Mobile Profit Alert Review

| December 10, 2012 | 11 Replies

They say…

“The very next text message you receive could make you £90″

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Mobile Profit Alert by Craig Summers.

So, what is Mobile Profit Alert? Well, it’s a multi-sport betting service that delivers the recommended bets by text message. The bets will arrive as soon as the author finds any value across a wide range of markets.

We’ve ordered our copy and our review will be along shortly – sign up to our twitter feed to be the first to hear about it.

The price of Mobile Profit Alert is £197 per year and this comes with a 45 day money back guarantee.

If you have any questions, you can contact the support team at:

Agora Lifestyles Ltd
Curzon House,
24 High Street,


Full review of Mobile Profit Alert coming soon…

P.S. While you’re waiting for the review, if you have any experience of this service, please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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Final Review for Mobile Profit Alert.

Every system or service invariably has good and bad parts to it, and this is no exception. The good is the ease of use, the mobile phone text alerts, the clarity of the bets, the suggested bookmakers, the recored odds, and the certainty that you cannot be doing anything wrong – well done and a pat on the back for that. the bad news is the size of bets are minute (usually half a percent of your betting bank) – yes this does sensibly mitigate risk which I guess will be their response when they read this, but it also means that even starting with what I consider a sizeable bank of £1000, bets are in the region of a fiver and when most are odds on anyway, not worth the effort. Yes you could have a bigger betting bank IF you can afford to salt that money away, ring fenced for this purpose and nothing else – I suspect not many of us can afford to do that?

The best bits.

Plenty of winners I suppose but at odds on the majority of the time – we did make a profit at the end of the trial though sorry, it was not enough to cover the costs of the service. I could have bet to a larger bank and the bottom line is they did make a profit (however small!) and if minimalism is your thing, then this could be for you?

But on the negative side…..

Frankly, the idea of putting a £1000 bank to one side to make a profit of less than £4 is laughable – sorry, but this is not for me at this stage – they need to get a little braver, have a few more bets, and increase their profits before I would be seriously interested.


I am sure a lot of work goes in to this service – sadly, it is hardly visible at the customer end. There may well be a very detailed system in place, or an expensive computer programme churning out the suggestions, but with just the one (slightly) odds against selection in the trial period (everything else odds on), I suspect even I could pick out most of the bets suggested so sorry, it is not worth the money.

Full Review

A nice simple service to start my day with as I will receive the various bets and selections directly to my mobile phone as and when there is a bet worth having. As a simple sort of chap that suits me down to the ground and as of today (16th October 2012) we are all systems go!

Saturday 05 December

One football bet on Montpelier to see off Bastia saw a comfortable victory and the bet landed with plenty to spare!

Today’s P/L +£3.27
Overall P/L +£3.89

Wednesday 05 December

Snooker for a change today, and a bet on Mark King to beat young Luca Brecel – it went 4-6 the other way so the bet was sadly lost.

Today’s P/L -£4.93
Overall P/L +£0.62

Friday 30th November

Rugby Union was the sport of choice again today and a successful one as well on the handicap to better the odds.

Today’s P/L +£4.09
Overall P/L +£5.55

Saturday 24th November

A good bet on the handicap Rugby Union saw a win courtesy of Italy who we took at with a 15.5 point head start and who only just lost – profit made!

Today’s P/L +£4.07
Overall P/L +£1.46

Saturday 17th November

One bet and I guess they must be Aston Villa fans as they risked a little on them at +2 on the Asian handicap – oops!

Today’s P/L -£5.01
Overall P/L -£2.61

Saturday 10th November

One bet again this week only on the Rugby Union for a change and on the handicap market – with the bet carefully explained.

Today’s P/L +£4.54
Overall P/L +£2.40

Saturday 3rd November

One bet again this weekend on the Scottish football and this time we did not get it right and made a small loss.

Today’s P/L -£5.01
Overall P/L -£2.14

Saturday 27th October

One bet on the French Rugby Union (successful) and one on the Scottish soccer (unsuccessful) saw a small loss on the day.

Today’s P/L -£0.77
Overall P/L +£2.87

Monday 22nd October

It has been suggested to me to avoid cluttering the website to only report something worth reporting, so from now on “No Bet” days (like today), will be ignored, and I will fill in when a bet actually happens!

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L +£3.64

Sunday 21st October

Our first bet was struck and successful too, so a good start. Sadly, it was a 0.5% bet and as I am working on a bank of £1000 that means a bet of £5 and a profit of £3.64?

Today’s P/L +£3.64
Overall P/L +£3.64

Saturday 20th October

No bets again today but we do have one Sunday, hope its worth waiting for?

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0

Friday 19th October

No bets today but one coming Sunday (not Saturday, sorry).

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0

Thursday 18th October

No bets today but one is in place for Saturday, so we are off and running at last!

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0

Wednesday 17th October

No bets today – sorry again but I can’t report on them if they don’t exist!

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0

Tuesday 16th October

Day one of our new trial and no bets today – sorry.

Today’s P/L 0
Overall P/L 0


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  1. Rob Broadhurst says:

    I was a member of this service quite recently but cancelled my membership before the trial period ended. Basically, there was a problem in receiving the bets to start with (although that was sorted) meaning I missed out on some winning bets. Once I did start to recieve the bets, they were few and far between and, in the main, were odds on bankers that any fool could choose. I took the decision that the cost of the service was unlikely to cover the winnings although my membership period is not what anyone would call sufficient to form a proper, unbiased view!


  2. Kevin Haselden says:

    Cheers Rob. We are hoping to run our review over a 2 month period so we will hopefully get to see what the results are like over a decent period.
    Look out for the full review coming soon!

  3. Francisco23 says:

    I’ve been a member of MPA for two months and my observations are that there are too few bets being offered and those that are have shown to have a low strike rate of success. Overall, I have a loss of -24% over just 22 bets in this period. But I can accept the loss as this has only been over two month period.

    What really rankles is that the service’s primary focus appears to be Scottish League Division 2, yes really, and given the number of sporting events going on around the world, at £200 per year for a subscription, I was expecting a far more frequent and broader sporting coverage than the apparent value bets being offered.

    The bets are also primarily on-the-day events with only a couple of ante-post bets on the Premiership for 2012/13. There is no monthly update newsletter but there is a weekly Monday email to explain the previous weeks failed bets.

    It is not the loss that concerns me just the lack of breadth and depth of service.

    In contrast the Sports Profit Accelerator service from the same Agora camp is similar in nature but does offer a better package for the same price with more ante-post betting via a monthly newsletter publication of 6 to 7 pages. There are slightly more bets than MPA each week, and whilst SPA’s service is again very far from the blown out of proportion marketing spiel as well, in typical Agora style, it does at least make a profit – 24% return on stakes over six months.

    That said, the betting %’s recommended by both MPA and SPA are low at 0.5% stakes showing the service providers have low confidence in their bets long term success rate it would seem.

    I could not recommend MPA, but would recommend SPA.

  4. spazzedup says:

    I cancelled my membership after nearly 60 days, i stopped betting after about a month, i could see which way this was going as the early beta tester strike rates was falling away significantly, the odds-on bets were nothing special and certainly too many away teams were being bet, always a strategy that is dangerous!. Fair play, i got my money back in a cheque, no problem, i could have done much better myself, the bets were nothing special!

  5. Francisco23 says:

    I was kind in my review above but really for a trial I would not waste time with it.

    The “profit” in the alert is a serious misnomer. So, I am cancelling the membership after this weekends two losses out of two.

    Today’s odds on at home Scottish Cup game was a further 0.5% loss.

    Sticking a pin in a fixture list would be more profitable.

  6. Sean Trivass Sean Trivass says:

    Oh dear – if the comments made so far are accurate then reviewing this will not be a lot of fun BUT I believe in giving everyone a fair chance and I will be reviewing this starting tomorrow (16th October) with a clean slate -after all, they may have improved significantly since some of you tried it out (here’s hoping)? Sean

  7. Bigjimmyl says:

    Well I must also agree with the above comments having cancelled my 2 month membership today. I don’t have too much of a problem with the Scottish angle as I have always felt that value lies in less glamorous leagues. However, the results since i signed up have been awful and, despite the author’s apparent confidence (it is money loaned to the bookies etc) I have cancelled my membership. All credit to Agora there were no problems when I phoned and I have been assured the money will arrive in the next 10 days or so. Fingers crossed.

    I will certainly be keeping an eye out on how the trial goes though. Good luck, you may very well need it

  8. Francisco23 says:

    MPA is still coming back to haunt me with a realised loss on a pending NFL bet rearing its very ugly head….a punt on under 5 wins for the season on a particular team already beaten after just 9 games of the season! Yeh, way to go MPA…the 40% loss on bank is now achieved…but still have a couple of pendings out there in the Premiership market so it could get worse still!

    Given the lack of bets advised to the reviewer surely it cannot successfully cover its rather large fee?

  9. bluejohn says:

    I’ve just quit after completing nearly 5 months of following the tips. Very disappointing results, bank is down nearly 50%. On that performance I cannot see any possibility of making up the loss and making bank the £195 subscription. The sad thing is so many of these services start with amazing promotions and hype. This service provides no updates, how goes it etc etc, it is one to avoid. I’ve tried many tipster services and all have led to the ultimate balance passed onto the bookies. How about a service that is subscription free but requires the users to pay the tipster a percentage of winnings.


  10. brunobrooks says:

    Terrible service. Poor tips and hardly any of them. I got a refund a couple of months ago so not too much damage… Although the Colts bet was a killer

    • sjrmacleod says:

      Fully agree. Poor service, I got my money back after a poor trial. The Colts bet summed it up for me. Based purely on the fact they had a rookie quarterback. I watched him in pre-season, something I am sure the MPA guy did not bother to do. He was clearly the real deal. So I bet the opposite to MPA dumb advice. Cashed in very easily.

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