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OK, I’m calling it.

The Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll doesn’t exist.

There’s no such thing and there never was.

Call me an out-of-control bakery addict if you must, but I’ve been out every day this week, trying multiple branches of Greggs, only to draw a blank. Not a sausage. Or not a non-sausage, if we’re being picky.

“We’ve just sold out,” they say.

Or there’s a sign on the wall saying how popular they are and they’re all gone. Which is supposedly why I’ve never actually seen one, and neither has a single person I’ve spoken to.

It’s a marketing stunt. Must be.

If I’m wrong, and you’ve actually managed to get your hands on one, do let me know. Drop me a line to using the subject line ‘I got my mitts on a Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll and pushed it right into my big face hole’.


Fascinating concrete blocks

I read a fascinating thing recently about sound mirrors.

They’re these concave concrete blocks built up and down the coast during the First World War to give early warning of enemy airships. Think a big concrete satellite dish. Kind of.

The idea was for the sound to bounce of the concrete, with the sound mirror’s concave shape concentrating it onto a focal point. Someone would stand there and listen for the sound of an airship’s engine (later on they used microphones), to hear it before it was in visual range.

The Air Ministry carried on building them well into the 1930s. It’s not clear how useful they would have been, especially as aircraft became both faster and quieter.

In the end it didn’t matter. Radar made the sound mirrors obsolete.

However effective they might (or might not) have been, the sound mirrors are testament to humankind’s ingenuity. And to our willingness to take whatever we have at hand and run with it.

In this case, an entire early warning system was based on just some shaped concrete and the distant sound of what may be an enemy engine.

Tortuous analogy alert

Many of us who bet on sports or follow tipsters can, I’m sure, empathise with this spirit.

The information we have to work with is often scrappy. We don’t have access to cutting-edge software or (far more valuable) the people who build it.

And yet, undeterred, we make do.

As I wrote last week, a friend and I have had joy analysing tipster performances and following the ones we like.

This is despite working with a mish-mash of different track records, different ways of recording performance, different ideas of what constitutes “a point”, etc.

It’s all we had, so we cracked on.

But, deep down, we were pining for radar…

A quantum leap forward

I’ve spent the last week or so exploring the track records on Tipstars, the tipster comparison site you may just have heard mention of in recent Betting Rants.

The site is growing all the time (I know Chris and Matt have big plans), but already it’s clear this is a huge leap forward for someone like me, who doesn’t want to analyse form and find my own bets, but doesn’t want to just blindly follow someone else either.

A standout feature is the charts, which show you how a service’s notional betting bank has changed over time, giving you an at-a-glance feel for what it’s like following that tipster.

Imagine you were working on sound mirrors for the Air Ministry in the 1930s, and someone showed you radar. This is like that.

And as time goes on and the track records of those 150+ services grow longer, Tipstars should become an ever more valuable weapon for all of us.

So if you haven’t already, make sure you register and start taking a look round today.

You can register here.


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