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Product Name:

One Bet Racing

Company Name & Contact Details:

JLC Marketing Ltd
71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden


The standard monthly fee is £25.99, with the first seven-days available as a trial for £1.

Alternatively, there is a quarterly option at £59.99, which saves 23% off the monthly cost. The seven-day trial for a pound is available with this option.

If you want to save over 42% (£131.89) off the cost of 12 monthly subscriptions, there is an annual membership priced at £179.99.

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes. A full, no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee is provided.

What Do You Get?

Daily “through the card” tips for one meeting to be used as you wish, but with a “nap” of the day the main basis of the service. The nap may or may not be from the full card previewed.

Where to Buy:

One Bet Racing Tips

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A starting bank of 50-points is recommended for following the main daily nap bet.

How Much Money Can I Make?

There is conflicting information on the website. On the one hand it claims £124 per month average profit, but then refers to £268.91 total profit since December 2017! Looking at the full listing of results since the service started in December 2017 it would appear that the total profit of £268.91 covers the period up to the end of August 2018. This then equates to an average monthly profit for that period of £29.87 or 1.49 points, as they record results to £20 per point stakes.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

To follow the main service of the daily nap bet will take literally a couple of minutes daily when the email is received. If you wanted to use the other tips in any way, shape or form then that would depend on what you were doing e.g. stop at a winner, place pot etc.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone with Internet connectivity and access to a range of online bookmakers’ accounts.

Value for Money?

One for the end of the review period, but a promising start on this front. With an average of five-points per month profit during the review there is potential value for money here. The scale of the VFM depends on your staking level. At £10 per point stakes the net profit, after the cost of membership at £25.99 per month, was £70.28 for the three months, whilst at £50 per point that figure rises to £663.28.

Quality of Customer Service?

Full email support is provided seven-days a week according to the website. Although I haven’t had to use this during the review so far, I did get timely replies to my emails when setting up the review.


One Bet Racing is part of the BetInfo24 platform and offers daily tips and analysis which combine the main service bet with some wider information which can be utilised in a number of ways.

Running since December 2017 the website claims an average of £124 per month profit (to £20 stakes) in its headline for this service. However, there is some disparity between this claim and other information on the page. The total profit since December 2017 is claimed to be £268.91 which is totally out of line with a £124 per month average.

When I take a look at the full analysis of results since the service started, it appears that the total profit of £268.91 is up to the end of August 2018. At this point that would equate to £29.87 per month average, or 1.49 points based on the £20 per point staking used in the records. At 12th November 2018 (the latest entry on the spreadsheet) the cumulative profit is down to £201.41 (or 10.07 points) at a monthly average of £17.51 (0.875 points).

The recommended starting bank of 50-points has never been troubled in the first year.

The daily email usually arrives between 10:45 and midday, although on occasion it can be later, and one day it arrived at one o’clock in the morning! As well as the email advice there is a member’s area on the website where you can pick up the tips. I have had problems receiving the daily email on a number of occasions, despite “white listing” the email address and taking all reasonable steps to ensure the email gets through.

The members area back up is great but with the relatively wide window of when the email can be expected it does mean you can never be quite certain if the tips are just later that day ot=r the email has failed. You could end up logging on several times before the tips are actually live.

The email itself starts with a review of the previous days racing and then provides “through the card” tips for one of the day’s meetings. The final part of the message is the daily “One Bet” nap and is recommended to £10 stakes, despite £20 being used on the results history.

All of the information in this review relates to the main service of one bet per day. How you choose to use the other tips, if at all, is a matter of choice.

Results – Month 1 (15th October to 14th November 2018)

As I mentioned above, I have had trouble with the emails from this service and I ended up missing the first few days tips before realising that I would need to use the member’s area as a back-up.

Once the review got started it was two steps back, two steps forward to begin with, before a sequence of nine consecutive losers left us facing a bleak first month. The winner that broke the sequence was followed by another loser, but then it all changed. The next six selections all won for a total profit of just under 20 points and left the overall position well in the black. We ended the first month with a void (Chelmsford didn’t pay the electricity bill!!) and a loser, and an overall profit of 11.73 points.

This is an exceptionally good performance for this service, regardless of which of the historic figures we compare it to.

All of the metrics this month were impressive – 39.13% strike rate, 50.98% ROI (Return on Investment) and 23.45% ROC (Return on Capital).

The average odds of all of the selections was 3.58 (c.5/2) and unusually the average odds of the winning selections was higher at 3.75 (11/4).

Results – Month 2 (15th November to 14th December 2018)

Although we ended the second month with a similar profit to the first, the profile of the month was very different, with the longest losing run being four (twice) and the profit spread evenly throughout the period. After starting with two winners the month was never in deficit and we finished with another 10.96 points of profit in the bank. After two months the cumulative profit now stands at 22.69 points from flat one-point stakes.

We had a nice run of four consecutive winners immediately after one of the four bet losing sequences which helped to balance the month out. Overall there were 11 winners from just 25 selections, a very healthy 44% strike rate. The strike rate across both months is now standing at 41.67%.

The average odds of the selections this month was 3.37 (around 9/4), whilst the average odds of the winning selections was almost identical at 3.27.

The Return on Investment (ROI) after two months is now 47.26%, whilst the ROC is 45.37%. After deducting the cost of the service, the net ROI is 32.87% at £10 stakes and 44.14% at £50 stakes. In terms of net cash profit these equate to £174.87 and £1,082.27 respectively.

Results – Month 3 (15th December 2018 to 14th January 2019)

Starting the month with eight losers meant it was always going to be an uphill struggle to match the performance of the previous two months. And so it proved, ending the month with a loss of 7.86 points. The losing sequence was a continuation from the end of the previous month and meant a total losing run of 10 selections, the worst of the review period, was suffered.

Five winners from a total of 24 selections meant the strike rate was about half what it had been in the previous two months. With the average odds of all selections remaining constant around the 9/4 mark (3.24), and the average odds of the winners dropping to 3.03 (2/1), the overall result was always going to suffer.

However, despite the loss in the third period we still ended the review with an overall profit of 14.83 points. The Return on Investment (ROI) for the three months was 20.59%, whilst the ROC was 29.65%. After deducting the cost of the service, the net ROI is 8.81% at £10 stakes and 18.03% at £50 stakes. In terms of net cash profit these equate to £70.28 and £663.28 respectively.

Summary at End of Month 1

Despite the problems with the emails and the confusing data on the website, the first month’s results for One Bet Racing are impressive. Let’s see what happens in the remainder of the review.

Summary at End of Month 2

With just one bet a day and flat one-point win staking the returns are very impressive indeed so far.

Summary at End of Month 3

Overall this was a satisfactory review. Every service will have ups and downs and what is important is the overarching performance. In that respect I have no hesitation in awarding One Bet Racing a solid three-star rating.

You can see the full results from the review period here.


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