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Product Name:

High Five

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betfan Limited,
Suite 1, Scotts Place
24 Scotts Road



There are a number of different membership options from every seven days to six months:
£15.00 plus VAT = £18.00 every 7 days
£45.00 plus VAT = £54.00 every 28 days
£126.00 plus VAT = £151.20 every 90 days
£214.00 plus VAT = £256.80 for 6 months

Money Back Guarantee:

No. Betfan’s terms and conditions state that subscriptions are generally non-refundable but that every request for a refund will be reviewed, and if they feel a refund is warranted it will be given.

What Do You Get?

Daily one-point win singles on UK and Irish racing. Between one and ten bets per day, delivered by email the evening before racing.

Where to Buy:

High Five

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A 100-point starting bank is recommended by this service.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The High Five page on the BetFan website claims 246-points profit between January and June 2019, an average of around 41-points per month.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

All selections are one-point win singles, so there is no complicated staking plan or bet type to deal with. Total time will depend on the number of selections on any given day, but no more than 15 minutes should be required even on the busiest of days.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

The standard fare of a laptop, PC, tablet or smart phone with internet connectivity and access to a range of online bookmaker accounts is recommended.

Value for Money?

This will be assessed at the end of the three months. The results during the review period do not amount to a VFM pass.

Quality of Customer Service?

Has the backing and support of the Betfan platform. Requests for support are made via the support ticket system on the website. I have always received a quick and professional response when using the Betfan support system to set up reviews.


We are told that the man behind High Five has over 30-years’ betting experience, although the High Five service has only been on the BetFan platform since January 2019.

“High Five” tells us he spent 11 years learning the ropes through reading, study and talking to other pros. He believes this level of dedication and commitment is paramount in betting successfully, as is discipline and sticking to your betting principles.

High Five provides selections from all codes and grades of racing, with form, ratings and value being the three key components of the selection process. Technology has cut down the workload from when he started out, with his own bespoke software now carrying out the number crunching element of the selection process.

It is refreshing to read “High Five’s” reasons for sharing his selections as he readily describes it as a business, albeit a win-win, as he hopes to help regular punters bet in a professional way.

Selections are sent out the evening before racing, usually between 18:30 and 20:30, and are available on the BetFan app and in the members’ area of the website, as well as via the daily email. The email is in the standard BetFan format which makes it clear and easy to follow. The racing silk colours are a nice touch as well.

All of the tips are win singles and are staked at a flat one-point. There can be anything from one to ten selections on any given day, with four or five being the median.

According to the BetFan website, High Five has made 241.6 points profit between January and June 2019, an average of 41-points per month. There are no figures quoted for return on investment.

Results – Month 1 (26th June to 25th July 2019)

A far from auspicious start to the review with a loss of 34.19 points recorded in the first month.

There were some long losing streaks including one of 18 early in the month and a longest of 32 between 13th and 20th July. There were just 17 winners from the 144 selections that ran, a strike rate of just 11.81%.

The average odds of all the selections in the month was just over 8/1 (9.10), whilst the winning selections averaged just 6.79 (a tad over 11/2).

Results – Month 2 (26th July to 25th August 2019)

Slightly less selections and a higher strike rate (15.38%) than last month meant an all but breakeven performance. The tiny profit of 0.45 of a point was still a net loss after deducting the cost of membership at either £10 or £50 per point stakes though. This month made little inroads into last month’s loss and we are still in deficit to the tune of 33.74 points.

There were three losing sequences of 13 during the period, but nothing approaching the run of 32 losers endured last month.

The average odds of all selections in the month was similar to last month at 9.25 (just over 8/1), whilst the average winning price was half-a-point up at 7.29 (just over 6/1).

Results – Month 3 (26th August to 25th September 2019)

Another slight improvement over the previous months with a profit of 6.1 points. This closes the review at a loss of 27.64 points overall.

The strike rate this month was actually slightly lower than last month from exactly the same number of tips. However, the increased profit came courtesy of an increase in the average odds of the winning selections to over 7/1 (8.03) and less in the way of  Rule 4 deductions. 

There were losing runs of 13, 19 and 30 this month, with the 30 coming at a point when we had just reached over 30-points profit in the period. That point had been reached on the back of two 14/1 winners in four days in the form of Red Inca and Salute The Soldier.

Although this month made a small dent in the overall loss, there is still much to do to rectify the first month’s performance. This month’s profit of 6.1 points is a net profit of just £7 at £10 per point stakes, once you take into account the membership fee. At £50 per point stakes the net monthly gain is £251, but that’s still a deficit of over fifteen hundred pounds over the three months. 

Summary at End of Month 1

Not a great start, but as we know one month neither makes nor breaks a service and we wait to see what level of improvement Month 2 can bring.

Summary at End of Month 2

A far better month than the first month, but still only at breakeven (a net loss after deducting the cost of the subscription).

Summary at End of Month 3

A small victory to close out the review but it still leaves the overall loss in excess of 25-points. This is a long way from the 41-points per month average profit claimed for past performance.


A full list of the results during the review period can be found here.


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