Is There Money Down The Back Of Your Betting Sofa?

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It’s time for another column from our Head Reviewer, Peter Philipson. Enjoy and, as always, if you have any questions/feedback for Peter or I you can leave a comment on the reviews section of the website or email

You may have forgotten about this…

An email pinged into my inbox recently from a bookie I had forgotten even existed let alone that I had an account with!

It was advising me that they had not heard from me for some time and that unless I checked in with them the funds in my account – £29.20 – would be suspended…

Needless to say I sorted the situation quickly and enjoyed a couple of pints with my neighbour as well.

But this practice is not necessarily universal – a Betting Rant member contacted me to advise that he had discovered by accident that Coral had removed some £200 from his account quoting the dormant account conditions when he queried what had happened.

It appears that in this particular case a change of house address and email had meant that his details with Coral were not up to date but even so it seemed that very little effort was made to contact our member so that he could avoid losing this not insignificant amount.

I tried to obtain information from six major bookmakers on what action they would take in such circumstances and was ignored by all but bet365 who, despite a request to the Press Office, replied via Customer Services who said I should look at the terms and conditions… Coral were among those to not respond.

So there seem to be extremes of the help you are likely to get if you are in such a position and if the Coral approach is adopted by the majority then punters could be losing significant sums in what seem completely unjustified admin charges.

Now that the Gambling Commission insists in bookies keeping your funds in completely ring fenced bank accounts you might think the justification for charges even less…

But you can take some positive action to rescue your forgotten funds and avoid giving the bookies even more profit than they deserve – check out those old emails now before it’s too late.

They are at it again!

A while back I mentioned an offer I apparently ‘could not refuse to sign up for’ which was a free subscription to Sports Betting Alliance who “have their fingers firmly on the pulse… know who is performing and who the best tipsters are”.

What this meant in reality was they would be building up an email list from those who responded to their initial offering and then completely failing to offer anything but spam to those unfortunates.

I have now received 14 “offers” from these people in nearly four months but nothing worth a bean and a complete absence of a response when a question is asked of them.

It looks as though the original responders have now become wise to the game and I have received another invitation to join, this time from Wacky Wagers Betting Systems who seem to be a similar operation to Sports Bet Alliance. Their website does not function and they cannot even get the reply address for their emails correct.

Just ignore anything you may receive from either of these marketing operations and unsubscribe if you have been unlucky enough to get on their mailing list…

And if you continue to get emails from sources where you have unsubscribed then report them as spam – if enough individual reports are made then the email server sending the unwanted content will get blacklisted and the perpetrators will find it much more difficult to send such stuff in future.

Review update

A couple of the recently started reviews seem to think that volume is the main criterion in the selection process – one of them has seen over 350 tips in just one month!

We published our thoughts on the Betfire Football System which are not very positive and indeed I had one member email to ask if I wanted a full lowdown on the author as he considered him to be less than reputable. I am awaiting the detail.

A near five month look at Robert Fraser’s Horse Racing service has ended with a loss being made and an apparent refusal to accept that a section of the tips are not profitable and the much vaunted Alpha Code seems to be a bit of a damp squib, especially in the light of the bookmaker policy changes on affiliate accounts…

Our report on this system will be available shortly but what has really annoyed me is that Streetwise have already sold my name and address to a third party, so perhaps we know why they are not members of the Direct Marketing Association!

The cricket season is all but over so it must be nearly winter! Hopefully some good National Hunt racing to come…


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