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Product Name:

Horse Network Tipster

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betting Gods Malta Ltd
Level 5, The Quay
Portomaso Marina
STJ 4015


There are monthly and annual plans available, but no quarterly option at the moment.

The monthly fee is £29 plus VAT where applicable (total of £34.80).

The annual subscription costs £279 plus VAT (£334.80), this is a saving of around 20% over twelve individual monthly payments.

There is a seven-day trial available for £1 (plus the dreaded VAT where applicable!).

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes. 100% guaranteed refund within the first 30 days.

What Do You Get?

Up to ten or more tips each day from all codes of British and Irish racing. Selections are sent by email the evening before racing and also available via the Betting Gods app and in the members’ area of the website.

Where to Buy:

Horse Network Tipster

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A 200-point starting bank is recommended for this service.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The Betting Gods’ website shows an average monthly profit of 34-points since the service began proofing to them in May 2018.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

This is a very active service with anything up to ten or more tips on any given day. That said, they are almost all win singles and so placing the bets is straightforward and shouldn’t take more than 10-15 minutes each evening when the tips are received.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

All of the selections can be placed in the traditional way at your local bookmaker. However, to ensure you get the best prices, a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile device with internet connectivity and access to a range of bookmaker accounts is recommended.

Value for Money?

As always, I’ll defer a final assessment on this element until the conclusion of the three months. An extremely profitable service during the review period, with an ROI of 11.76% (before the cost of membership is taken into account). I am more than happy to award Horse Network Tipster a definite VFM pass based on our review. However, you do need to be comfortable with placing many bets in a day and dealing with long losing sequences.

Quality of Customer Service?

Has the backing of the established Betting Gods platform and all of my communication has been answered quickly and efficiently. There is a “live chat” option for contacting them as well. The Betting Gods app is also very useful for ensuring you don’t miss tips or get them late through e-mail delays.


We’re not given much of an insight into how “Harry” goes about his selection process for the Horse Network Tipster service. We are told, however, that he proofed his service to Betting Gods for a full 12 months from May 2018 before going live as a premium service.

The service is very active with around 250 selections in a month. A “normal” day would consist of anything from four to ten selections, although there have been days with considerably more and, at the other end of the spectrum, days with no bets! An email notification is sent for days when there are no bets recommended.

The vast majority of selections tend to be win singles, although occasional multiples do make an appearance.

The daily email follows the standard Betting Gods format and provides the basic information for each selection – race details, selection, advised stake, advised odds and bookmaker(s) offering that price. There is a profit summary at the end of each day’s email but can be up to 48 hours behind. The email arrives each evening between 19:00 and 21:00 for the next day’s racing. Selections are also available via the Betting Gods’ app and in the members’ area of the website.

Whilst the majority of the selections are one or two-point win singles, there are regular selections with raised stakes of three, four or five-points. However, the average stake per bet remains around 1.5 points.

The stats on the Betting Gods’ website show an average monthly profit of £339.75 to £10 stakes – around 34-points – from a win strike rate of 15.21% and average odds of 22.79 (over 20/1). The ROI (return on investment) is stated as 15.53% since the launch in May 2018.

Results – Month 1 (19th May to 18th June 2019)

The term “rollercoaster” appears quite regularly in the reviews, but seldom has it been as appropriate as it is for the first month of Horse Network Tipster’s review! After a slowish start which saw us sitting on a loss of 15-points, The Names Jock was a raised stake winner (three-points) at 6/1 to bring us back into profit. After a spell of flip-flopping either side of breakeven another raised stake success, Smile A Mile (five-points at 4/1), carried us to a healthy-looking profit. Further winners ensued and by mid-month we were sitting on a 45-point profit. There then followed losing runs of 18 and 17 selections either side of a solitary winner to wipe out the profit and leave us back at minus 14-points! More ups and downs followed that saw the deficit grow to 33-points before yet another raised stake winner – Maygold – four-points at 4/1 – stopped the rot. This still left us at minus 18-points with two days of the period to go. But what a two days!

The penultimate day saw four winners from 11 selections, including two-points at 12/1 on Bumbledom, and a daily profit of 34.5 points. Then the final two runners of the month won at 9/2 (two-points) and 11/1 (one-point) for a daily profit of 14-points and carried us to the final profit for the month of 30.5 points.

It certainly wasn’t dull and there was plenty of action as is the norm with this service. There were 226 selections in total (excluding non-runners) which produced 38 winners for a strike rate of 16.81%, well in line with the historic figures quoted above. With the profit also in line with the historic claims, it was the ROI which fell short of those benchmarks, achieving just 7.96% against the 15.53% quoted in the review.

The average odds were significantly below the 22.79 stated on the website, reaching just under 8/1 at 8.96 this month. This would be a potential factor in the variance on the ROI. The average odds of the winning selections this month was virtually two-points lower still at 7.05 (just over 6/1).

Results – Month 2 (19th June to 18th July 2019)

The momentum of the last two days of last month carried over into this period and a much smoother ride ensued, with profit virtually from the get go. The winners appeared regularly throughout the month, apart from a sequence of 31 losers midway through the period. However, that run came at a point when we were over 100-points in profit. The month eventually finished back over the ton at 105.44 points of profit. Added to last month’s profit we now have a cumulative gain of 135.94 points.

This was a particularly busy month with a total of 356 bets (excluding non-runners). However, the overall strike rate stayed bang in line with the historic average, as 51 winners gave us a rate of 14.33% for this month. The winners ranged from 4/1 (5.0) up to 25/1 (26.0) and averaged out at 8.65 (close to 8/1). The biggest individual return for the month came from the two-point bet on Lucky Icon at 16/1, but there was also a 30-point return from the raised stake bet on Borodin at 10/1.

The ROI (return on investment) this month was 23.64% and means that the cumulative return of 16.4% after two months is now back in line with the historic average. After allowing for the cost of two month’s membership, the net return on investment at £10 per point stakes is 15.43% and at £50 per point 16.2%.

Results – Month 3 (19th July to 18th August 2019)

The least successful of the three months and it took winners at 11/2 and 10/1 from the very last two bets of the period to finally see the month record the third consecutive profit of the review period. With three days of the month remaining we were actually sitting on a loss of over 30-points. But winners at 11/2, 6/1, 6/1, 6/1, 11/2 and 10/1 in the last three days turned the month around. The month had been performing very nicely and was over 50-points in profit until sequences of 31, 25, 25 and 47 consecutive losers threatened to tear the month apart. However, the recovery in the final few days underlines what this service is all about.

The final profit for the month was 10.18 points, which gave us an overall profit for the review period of 146.12 points. 

Although the average odds of all selections was the highest of the review period by some way at over 10/1, the average odds of the winners were very consistent with the previous two months at 8.92 (a tad under 8/1).

The total profit  for the review of 146.12 points came at a return on investment (ROI) of 11.76%. After taking into account the cost of membership, the net ROI is 10.82% at £10 per point stakes or 11.57% at £50 per point.

Summary at End of Month 1

A true rollercoaster of a month, but ultimately a successful one, and one which ratifies a number of the historic stats quoted on the Betting Gods’ website for this tipster.

Results – Month 2 (19th June to 18th July 2019)

Services which use five-point stakes to bolster their headline figures would be crowing from the rooftops about a 100+ point month. So to achieve that with mainly single point stakes and an overall average stake of 1.19 points in the month is certainly impressive. With an ROI of 16.4% over two months as well, this is certainly shaping up into an impressive review.

Results – Month 3 (19th July to 18th August 2019)

This month epitomised the nature of this type of service. Long losing runs, ups and downs and in and out of profit, but ultimately a success. The results are impressive, but you do need to be comfortable with the profile of this type of service. 


A detailed breakdown of all of the results during the review are available here.


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