How To Keep Your Betting Accounts Open

| October 28, 2014 | 16 Replies

This is the second in a series of emails I’ll be writing because YOU asked me too.

Thanks very much for sending your requests in – it might take a little while but I’ll do my best to get through them all.

When asking for requests a couple of weeks back, one of the most popular was readers asking for tips on keeping their accounts open and eligible for promotions…

I was pleased with that to be honest as it shows that Betting Rant readers do pretty well overall!

It is a big problem for the profitable bettor however and one that I don’t believe I’ve covered in the Betting Rant before…

So here goes, nine (because I don’t conform, man) top tips for keeping your betting accounts both open AND eligible for promotions:

One – Being a mug punter can be a good thing

If there’s one thing bookies love it’s a mug punter and so if you place bets that they typically associate with mug punters it’s likely that they’ll want to keep you on board.

One thing I do is regularly place outlandish accas with small stakes.

For example, if I have five horses that I’ve decided to back that day, I’ll place my five singles and then chuck in a £1 accumulator…

Sure, it may seem like you’re throwing money away but what’s a couple of quid a week to keep open an account that will regularly toss you generous free bet offers?

As a side note here I think sometimes we all forget that betting should be fun and, let’s face it, whacking a couple of quid on a 500/1 ten team Saturday football acca is fun!

Two – Get stuck into the casino

If there’s one thing bookies love even more than a mug punter it’s a casino punter because, let’s face it, there’s no bigger mug than a casino punter!

Mathematically it’s simply not possible to win long term on casino games and so every now and again (perhaps after a big win), try and set aside a few quid for a couple of spins on the slots or even take advantage of one of their ‘promotions’ with the hideous rollover requirements…

Again, like the accas, if you have regular casino activity on your account it’s unlikely to be shut down and, who knows, you might even get lucky and hit a huge win.

Three – Use as many different bookie accounts as possible

This one’s a complete no brainer really as in addition to spreading around profits, you’ll also be able to take your pick of the best odds if you have accounts everywhere.

And if you’re worried about an influx of marketing emails don’t be – just set up a free Hotmail or Gmail account specifically for betting.

Four – Keep tabs on where you’re winning money

There’s no need to keep an individual spreadsheet for each and every bookie but just pay enough attention so that you have a rough idea of which bookies you seem to be getting a lot of winners with, so that you know which accounts are high risk.

I can’t seem to place a losing bet with Bet Victor for example and so every now and again I’ll blow 20 quid on their Deal Or No Deal game.

Five – Master the art of losing bets

A cheaper alternative to blowing 20 quid on Deal Or No Deal is to place a bet you’re pretty sure will lose and lay it off with Betfair…

Providing you get a close odds match your loss will be negligible (you may even be able to turn a small profit) and providing your bet does actually lose, you’ll keep the bookmaker in question happy.

Six – Betfair is our friend

One of the best things about Betfair Exchange is that they make money from winners so they will never ban you.

Therefore if you are about to place a bet that is likely to arise suspicion (perhaps you’re going to go big on a non-league football match) you should strongly consider placing it on Betfair, even if the odds/commission mean your returns will be slightly worse.

Seven – Arb at your peril

While arbing means guaranteed profits it’s also by far the quickest way to get banned, so if you are going to arb you should…

    a) Make sure it’s worth it (most arbs generally provide very small profits anyway).


    b) Try to stake in whole numbers – nothing arises suspicion more than a bet of £86.73 when you usually stick exactly £20 on everything.

Eight – Take free bet breaks

You’ll not find a bigger advocate of taking advantage of bookie promotions than me and it’s true that if you’re organised you can make a great little income from betting without risking a penny OR arbing.

However, the more promotions you take advantage of – especially if you only use a bookmaker when they have a promotion running – the more chance you have of getting excluded from promotions or even banned altogether.

The solution here is simple – don’t take advantage of all the offers.

Plus, as an added bonus the best offers often go out to the least active customers, so there’s every chance you could ignore a few low value offers which triggers the reward of a high value one.

Nine – Sharing is caring

So, those are my tips but what are yours?

Perhaps you’re a profitable bettor but haven’t been banned anywhere…

Or maybe you even worked for the bookies once upon a time and have first-hand experience of the things they look out for.

If you have any tips at all then share them with the group…

You can leave a comment for everyone to see below.

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  1. languagesareme says:

    Thanks for this advice; there are some things that I would not have thought about.

    Does anyone know how to get a restricted account unrestricted? I’ve been guilty of point 7 and quickly got restricted (but not banned). What I can’t understand is why I was restricted when I was LOSING money regularly with the bookmaker (making my profit on the exchanges).

  2. dilligaf says:

    Adding to #7 – DON’T BET ON OBSCURE MARKETS. Betting on a market from (e.g)Mongolian 3rd Division football to guarantee a profit will get you gubbed very quickly.

  3. Mikeb1 says:

    @languagesareme – I am getting restrictions lifted slowly from skybet, by placing bets up to £5 and doing £1 accas but only occasionally. So far it has cost me less than £30, but it has taken over a year… I still get no bonuses from them and a few other bookmakers, but I get quite a few from others.
    I think what I’m am saying is just chip away at it and if the bookie decides you could be profitable again they will lift some restrictions, but I have never been told and still get some stakes restricted.

    For all, if you need a brilliant spreadsheet to record all your bookies accounts look at:
    It covers just about everything.

  4. Shane Langman says:

    I used to be a successful arber. Didn’t last for long with Bet Victor and Stan James banning me. The others restricted me. Made about 900 quid profit in a month from it. You need to be on the ball and not make typical human errors though.

  5. ericisking says:

    I have about 4 or 5 restricted accounts which I try to use every now and again, but none of them are having it. Not quite sure the ‘chipping away’ approach works for me as some of them won’t even let me have £1 on an odds on shot !

    The strangest one however was Stan James. I had an account with them from 2010 – 2012 and in that time I’d had a few ups and downs and overall was about £250 down in 2 years. Over the course of the last 3 months with them I bagged a few winners and hauled the account back into credit by £225. One day, tried to place a bet (nothing out of the ordinary, no odd pence, no wild variance from usual stakes)and it was rejected. Looked in my email later and found an email from them stating that they would accept no further bets from me and my account would be closed as soon as my last open bet was settled (think it was ante post, can’t remember now)
    I emailed them expecting the usual answer i.e. “we don’t have to tell you anything” but , this is what I got >>>

    “This was a business decision sir, not a personal one. The risk and assessment team have closed this account, because you are beating our prices by 21%.”

    If anyone out there can explain what they meant by that, I’d like to know.
    They offered prices, I took them….. how can I ‘beat’ them by 21% ??

    • I reckon what they probably meant by that was you are beating the start price by 21%. They don’t tend to like that but then they don’t tend to like much!

      I do think there should be an industry standard minimum amount you can win before they’re allowed to ban/restrict you. Even 1k would be an improvement.

      • ericisking says:

        If I was beating sp by 21% by taking the prices they offered, there must be hundreds out there like me.
        If they close all accounts where people take the prices offered they’ll have none left.
        By the way, they’d already taken BOG off my account in the first year, then reinstated it after a few months when I emailed them.

        All these bookies are a law unto themselves. Something needs to be done about it. If a company offers a service and then refuses to provide said service, they should have their license taken away.
        Same as that cake shop that got done for refusing to make a cake for the gay bloke 🙂

  6. soccanut1 says:

    A subject very close to my heart and I do have one more tip which I wasn’t aware of until I tried and managed to get a bit more on once markets had settled.

    I’m severely restricted on those a/cs that I can actually use and two of them seem to relax after all the early steamers have been backed down.

    I would certainly recommend it for new a/cs.

  7. Mark Kirkham says:

    How the hell do the bookies know when you’re arbing anyway? I’ve never done it on a large scale but usually lay on Betfair if possible, or at the very least choose two different bookies for the same market.I take it there’s no obvious industry collaboration where the bookies have access to each other’s customer data.

  8. stuff28 says:

    Make you sure you check your computers for spyware. Bookies are being sneaky with it. I read an article which explained what it is.

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