Why Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

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I still haven’t quite finalised April’s review list, but already lined up are Glenn Whelan Racing, The Last Waltz, Shane Murphy’s Irish Tips and Golf Forecaster. I recently posted the second month’s update of Racing Exchange which continues to impress. So be sure to visit the reviews section regularly by clicking this link.

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Psychology of Instant Gratification

Humans are hardwired to want things nowIt’s called instant gratification, and it’s a powerful force.

Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfilment without delay – it’s about when you want it, and you want it now!

In most psychological models, humans are believed to act upon the “pleasure principle.” This is basically the driving force that compels us to satisfy our needs, wants, and urges. These can be as basic as the need to breathe, eat, or drink. But they can be as complex as the “need” for the latest piece of technology, an exotic holiday or profit from betting.

When we don’t get fulfilment, our psychological response is anxiety or tension.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting or needing things, experiences, or products in a timely manner. It’s important though to balance our desires with a realistic sense of timing and patience.

Why am I going off into the world of psychology again? Because this concept is so fundamental to successful betting, and successfully following a tipping service that it warrants further comment.

This is a genuine email I received just the other day:

“I’d love to know how this tipster makes *any* [sic] profit.
Not one single sniff in the last 4 days. 
He should be called “Wizard of Bottomless Bank” – Definitely not for the feint-hearted [sic]”

Now this guy definitely wanted some instant gratification!

Let’s just take this apart line by line.

“How he makes any profit” – The tipster in question made 58.1 points profit in his first month proofing to Tipstars in February and was their top ranked tipster for the month. In March he is currently at 33 points profit (as of 26th March). There’s nothing to suggest his historic results are not genuine from what we have proofed thus far, and they show 353 points profit from launch in July 2018 to the end of February 2019.

“Not one single sniff in the last 4 days” – I did find this comment particularly perplexing. The average odds of this tipster are around 16/1 so there are going to be lengthy losing spells, certainly longer than four days! The strike rate of around 17.5% that has delivered the profits quoted means on average just one in six bets will win.

“He should be called ‘Wizard of Bottomless Bank’” – Those of you who follow Tipstars have probably guessed the tipster he was referring to from this comment! The total loss in the four barren days he refers to was 4.5 points. The recommended betting bank is 100 points. Total drawdown 4.5%!!

Unfortunately, this type of email is all too common and only comes about as a result of the psychology of instant gratification.

All too often I have seen members jump ship from a really good service because it has hit a sticky patch, only to miss out on the next upcurve. This is then compounded because they’ll join another service and if the same thing happens, they jump again. The result, lots of losses from following different services, constantly looking for that instant gratification, and a perception that all tipster services are rubbish!

Now it’s often said that patience is a virtue and that is certainly true if you want to benefit from following a tipping service…

Spend some time researching tipsters, find one(s) that suit your betting style and personality traits – if you get anxious during losing runs then following a service with average odds of 16/1 won’t be for you. Find the right fit.

Now set your bank…

Be realistic with what you can afford to lose – even if it’s temporarily – because betting is not a science and it can, unfortunately, all go to sh*t!

But, if you’ve researched properly and selected a tipster or tipsters with good long-term track records then you should be fine. Don’t start from what you want to stake on each bet, if you think you want to put £20 a point on tips and the starting bank is 100 points you need two grand. If you’ve realistically only got £500 then your stakes should be £5 per point. You can always increase your stakes as your bank grows by recalculating each month, quarter or year.

Now follow every tip religiously, don’t try and second guess the tipster and be ready to act when the tips are due. If you’ve done the right due diligence in selecting your tipster(s) then you should be able to commit to being available when the tips are due.

I’m sorry I can’t give you the key to instant gratification, but if you follow the three steps above and stay patient you will be better off than constantly chasing the elusive instant fortune!

Until next time, take care and be patient!


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