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| June 26, 2018 | 13 Replies

The Q&A will start at 2pm. You can ask questions by leaving a comment below or emailing

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  1. John Criddle says:

    g/day mel, with your long standing expertise in the sport of kings, and your english characteristic trait for patience, can you please explain why our selections are not showing more profit.I know ascot must have been a nightmare for you as i am sure it was for every one, i know we must take losses at times but Mel as a consummate punter with years of experience why are we not showing a lot more profit?
    regards john

  2. Nick Cockerell says:

    Hi Mel.Just a couple
    of questions.I’m a newbie to betting so first question is what does BOG mean?.Secondly I joined your service a few weeks back and get the impression that there are more profit to be had with steeplechase than flat racing. What’s your opion.

    • Mel Gee says:

      Hi Nick
      Good to hear from you.
      BOG is Best Odds Guaranteed, which many Bookmakers offer – Ladbrokes, Hills, VCBet, Bet 365 etc. It means, for example, if you place your bet say @ 3/1 and the returned odds are say 4/1, you get paid at the bigger odds. Always try to use BOG Bookmakers.
      I wouldn’t agree with more profit from steeple chasing than flat racing. I say this as profit will come determined by the horses entered in races I am interested in. One week we may do well from the chasers, and next week from the flat. If 90% of our profit came from chasers -so be it….It doesn’t matter wherer our profit comes from, as long it comes!
      Good luck to us both

  3. John Criddle says:

    Mel,apart from your expertise do you have any contacts in the racing fraternity
    and if so how reliant are you on them?
    regards John

    • Mel Gee says:

      Hi John,
      If you mean by contacts, do I have “inside info”, the answer is no. I know a lot of trainers, owners and jockeys, and in some instances meet socially, but I take no heed of what is being said. Let me say that owners no nothing!(Generally speaking), trainers know how to train horses and jockeys know how to ride horses. I learnt my trade the hard way, burning the midnight oil and failing in my tasks over and again. But I kept learning something and I rely on my own merits to win – a proven knowledge that gets me over the line each year. I am writing articles for Agora under the Betting Rant header to explain more so how I arrived here today. The first article was emailed to Betting Rant Members last week and I have written the next one which I am about to send to Matt. I hope this explains your question?
      Good luck to us both

  4. Graham Cossey says:

    Hi, I can only follow on from John’s comment. I’m showing a small loss from NTR but fully apprecaite that I’m not always available to take all recommendations. I must say however that across a number of services (here and elsewhere) April to June has been a pretty torrid time and the loss I have experienced from NTR is much smaller than from other services thus preserving the allocated betting bank.
    Here’s looking forward to a better second half of 2018.

    • Mel Gee says:

      Hi Graham
      Good to hear from you. The first 6 months has been difficult for many reasons, particularly the rains in the first quarter. That said, with a betting bank in place and rigid discipline, we got through it ok and a profit was made. We have just witnessed the first 12 weeks or so of the flat season and we now have good form to work with and a lot of top class racing ahead of us. That said, I will only invest and advise when I’m confident we ought to get a return. No guessing, no betting for the sake of betting. If you read my reply to John above re the articles I am writing, I hope you will understand more fully where I am coming from. It is possible to win from racing but it’s not easy. Patience and good husbandry normally wins.
      Good luck to us both

  5. John Criddle says:

    Mel, thank you for the response and further insight into your knowledge of the horse racing game. thank you.
    regards john

  6. Mel Gee says:

    To everyone following this Q&A…….
    I am different from most punters and especially most tipsters! I do things different, I do things my way for a reason. I have had the pleasure of writing two articles for Agora and the second of these is about to be published via Matt and his Betting Rant. I would be sure if you are reading this, you are on the email list – please read them as I have tried to explain some why’s and wherefore’s. If you missed the first one, perhaps something got in the way (I think some football matches are on at the moment!), perhaps if you ask, Matt he will re send?
    Good luck to us all

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