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Today I’m handing over to our Head Reviewer, Chris Sowerby.

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Matt Houghton

Matt Houghton
Betting Rant

The review section of the website is now really beginning to gather momentum…

As well as four new tipsters coming under the spotlight each month you will be able to read month two and month three updates on those already past the initial review. That’s up to 12 new sources of information to help you make the right decisions with your choice of tipsters to follow every month.

And if that isn’t enough, then The Tipster League is coming to the end of its second month of operation. This will not only provide information on the performance of over 120 tipsters for the current month, but also year to date totals as well.

To enhance this service even further we will be adding the exclusive Tipster League index rating for each tipster. This is based on points profit, ROI, staking plans/levels and volatility. This will give a much more rounded assessment of each tipster’s overall performance. You will still be able to sort the data by points profit, ROI, ROC and strike rate as well.

If you haven’t taken a look at The Tipster League yet then head over here and have a look at the information already on there. This will continue to build into an invaluable source of information for anyone looking for a first tipster or additional tipsters to add to a portfolio. You can also follow me on Twitter @betwithchris for regular updates, new tipsters added and more.


Affiliate Links – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Affiliate links are often much maligned and there is good reason for the scepticism of people about their value. But used in the right way and for the right reasons affiliate links, and their associated income to the promotor, can actually be a really good thing.

The big issue with affiliate links stems primarily from the way in which bookmakers’ pay their affiliates…

Although there are two ways in which an affiliate can derive revenue from bookmakers – CPA and revenue share – it is the latter that causes most consternation. For those that are not familiar with affiliate systems let me quickly explain the difference…

CPA (cost per acquisition) is a one-off payment for introducing a new client to a bookmaker.

Revenue share on the other hand is an ongoing payment based on the introduced client’s losses each month, usually around 25-30% of those losses.

Clearly, the big benefit to an affiliate will come from the ongoing income generated from the bookmaker’s gains from a client, especially as the majority of bookmakers ignore winning months for a client so there is no clawback from the affiliate.

This is where it gets very murky indeed…

f you have been introduced to a bookmaker through an affiliate link based on revenue share, then clearly that promotor wants you to lose more so they earn more! So, if that affiliate (in any guise) then sends you information about tipsters, are they likely to be profitable? Unlikely. There is also much written about the practices of some social media tipsters and their link to revenue share income for the same reasons.

This issue is gaining pace rapidly and last September, SkyBet took the unprecedented step of closing their affiliate programme. I expect the pressure to grow further to a point where action will need to be taken by the bookmakers themselves before it is imposed upon them.

So much for “The Ugly”, what about “The Bad”? I’m referring here to affiliate links that come through with no real basis.

We’ve all received them many times from the myriad of mailing lists we end up on, the e-mails that promise life changing riches, the next best thing, risk free profits etc. etc. all accompanied by pictures of fast cars, yachts and attractive women (excuse the sexist nature of that comment but it’s true!)

Now hopefully these are easy to spot as being a scam at some level – if anyone knows a tipster service or system that delivers those types of returns for less than staking in the region of £50,000 a point or more let me know.

But there are also promotions from affiliates of products that are less blasé about their claims but are still peddled without any due diligence being undertaken by the promoter. Maybe “bad” is a tad strong in this context but at best, the affiliate is taking the tipster’s claims at face value and passing them on to you.

So, where can affiliate links be a good thing and add value?

Despite the forgoing comments there are a lot of genuine, good quality tipsters out there, and the best way to spread the word about them is marketing through affiliates…

However, the onus is on the affiliate to carry out their own research, review, proofing of the tipster before promoting them to their own membership and following. This is the case with most of the reputable tipster review sites out there. Indeed, our very own Tipster League relies on affiliate income to finance the time and resources required to carry out the research, collect and collate the data and present the results for the benefit of our followers.

The genuine review sites and reputable affiliates will be more interested in providing you with information and data to support a tipster’s claims, and allow you to make a considered decision, than to openly promote you joining a specific tipster. By using their affiliate link to join a tipster you are effectively funding their ongoing work in bringing you valuable tipster information for free.

So although discretion is required as to when and where an affiliate link might be “good”, they can be invaluable to the tipster, the affiliate and you, if used in the right way.


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