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Our “lifestyle” columnist introduces you to a better man than he…

My proudest achievement is also one of the most petty and small minded.

It was the time I popped to the GP surgery round the corner from my flat to book an appointment.

“Hi, I’d like to book an appointment.”

“We can only make appointments on the phone.”

“But… I’m here now.”

“You’ll have to phone up.”


“That’s our policy.”


We looked at each other. I caved in.

“OK, what’s the number?”

I keyed it into my phone as she told me, the almost-smirk of triumph on her face.

The phone rang behind reception. For a split second she looked relieved to have an excuse to stop dealing with me.

Until, of course, she realised it was me who was calling.

She couldn’t be absolutely sure, though, so she had to answer it, just in case.

“Hi, I’d like to book an appointment.”

I got my appointment. But I also go something much better. The sweet, sweet taste of an utterly pointless victory.

I had outwitted another human.

A couple of years ago I met a man whose life revolves around pitting his wits against others and coming out on top.

Unlike me, though, he gets a little more for his trouble than I did that day in the GP’s surgery.

For while I have only the sordid memory of that bureaucratic encounter, this bloke made himself £158,605 last year.

And now he wants to show you how he did it.

Truth be told, my initial impression of him was he seemed a bit cocky.

Not a total gobs***e, you understand. Just very sure of himself.

But as we talked and I learned more about him, it became clear his background and track record more than justified the confidence.

He walked the walked far, far more than he talked the talk. Had a good walk-to-talk ratio, if you will.

You see, this guy cut his teeth as an odds compiler at a very exclusive bookmaker. As you’ll read here, the way this bookie worked meant he couldn’t just set some there-or-thereabouts odds and let the weight of punters’ money move it to where it “should” be.

His odds had to be pinpoint accurate. It was mano a mano stuff, him versus the punter, mind against mind.

Whoever did a better job assessing the odds walked off with cash. I simplify, but that’s the gist of it.

He was good at it. Very good. Despite, arguably, being at something of a disadvantage.

True, he had the data and the training to do cutting edge statistical analysis for every match he priced up…

The problem was, he had to set prices for a range of different markets. The savviest punters target just one or two markets. And they get to pick whether or not they play – only doing so when they spot what they see as a mis-pricing in their favour.

Fast forward to today, and this bloke makes his living as a gamekeeper-turned-poacher.

He knows how to set odds and go toe-to-toe with the most sophisticated betting professionals.

He knows which markets to target – like the ‘twist’ bets that often make him thousands in a single match.

And he’s also got a real skill for explaining his reasoning – which I find gives me confidence to go with him and place the bets (which I’m very glad I’ve been doing – you’ll see why when you see his track record).

Oh, and all this is without me mentioning yet that he’s a thoroughly diamond bloke. I had the pleasure of getting drunk with him on the train to Cheltenham last year (he had a better day of it than me, but then everyone usually does. That’s what I get for socialising with professional gamblers).

Of course, you probably don’t care if he’s Father Christmas or Genghis Khan, so long as he helps you make money (as he’s done for me over the last couple of years).

Join his service today and become one of a select few he sends his tips to.

Don’t believe me? Want to see the evidence for yourself?

Good – I’d say exactly the same if I were in your shoes.

That’s why I’m delighted to see Market Breakers publisher Josh Allen offering not one, but two things that will make this one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make:

1. An ultra-low price to try this out and see first-hand how it works and how much it can make you.

2. An extended guarantee so you can really try this, get a feel for it and decide if it’s for you.

You can buy me a pint when your first ‘twist’ bet comes in.

Get the full details here.

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