 says:

      Hi Johnye

      Starting bank 100pts – currently 802.28pts – ROI 5%. I’ll try to remember to do this. I’d willingly e-mail you my verified spreadsheet for the entire competition but I suggest you ask Matt first.

      I actually hand-write ALL possible selections (T-factor and the rest)on to a spreadsheet – place my bets and then hand-write onto another spreadsheet in course/time order to make checking results easy. Lastly the results go into a cloud based spreadsheet.

      5% roi is still good in that at £20 a point (10 pts/day)you’d make £3500 over a year – it’s all about profit maximisation and simple marginal revenue. I would expect 8-10%, however!


      • Maverick01uk says:

        Hey Pete,
        Keep up the good work with the tips.

        I have just read through the above and it didn’t make sense to me – how could a 700pt increase only be 5% ROI?
        Then it occurred to me – do you mean POUNDS instead of points?

        If it is points, then based on 100pts starting bank @ £20 per point, that would make £2000 – and a 700pt increase in the last 5 months would equate to £14,000 profit.
        If that is the case I will walk away from the comp, vote for you, buy your service, up the stakes a bit and retire early…haha

        But if it should be pounds (£100 starting bank, £700 PROFIT), then, based on a £20 per point stake, your points based profit is only 35pts.

        Can you clarify please?

        Your profit-making and confused pal (not just a competitor) 🙂
        Dean aka Maverick

        • soccanut1 says:

          Hi Dean (and Johnye)

          Course you’re right – s/b 100pts up to 141.29 pts. ROI now 5.36%. I talk simple economics and forget to deduct cost of sales! Rest should make sense – sorry about that!


  200. soccanut1 says:

    5-Nov south 12.40 ACTION FRONT 1w 11/1# sj
    13.10 ABANOAS 0.75w 20/1# gen
    13.40 RUN IT TWICE* 0.75w bfsp
    15.10 SCRIBE** 0.75w bfsp
    exeter 13.50 COOL GEORGE 0.5w bfsp
    14.20 CHILL FACTOR 0.75 bfsp
    15.50 ARKOSE 1w bfsp
    16.20 ROYAL NATIVE 1w bfsp

    * back to more suitable trip
    ** likes it here – forgive last run after a break

  201. soccanut1 says:

    one early one
    6-Nov chep 15.15 SALUT L’AS 0.75w 16/1# gen

  202. soccanut1 says:

    18’s still with 888

  203. soccanut1 says:

    chep 14.40 CARDIGAN ISLAND* 1w bfsp
    nott 14.00 NORSE LIGHT 0.75w bfsp
    warw 12.50 LAUREN’S RUBY 0.75w bfsp
    13.20 TONY DINOZZ0 1w bfsp
    14.50 GOLDEN CALF 0.75w bfsp
    kempt 18.00 SECRET ARCHIVE 0.75w bfsp
    VENUS GRACE 0.75w bfsp

    * has been knocking at the door – worth chancing the going at good price

  204. soccanut1 says:

    Difficult times but we soldier on.

    7-Nov ling 12.20 LLANDANWG 0.75w/0.25p bfsp
    15.20 YOUNG DOTTIE 0.75w bfsp
    15.50 BARNABY BROOK 0.5w bfsp
    towc 14.10 SCALES 1w bfsp
    15.10 WESTAWAY* 1w bfsp
    muss 15.30 BALLYREESODE 0.75w bfsp
    wolv 19.50 CORTON LAD 1w bfsp

    * solid profile – this looks a good placement

  205. soccanut1 says:

    8-Nov muss 14.35 RUNSWICK ROYAL 1w bfsp
    DISCOVERY BAY 1w 6/1# gen
    15.05 CAPELLANUS 1w bfsp
    south 13.40 THAT’S THE DEAL 1w bfsp
    hex 13.20 MOYODE WOOD 1w bfsp
    15.55 MATMATA DE TENDRON* 1w bfsp
    wolv 17.20 WOOLFALL SOVERIEGN 1w bfsp
    20.00 LOYAL N TRUSTED 1w 7/1# fred

    * not known for seasonal debut performance but saves his best for Hexham

  206. soccanut1 says:

    9-Nov winc 13.30 AS I AM 1w bfsp
    KIM TIAN ROAD 0.75w 25/1# gen
    donc 13.50 SAM NOMBULIST 0.75w bfsp

    more to follow

  207. soccanut1 says:

    donc 13.50 RHAMNUS 0.75w bfsp
    15.35 NICOLASCOPERNICUS 1w bfsp
    16.05 MAGGIE PINK 0.75w bfsp
    kelso 14.15 ROLECARR 1w bfsp
    sand 15.05 SWAMPFIRE 1w bfsp

    Martin Hill has done well with KIM TIAN ROAD and it could be a shrewd move to run her further in this race with better opposition.

  208. soccanut1 says:

    10-Nov ffos 12.55 CHILL FACTOR 1w bfsp
    13.25 MILLENARY MAGIC 0.5w bfsp
    15.05 XAARCET 1w bfsp
    m/ras 13.10 TIGER ROLL 0.75w bfsp
    13.40 DANBY’S LEGEND 0.5w bfsp
    THEOLOGY 1w bfsp
    14.15 ITALIAN MASTER 1w bfsp
    14.45 RICK 0.75w bfsp

    bank currently 131.89 – 4% roi (bank started at 100)

  209. soccanut1 says:

    Well pleased with the 32.00 on Betfair for Tiger Roll – makes the bookmakers’12-1 look rather puny. You were on at 32.00 I hope? – only there’s so much “advice” out there to use Best Odds Gtd – doesn’t usually pay with my stuff.

    Cheers Steve

  210. soccanut1 says:

    11-Nov south 13.35 FLICHITY 1w bfsp
    14.05 SPICULAS 1w bfsp
    15.10 NOBLE WITNESS 0.75w bfsp
    carl 12.45 SHOAL BAY DREAMER 0.75w bfsp
    16.00 ROCKY STONE 1w bfsp
    kemp 14.15 HOODED 1w bfsp
    14.50 MAIRISE 0.75w bfsp

  211. soccanut1 says:

    12-Nov sedg 14.50 WALTZ DARLING* 1w bfsp
    hunt 12.40 LISADONAGH HOUSE 0.75w bfsp
    13.40 ALLEZ ZANE 0.50w bfsp
    14.10 MAN OF LEISURE 0.75w bfsp
    15.40 KIBO 1w 7/1# gen
    wolv 16.50 ALHAARTH BEAUTY 1w bfsp
    18.20 EL Mc GLYNN 1w bfsp

    * good performance in better race LTO at this distance

  212. soccanut1 says:

    one early one – odds poss reducing
    13-Nov ex 15.10 CHEMISTRY MASTER 1w 15/2# gen

  213. soccanut1 says:

    ex 13.10 COOL GEORGE 0.75w bfsp
    SEDGMOOR TOP BID 0.5w bfsp
    13.40 ARMENIAN BOY 0.75w bfsp
    ROYAL NATIVE 1w bfsp
    14.40 GINGER’S REFLECTION 0.5w bfsp
    ling 12.30 SUPER DUPLEX 1w bfsp
    16.00 GAELIC SILVER 1w 8/1# pp

    that’s all

  214. soccanut1 says:

    14-Nov south 12.20 EASY DOES IT 0.75w bfsp
    WEST END LAD 0.5w bfsp
    lud 1.30 DRUMGOOLAND 0.75w bfsp

    more to follow

  215. soccanut1 says:

    south 15.50 RAMBO WILL 0.75w bfsp
    lud 14.00 INSIDE DEALER 1w bfsp
    RADUIS BLEU 1w bfsp
    kempt 19.50 THE HAPPY HAMMER 1w bfsp
    FEVER FEW 1w bfsp

    that’s all for today

  216. pepston says:

    Just cannot believe the bad luck wer`e all having since Sunday. So close.

  217. soccanut1 says:

    15-Nov chelt 13.35 SHADOWS LENGTHEN 0.75w bfsp
    14.40 HANDAZAN 0.75w bfsp
    15.50 DRESDEN 0.5w bfsp
    JUST WHEN 0.5w bfsp

    That’s Cheltenham done – more to follow

  218. soccanut1 says:

    ling 11.55 SWEET P 1w bfsp
    newc 12.10 MOSS CLOUD 0.75w bfsp
    13.15 REV UP RUBY 0.75w 20/1# byl/888
    14.15 NORTHERN ACRES 1w bfsp

    that’s all

  219. pepston says:

    Just flamin typical. Sods law. Site meeting so missed em both. Note to self…Get a laptop You idiot. Well impressed Pete but gutted. Does anyone know what BF paid? Break the news gently…sob. Here`s to the weekend. Good luck.

  220. soccanut1 says:

    Thanks you guys- Moss Cloud was 25.31 and Rev up Ruby a surprising 26.22.

    I’ll see if I find a 50+ tomorrow for Steve (it happens to us all!!)

  221. soccanut1 says:

    Better get these across now

    16-Nov ling 11.50 HARTLEBURY* 0.75w bfsp
    12.20 FULL SPEED 0.75w bfsp

  222. soccanut1 says:

    Hi everyone – one last desperate appeal for your votes (especially after yesterday!). Current bank stands at 186.28 form a 100 start. Betting at £10-20 equates to a profit of >£1700. ROI 10%. Remember, with me you can put £20 on a horse and make £300 profit – not the other way round! YOU have total control of your bank. (sorry Karl)

    uttox 13.05 JAT PUNJABI 0.75w bfsp
    chelt 13.50 MONBEG DUDE 1w bfsp
    14.30 CONQUISTO 0.75w bfsp
    GIFT OF DGAB 0.75w bfsp
    15.00 CROSS KENNON 1w bfsp
    weth 15.15 HARTSIDE 1w bfsp

    * more was expected LTO – interesting jockey booking

  223. soccanut1 says:

    17-Nov chelt 13.00 BECAUSE WE CAN 0.75w bfsp
    COURT IN SESSION 0.5w bfsp
    15.15 L’UNIQUE* 0.75w bfsp
    15.50 STORM OF SWORDS 0.75w bfsp
    COGRY 0.5w bfsp
    font 13.15 WESTAWAY 1w 11/2# vc
    13.50 THE CLYDA ROVER 1w bfsp

    * mistake when challenging LTO – Alan King in form

  224. soccanut1 says:

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for your votes – hope I deserved them. Final figures are :-

    Stakes 847.75 Returns 922.03 Profit 74.28 ROI 8.76%

    In monetary terms at £10-20 a bet*, figures are :-

    Stakes £16955 Returns £18441 Profit £1486

    * in tipster terms these are really low stakes – to me they’re realistic

    and I’m happy with £300 a month profit for the competition. If you are, then you know what to do!

    Thanks again – Pete.

    • pepston says:

      Well deserved Pete. I`m happy thank you. You had my vote from the first round mate. I don`t like laying systems nor those systems that are high risk even though are profitable but could blow the bank in one foul swoop. We are engaging in a crossover at the moment from flat to jumps and the early season over sticks is always tricky to predict. I trust that the perameters you employ account for this. Do you have any selections soon?

  225. Maverick01uk says:

    Good luck for the final Pete. It’s well deserved. It will be tight between you and Karl as both services are good.

    Pepston, just out of curiosity, can you let me know what you don’t like about laying systems please? I only ask so I can grasp an idea of if, or how, I can help people learn more about laying. If it’s the high risk, then that’s understandable, but if it’s knowing how to calculate it then that can be taught – it’s what the bookmakers do and you never see a poor bookmaker right?…haha

  226. soccanut1 says:

    Cheers. Dean – see you next year maybe.

  227. soccanut1 says:

    Hi Steve and thanks for your continued support.

    No bets for this week to allow for admin and for competitors who were eliminated to have a vote.

    I don’t do lay bets either. I was a very competitive sportsman in my younger days and that’s partly the reason. Haven’t got time right now to say more -perhaps later

    • pepston says:

      No problem sir. What a fantastic performance by all of you. I was most competetive Pete and, as you said, more to come perhaps later. I just don`t like backing losers though. Finding value is so difficult. Now maybe thats a stupid trait I have grown accustomed to but 30% of these favourites do have a habit of biting you on the arse. Hats off to Dean top man. Bigger wotsits than me. Anyone backing England tonight? Talk soon. Kind regards, Steve.

  228. soccanut1 says:

    Hi Steve

    Following on – one thing about this tricky period is that it can’t be easy to accurately price-up a race with little recent form. This can be to the punter’s advantage because when you combine this with having to negotiate 16 jumps, there’s a good chance of horses falling.

    You might remember ‘Flichity’ on 11/11 13 where it pulled up. Thing is, since its first chase experience back in March ’11 it has never fallen!

    I will often back e/w in a 5 runner race (at v. big odds)because you get paid on 40% of the runners as opposed to 37.5% in an 8 runner race.

    Paid off yesterday coming in 2nd at 71.37 after two of them fell – over 400 had there been 3 fallers – it happens!

    I do temper my bets a little in this period, but I also look for different ones.

    Cheers Pete

  229. pepston says:

    I do take your slant on the horses having little recent form Pete. Your note on e/w backing in a 5 horse race intrigued me. (at v. big odds).
    Due to inexperienced “fallers” one possibly could create a system from this. If it were to occur coupled with backing the outsider in a 3 horse race on a more regular basis of course. How did you obtain 71.37 for “Flichity”?
    I tend to look for runners that have had at least 2 runs this season and there aren`t many this time of year. Class obviously is a factor in my calcs. Nothing below class 4 really. Would you believe I try avoid handicaps because I don`t have the time to work them out!!! Fields of between 8 and 16 runners suits me because I can get e/w odds or a cover bet on 3 places. It seems to work. I wish I had more time to get into the nitty gritty. Call me old school but I do love following you entrepreneurs though. Any new information and advice is always welcome.
    Kind regards, Steve.

    • soccanut1 says:

      Hi Steve

      Flichity was 71.37 at BFSP (409.99 for the win).
      About the handicap thing – I wouldn’t dream of even trying to work them out. You only have to look at the complicated process the British Horseracing Authority go through to allocate an Official Rating to put you off any DIY approach. A quick look at the ratings in the Racing Post can be enough to frank one of my selections. However I do take too long for the number of bets I place and so will be subscribing to a comprehensive database next year.

      Time permitting, I’m always up for questions/info/advice.

  230. pepston says:

    Just seen the results. I appreciate how you must feel. You have many fans now Pete. I could see from the first round of scores mate that Karl`s plan was on a winner. You were always going to be the underdog from then on. Karl`s system failed on a certain day and made a great recovery. It`s now been “tweaked” since its launch today with lower risk to the bank. I wish the guy every success.
    “Never chase bets” is a golden rule in my book so I was never a great subscriber. Your plan did not dissapoint. I would rather be in control of my money. Thank you very much for the returns on my stakes. Try getting 8.76 ROI from a bank since June!!! I wish you every success Pete and hope that we can remain in contact. Your e mail address would be nice as I`m not sure how long Matt is prepared to keep this page open . Mine is I don`t mind sharing this with others should they wish to add or contradict my views. Good luck guys.
    Kind regards, Steve.

  231. soccanut1 says:

    Thanks for that, Steve – Matt has said he might be able to do something with my stuff in the new year. Until then, I’m
    Pete (kicking myself for completely missing My Guardian Angel yesterday).

  232. pepston says:

    Thats great news Pete. I wish you every success in all your aspirations.
    As for Guardian Angel, What a gift. Progressive since last win in June and it seems like it can perform on G/Fm to G/Sft.Should be a good hurdler to follow. Please Mr. Tompins keep it out of handicaps. And nope….I wasn`t on the bugger either. Busy day Monday. Never mind I`m sure our Guardian Angel will save us one day. All the best Pete.
    Kind regards, Steve.

  233. johnye_pt says:

    If Matt doesn’t find a way to use your picks, we will! Maybe a monthly payment, or placing an extra £1 on each bet and sending you the profit @BSP at the end of each profitable month (I like this one better 😉 ). Either way, I’ll most probably join!

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