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It’s time for another column from our Head Reviewer, Peter Philipson. Enjoy and, as always, if you have any comments for myself or Peter you can leave a comment on the reviews section of the website or email bettingrant@agorapub.co.uk.

Matt Houghton

Take it to the next level

My piece about the pathetic activities of Titan Bet prompted some response, including a suggestion from one member that we should organise direct action against the bookies on a targeted basis e.g. nobody to bet with Coral indefinitely or on a specific date such as Gold Cup day or an England footy match…

In other words hit them where it hurts the most – their pocket.

It sounds like fun as well so we will explore with others what could be usefully and legally done on this front.

What we need to know is which of the myriad of bookies you think are the ones to be hit?

There is a three question survey here which does not call for any personal details but would help us discover who gives members the most grief.

The next group I would like to target are those who send marketing emails with the heading “A personal message for you” and then proceed to bore us to death with paragraphs of marketing gobbledegook about the latest service or system they want to promote.

Call me old fashioned but if the headline is clearly not true why should I believe anything else that is contained in the email?

For those of you who are technically minded you can set up filters on some email programs that automatically bin incoming mail with certain words included and this is worth doing, not only to save your time but, doubly, annoy the sender who will receive an increased number of no open reports on his stats.

Which bookie should we boycott?

Click here to cast your vote!

The right to bet

There does seem to be some movement in the right direction on this matter which is directly related to the bookmaker issues we highlight…

Recently I spoke with Brian Chappell at Justice for Punters who is leading the fight to get better rights and treatment for UK punters.

We understand that the JFP campaign group met with the UK Gambling Commission for the second time last week to discuss many betting consumer issues including comparing matters as diverse as the ‘gamble responsibly’ message and banning all winners.

Brian, the founder of JFP told us:

“We just want the gambling market to be fair and responsible.

“How is it that the technology used to ban all winning sports punters is not also used to identify people addicted to gambling? It cannot be right that customers are not allowed to win when betting whilst others are allowed to lose everything. This makes the ‘gamble responsibly’ message a joke.

“At present there is no right to bet in the UK so the only people who are effectively given this right are those who lose – sadly for some this will wreck their lives.

“In addition to the Gambling Commission the government are also aware of this but have done nothing.”

In case you have missed this in the past, the technology referred to is software installed by bookies without your knowledge or agreement and which then shares your device behaviour with a third party company that will report on this to its other clients.

The bookies try to mislead you by saying that they install cookies for a better site experience and to prevent fraud but the overwhelming evidence is that they use the information to limit or ban clients who have been successful elsewhere.

The complaints made to the ICO have resulted in some action, for example Coral now make it clear that they will install IESnare on your device but still refer to it as a cookie and do not say what it is really for.

This story has a way to go yet – if you have not taken steps to exclude IESnare from your device (all but mobiles are vulnerable) then you should consider doing so.

The things we do (or don’t) for love

I am indebted to Howard Davis of Betfan who spotted this gem in the Daily Telegraph small ads with an unusual offer:

“My friend has two tickets to the Champions Trophy final for which he paid £250 each but he did not realise it was the same day as his wedding. If you are interested he is looking for someone to take his place at the Sikh Temple Gravesend.

The brides name Gurmit. She is 5ft 4ins and will be wearing a red Lengha. She is also a good cook.”

Certainly made me chuckle but the guy has obviously got his priorities right!

It also made me recall that my good lady had made her own sacrifice to sport on the day we married…

I was a keen football and cricket player and suggested to her that the only convenient date for us to wed was the Saturday between seasons for the sports club. Also we could only take a six day break as there was a match the next Saturday.

She kindly agreed and all went well but I wonder if any members can post their own sacrifices on the website (link) thread? (I have never forgotten the anniversary date either!!)

Review update

Barry Gill has recently posted his results for the Guaranteed Winners service which looks good so far. The only real issue is the lack of support from the author who does not seem able to reply to emails.

There is also an initial look at Rate That Horse which is a stats nerd’s dream, while soccer stats buffs may be interested in the latest software from Kevin at HRR which offers a useful digest of goal related stats from the matches being played over the next 24 hours.

And finally… It could only happen in the UK

Members may have seen the story in the press recently about a charity in Leeds which redistributes unsold supermarket food to deserving cases.

They have helped a great number of people and probably saved the taxpayer millions into the bargain, so to hear that they were being prosecuted by the local authority (who they have saved considerable sums) for breach of food labelling regulation offences seems to be an insult…

No doubt the jobsworth who is behind the prosecution is technically correct but surely a step too far and it could only happen in this country.

What the situation has uncovered is the need for an urgent review of the food labelling regulations and a petition has been started to try and speed up this process…

You can’t help the charity directly on their problem but if you feel able to sign the petition it may stop others suffering the same fate when they are trying to help those in real need.


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