How To Beat The Slots At Their Own Game

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There are few manmade creations more despicable than a slot machine.

These hunks of metal and plastic are designed to do two things and two things only…

1) Take your money.

2) Create addiction.

Each element is indisputable…

They openly advertise the fact that they take your money with little stickers that say something like ‘the average return from this machine per £100 is £89.70’…

And woe betide the person who ignores that perilous message because once you start you’re immediately subjected to an array of carefully designed lights and sounds that would put Paul McKenna (the hypnotist not the former Preston North End midfielder) to shame.

If you consider the fact that taking cocaine is probably good fun at the time and losing money is never good fun, there’s an argument to say that Class A drugs are a better investment!

And yet, despite everything I’ve just said, I’m a regular player of them.


Because I know when the odds aren’t in their favour and I’m able to act as cold and as calculated as they do.

Know Your Margins

As I’ve already mentioned, slot machines don’t hide their ‘house edge’ and this information is gold dust for us.

Physical slot machines (physical as in those in arcades, pubs etc, not those that will threaten to knock you out) will have stickers on them and for all virtual machines (played online) you should be able to find out the house edge either on the site in question or via this useful website.

While this in itself can’t make us money – as EVERY slot machine and casino game has some sort of house edge – it can push the odds in our favour when combined with another factor.

That factor is special offers.

Now, before you turn off I’m not talking Bonus Bagging style ‘new customer only’ offers here; these are offers that bookmakers fall over themselves to hand out to customers…

In fact on any given week you should find 5-10 of these offers at well-known bookmakers which all give YOU an edge and which are all available to new and EXISTING customers.

These are a mathematical cert

As you should already know it’s absolutely crucial to check the terms and conditions when taking advantage of any special offer…

Yes, I know it’s boring but there’s nothing worse than investing money to qualify for a promotion only to be told that you didn’t actually qualify because you didn’t place the bet while standing on one leg and singing the Danger Mouse theme tune as per term 12.7.

That’s the case for all special offers (checking terms not singing Danger Mouse) but none more so than casino offers where one term in particular will dictate whether the odds are in your favour or the bookmaker’s…

That term is the minimum rollover requirement.

For those new to casino offers, virtually every offer will have a rollover requirement and this is simply the amount of money that you have to wager in order for your bonus to become withdrawable…

So if the bonus is £10 and the offer has a 10x rollover requirement you will have to wager £100 before the bonus money becomes withdrawable.

These requirements can range from the must-take 1x to the frankly ludicrous 150x that I was once offered for a Paddy Power bonus…

Yes, you read that right…

In order to cash in a measly £5 bonus I would have had to wager £750!!

Quite clearly then not all offers are worth taking and many should be avoided just as much as a slot machine in a pub when you’ve had one too many.

However, there are a surprising amount of offers where the odds ARE in your favour.

Coral, for example, regularly run a bet £10, get £10 casino bonus with a 10x rollover requirement with no exclusions on the slots that you use for the rollover.

Let’s do the maths…

To make the offer withdrawable you have to wager £110 in total (the initial 10 plus the rollover 10x)…

You use the Hot Gems slot which has a house edge of 4.01%…

4.01% of £110 = £4.41

£110-£4.41 = £105.59

All of which means that ON AVERAGE every time you take part in this offer you will make a £5.59 profit.

Of course it won’t usually end up exactly like that – sometimes you’ll make £50 and sometimes you’ll lose your tenner before you complete the rollover but in the long term you are mathematically GUARANTEED to win!

These will all make you money

As I say, there are plenty of these types of offers about…

Coral regularly run bet £10 get 10 (10x rollover)…

Stan James run bet £50 get £10 cash (no rollover) every Thursday…

William Hill regularly run £10 risk-free (lose your tenner and get it refunded as cash)…

And there plenty more offers besides.

Typically, anything with a 10x rollover or lower is worth doing but if you’re not sure, just work out the percentages in line with the house edge as I showed you above.

Slot machines are cold, calculated beasts that are designed to slowly bleed you dry but if you play them at their own game they are beatable…

Take advantage of the many regularly occurring special offers, play the percentages and you can do to them exactly what they try to do to you.

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