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Product Name:

One A Day

Company Name & Contact Details:

Tipping Gurus


This is an annual subscription service which costs just £20 plus VAT = £24 per annum.

Money Back Guarantee:

All Tipping Gurus products come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

What Do You Get?

One football tip per day.

Where to Buy:

One A Day

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

This service has a recommended starting bank of 100-points. However, in reality with just one tip per day at one-point stakes and an historic strike rate around 65% this is probably a little conservative.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The Tipping Gurus’ website shows an average monthly profit of around three-points since February 2019. The return on investment is in excess of 10% for that same period according to their results page.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

This is a minute a day, one bet, flat one-point stake, job done!

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

As with most services nowadays you need to be online to get the best prices, and so a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone with internet connectivity and access to a range of online bookmaker accounts is recommended.

Value for Money?

At just £24 per year (inclusive of VAT) it is hard to see how it can’t be given its profile. However, I don’t want to prejudge so we’ll wait for the end of the three months before reaching a conclusion. Unfortunately, a small loss across the three months of the review make it difficult to give a VFM pass. However, you would need to take into account the benefit that could be derived from the access it affords to other Tipping Guru’s services to reach a conclusion.

Quality of Customer Service?

Tipping Gurus is closely aligned to Tipster Street and offers the same level of customer care and service.


If you want a simple, straightforward football service then this will tick your boxes. As the name implies, there is just one tip a day from the world of football, with most selections being from the 1X2 market. All stakes are one-point to win. It really is that simple!

The daily email generally arrives between 10:30 and 12:30, although not exclusively. As well as the day’s football pick, it also contains free tips from a couple of Tipping Gurus’ other services each day. On a Sunday, One A Day members receive the selections from all of the Tipping Gurus’ services in the daily email.

That really is all there is to say about this service.

As well as the free daily tips and access to all Tipping Gurus’ service’s tips on a Sunday, members can also benefit from reduced membership fees of any of the other tipsters on the platform.

This is an annual subscription service which costs just £24 (including VAT) per annum.

According to the Tipping Gurus’ webpage for this service, the average monthly profit is around three-points, with an ROI of 12% and a strike rate of c.65%.

Results – Month 1 (11th October to 10th November 2019)

The 31 daily tips generated 22 winners this month, a strike rate of almost 71%. This included two runs of seven consecutive winners, but unfortunately there was a run of four consecutive losers towards the end of the period which held back the profit.

The month eventually finished with a profit of 4.54 points, which generated a return on investment (ROI) of 14.65%.

The selections this month had average odds of 1.64 (less than 4/6) and the winning selections were very similar at 1.62. Only Sporting’s win away at Pacos Ferreira was odds against, with Famalicao’s home win over Gil Vicente being at evens, everything else won at odds on.

Results – Month 2 (11th November to 10th December 2019)

The strike rate this month fell to just 53.33% with 16 winners from the 30 selections. The average odds of all of the selections this period was identical to last month and meant that the lower strike rate led to a loss in the period of 3.16 points. We are still in profit after two months, but only to the tune of 1.38 points now.

The return on investment (ROI) after two months is now just 2.26% and if we take into account the nominal cost of membership this drops to 1.6% at £10 per point stakes or 2.13% at £50 per point.

Both the average odds of all selections (1.64) and the average odds of the winning selections (1.62) were identical to last month. The highest winning odds this time around were 1.95 (19/20) when Bordeaux beat Nimes. The highest odds placed this month was evens on Kilmarnock to beat St Johnstone, everything else was odds-on.

Results – Month 3 (11th December 2019 to 10th January 2020)

The strike rate dropped to just 50% (13/26) this month and with average odds for the period being 1.6 the inevitable result was a loss of 5.44 points. This means that the promise of the first month has now been totally wiped out and we end the three month review with an overall loss of 4.06 points.

The biggest winning odds this month were just 1.8 (4/5) on Almere City to beat Roda, the average odds of the winning selections being just 1.58.

Although the loss is far from significant in the grand scheme of things, the selections are such short odds (average 1.63 across the review) that the strike rate needs to be getting on for 70-75% to make consistent profit. With four of the first five tips this month losing and then four of the last five following a similar fate, the chances of getting anywhere close to the required strike rate were limited.

Summary at End of Month 1

The profit, strike rate and ROI this month were all in excess of the historic levels claimed, so that bodes well for the remainder of the review.

Summary at End of Month 2

The strike rate this month was poor in relation to the odds being used and not surprisingly, therefore, resulted in a loss that wiped out c.70% of last month’s profit.

Summary at End of Month 3

We ended with a complete reversal from the promise of the first month and an overall loss of 4.06 points. 


A full analysis of the results from the review can be found here.


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