Live Q&A With Mel Gee

| January 7, 2019 | 20 Replies

Mel Gee, professional bettor, Nags to Riches tipster and winning racehorse owner will be hosting a live Q&A on this page from midday to 1pm.

You can ask a question be either posting one in the comments below or emailing

So, fire away!


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  1. John Criddle says:

    good evening mel,on your recent saturday selections you stated we were up already this year,ok
    i have been with nags to riches since february and not gained at all and i have stuck with my banking system.i have gained with some of your ‘nearly bets’also an awful lot of occasions there were no bets.i understand where you are coming from through stats etc its just a watching game. i have made more money from your nearly bets than your selections.that i did not pay for,i wanted sound paying bets which i have not had. how do you respond to that.regards

    • Mel Gee says:

      Hi John. Good to hear from you.The service in 2018 made a profit and as you agree, we are ahead in 2019 too. All the results are on the website. The Nearly Bets are there for those who want to make their own decision further to my assessment of a race, and why the horse is a “nearly bet”. I am pleased you are making a profit from them as they should provide a long term profit. For my personal betting, I choose to let them run without my money and I can learn from what happens. The Nags To Riches approach allows for confident bets and the bets that just miss out on full selection – “Nearly Bets”.
      PS. The Nearly Bets are part of the subscription

  2. Mel Gee says:

    Good morning, one and all. Looking forward to hearing from you and sharing views with like minded people.

  3. John Shaw says:

    Why are the results not updated such that the most recent update is never more than the last paid out results?

    • Hi John,

      That’s my fault. Not got around to it after Christmas yet but will do shortly.

      The most recent bet was a profitable one so it has nothing to do with what the actual result was.


    • Mel Gee says:

      Hi John. Matt has answered the question re result updates, and on your behalf, I’ll beat him with a wet copy of the Racing Post when next I see him in two weeks time!

  4. Dawn Lawrence says:

    Hi Mel
    I have to agree with John from early feb to mid Dec with £10 stake total profit of £30.12, thats a long way from the marketing that suggested £500 a weekend. Dont get me wrong i am a realist and did not expect that sort of return on £10 stakes but the figures dont lie.

    For that reason i believe a refund is in order and i will not be renewing my subscription

  5. John Shaw says:

    Since I joined almost a year ago now with a bank of 25 points at £10.00 a point, I am barely in profit (including covering my £97.00 joining fee) – despite, with some exceptions, the fact that I have followed the recommendations provided. (These “some exceptions” include where I did not get to place a bet in time to get the best odds and when I chose not to place a bet because potential returns were not good enough or I was away on business and did not have access to place a bet.) By now I have stopped following your service and will not be renewing a subscription to your service as it has nowhere near matched my expectations.

    • Mel Gee says:

      I am sorry to see you go, John. I have given more betting detail in my reply to Dawn. Think, if you will, before you jump into another service. The grass with this service will turn more green as we go along in 2019, I feel sure.

  6. Mel Gee says:

    I will not manage the above session.

    Just a brief question. Are there times of the year in general, when it is more risky betting?

    Thank you.

    Stewart McGrath

    Hi Stewart.
    It’s never easy knowing a good time or a best time to do a Q&A, and we decided on a lunch time. I am happy to do more in the future so we might get a “best” time for the future.
    The more risky times of the year for betting are “Transition Times”. Transition being the start of new seasons as one Code changes to another. Always remember, we don’t have to bet – let the new season settle in and allow for the form to build.

  7. Mel Gee says:

    Hi Dawn. Matt has answered your comment. I will never, ever, make excuses for falling short, but I have to say we have been dealt some cruel blows since the service started. We have managed to get beaten several times by a nose, head, short head and necks and there is an awful lot of profit left behind in those unlucky results. What I will say too, is that because the profit would not build to where I wanted it to – see above – I kept stakes to modest half points. Had the results gone on our way, I would have had us betting to at least 1 Points using OPM. I suggest a 25 Point Bank to start, and at no point was our Bank under the remotest danger of collapse.

    • Dawn Lawrence says:

      Hi Mel
      I did not make any comment about our bank was in danger of collapse. I kept to your staking plan. My Issue is that bold statements were made in the marketing of the plan that were very misleading and therefore expectations have not been met by a long way.

      • Mel Gee says:

        Hi Dawn. I mentioned the Bank only because the results were not producing as much profit as I would expect as a norm. Even when we kept hitting with near misses, we never tested the Bank, that’s all. Stick with it and I think we’ll get the results as time goes by. Long term, I’m as confident as always of making a profit.

  8. Daniel Renshaw says:

    Hi dawn how do i go about cancelling my subscription as since i have joined i have not understood the system i get emails from agora betting stating i can make more money but its another cost Also the player preformance bet u send i hav3ke no idea on how i put them on so i would like to cancel

  9. John Criddle says:

    mel, there was no mentioned of nearly bets when i subscribed being part of the subscription. and as stated earlier i am not in profit following your recommendations. I did expect a profit but it was not to be. good luck to you for the future, but i will not be renewing, if i could review your results for 2019 then it might draw me back. good luck mel, regards john

    • Mel Gee says:

      Hi John. The nearly bets came a few weeks into the service as it became apparent that some Members wanted more bets beyond what I was advising. I was giving mentions to horses within my assessments but not everybody reads the full write ups so it seemed sensible to give the mentions a more prominent shout. I’m confident of producing profits for 2019.

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