Goal Hunter (Trading Strategy)

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Goal Hunter (Trading Strategy)

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One-off payment of £77.00

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What Do You Get?

The Goal Hunter football trading strategy by Jon Roberts and The Football Advisor team in e-book format. Included in the price are three bonus items:
• A passive variation on the strategy for when you can’t watch/monitor the game(s) live
• Trading tracker spreadsheet
• Trading growth plan, including interactive spreadsheet

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Goal Hunter

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

The trading growth plan starts with a bank of 100-points. This can be whatever you are comfortable with in financial terms, for example a £500 starting fund would be applied at £5 per point.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The target from the strategy is ten-points per month, this is then linked to the growth plan.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

The growth plan is built on placing three to five trades per day. The optimum way to use the strategy is to watch/monitor the game so as to be able to react accordingly in line with the strategy guidelines. There is a passive version of the strategy, which is more of a bet strategy, for when live monitoring is not feasible.

In addition to the actual trading phase, there is also the preparation stage in order to identify suitable trading opportunities. The service provides daily trading sheets which provide this information for you (see “Review” below for details and costs).

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A laptop, PC or tablet with internet connectivity, a smartphone will suffice if you are happy working on the smaller screen. Betfair is the main exchange used, but it is also recommended that you also have accounts with Smarkets and Matchbook, for reasons that are explained in the guide.

Value for Money?

If you are looking to enter the world of football trading and want a helping hand to establish your first strategy, then this guide certainly fits the bill. It’s a one-off payment so once you’ve made your first £77 profit it’s paid for itself.

If you sign up for the daily trading sheets (see “Review” below for more details) then the benefit is the time saved in researching suitable matches to trade. The question as to whether or not that constitutes value for money will depend on your valuation of your own time.

Quality of Customer Service?

My communication in setting up this review has been directly with Jon, and I have found his approach to be professional and courteous.


Goal Hunter is a football trading strategy from Jon Roberts and the team at The Football Advisor. The strategy comes in the form of an e-book which takes you through the key statistics to review, the match identification process, price and entry points, staking and what to do when an event occurs in a traded match. There are several different scenarios presented for each potential outcome and they are clearly explained. Screenshots and spreadsheet examples are used sparingly throughout the guide and do add value where used.

Although the e-book runs to 30-pages in total, the Goal Hunter strategy is covered in the first 19 pages. It’s a few minutes read to go through the strategy the first time and get a broad idea of what it’s all about. Then it’s a case of working slowly through the examples, applying the principles to some live data to firstly identify suitable trading opportunities and then to “paper trade” some of the matches so you can get familiar with the techniques involved.

If you are new to trading, and I would suspect the majority of people who purchase this guide will be, or at best will have limited experience, it’s important to spend some time gaining familiarity with the process Jon adopts with the Goal Hunter system. My own experience of trading is limited, but I found that once I’d worked through a few paper-based exercises the principles became clear and I was able to do more without constant reference to the book. That said, it was great to have the information close to hand in the early days.

All in all, I found the match identification process and the implementation of the strategy to be well explained and easy to follow, although mastering it may take a little longer!

As I mentioned above, the full book runs to 30-pages, but the Goal Hunter strategy is covered in just 19 pages. So, what does the rest of the book contain? Well, it contains the three “bonus” items that come with the guide. The first is a passive strategy for when you can’t trade live, for example when an overseas match takes place overnight in your country. The second bonus is a trade growth tracker spreadsheet (there is a link within the guide to download it) and there is an explanation of how to use the tracker in the book. The final section is an explanation of how to use the daily trade tracker spreadsheet which is also provided by way of a link in the book.

One of the key areas in trading successfully is the identification of trading opportunities. The guide clearly explains how to go about identifying suitable matches, but with so much football played around the world it is a time-consuming task to try and cover all of the possibilities. The result is you will focus on a limited number of leagues or countries, which whilst not a bad thing, will limit the opportunities you can find and possibly lead to working with less than optimum opportunities.

As an added extra, Goal Hunter provides a daily trade sheet for members taking up that option. The cost of this service is £37 per month, £167 for six months or £207 for a year. There is a link in the Goal Hunter e-book to subscribe to this service.

Each day’s trading sheet provides a list of the matches with the best value, what price to enter the trade and when to exit. Each sheet covers a full 24-hour period and lists the games in order of kick off time. The email that accompanies each day’s sheet has some useful information on general trading advice, how to use the trading sheet and a key to the information contained in the spreadsheet.

This is an invaluable addition if, like me, you are time poor, and/or you want to ensure you trade the most lucrative opportunities each day.


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