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It’s time for the last ever column from our Head Reviewer, Peter Philipson, but fear not as we should have a new Head Reviewer in place shortly.

Before that, if you have any final questions for Peter or would simply like to wish him well, you can reach us at


All good things must come to an end

Many of the sayings we use today have evolved over the years and our headline is first credited with an outing in the 14th century…

Now, I have not been writing reviews for Betting Rant and previously MMR for that long(!) but it has been over seven years and what changes we have seen in the betting services market in that time! Many I think for the better.

As was always evident from members’ comments, a large number of the tricks which were tried on an unsuspecting public had already been used elsewhere even before we started reporting on them…

They ranged from false results claims to sob stories that would have been on national television if true and many of those that did publish some results were claiming odds that could not be substantiated.

Do you remember these dodgy characters?

One of the more subtle attempts to pull the wool over our eyes came from Tyler Jordan who offered a horse race win tipping service which looked as though it might have something going for it initially…

But it turned out that the positive comments coming from “members” were in fact Tyler in another guise and he eventually tripped himself up by commenting as if Tyler from a members account!

Some of the names we looked at brought back some bad memories for long standing bettors – I innocently started a review for Colin Davey’s service and found a string of people who had been led up the garden path by him and his schemes. Sadly he is still peddling his rubbish today, having a thicker skin than a rhino.

Of course there have been some positive highlights as well…

I have struck up some lasting friendships with some tipsters – and members – and some of you have even made a few bob from the top 4% of services.

That number is very close to the number of successful punters generally and so should act as a stark warning of the reality of the market place.

We have been a catalyst for full disclosure however and thankfully many of you now realise the importance of looking behind the marketing claptrap.

The worst of the lot

Sadly some members have been the victims of pure fraud…

One member wrote to us about Chris Beek who had taken him for a couple of thousand pounds and asked us to help try and recover this. What a can of worms that opened with the fraud eventually running into the millions and many people involved…

Michelle Roberts (MMR Editor) was threatened with all sorts of legal action by this guy who thought he was clever but in fact was little more than a bully.

He kept trying to re-invent himself but eagle eyed members usually spotted him in days…

The final insult was when he was passing himself off as another tipster and I spoke with him on the phone – he engineered the conversation round to himself claiming he had met him in the past and made various claims which fortuitously I recorded and are now safely in the hands of the police.

The latest scam is the Aspire Racing Syndicate which has already lost 100% of initial investments and unbelievably is asking people for more.

And it’s not just the tipsters…

The bookmakers have become more and more of a problem too – not only are they closing accounts left right and centre but they are using software to spy on the unsuspecting consumer.

They continue to pay lip service to the Gamble Responsibly mantra but in reality do as much as they can get away with to encourage losers to increase their losses and even try to avoid paying winnings to those that have been successful.

What has become apparent is that the betting consumer has very little help to fall back on in the event of trouble. But again hopefully this is changing with more pressure from all sides of the fence…

The Gambling Commission and the FCA are likely to take more notice as the number of problems rises but if you are the victim you must overcome the reluctance to look silly and report these people…

No other service industry would get away with the practices currently perpetrated by the gambling fraternity.

And finally

As you may have gathered from the headline, I am moving to pastures new and so this will be my last email to you.

I have the opportunity to set up a brand new site purely dedicated to reviews and the opportunity could not be allowed to pass.

My thanks to everyone who has supported our endeavours over the years – it has been both fun and rewarding as now and again we have managed to help people recover some cash or even make a profit. It has also been a privilege to be involved in a really worthwhile cause.

Take care.



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