Free Footy Tips VIP (Final Update)

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Product Name:

Free Footy Tips VIP

Company Name & Contact Details:

Big Idea Media

Email contact is via the form at


£4.99 per month or £52 for the full year.

This service is also provided free for life to anyone signing up with one of the bookmaker offers on the site.

Money Back Guarantee:


What Do You Get?

Two singles and a double each day from football around the world, delivered by email and also available on the VIP log in on the website.

Where to Buy:

Get FFT VIP Club

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

No starting bank is mentioned, and no staking is suggested with the tips. For the purposes of the review I have used a 100-point betting bank and one-point stakes on each single and the double.

How Much Money Can I Make?

There are no claims made and no indication of past results. Although the website states that access to the full track record is available when you sign up for the free tips I can’t find the historic results anywhere on the site.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

A few minutes each day when the tips are received.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet access and a range of online bookmaker accounts.

Value for Money?

Cheap and cheerful, but that doesn’t automatically make it value for money. I’ll leave a final verdict until the end of the three months but it hasn’t been a great start. It wasn’t a great start and it wasn’t a great finish. No VFM pass here.

Quality of Customer Service?

Not tested. All contact is via the email form on the “contact us” page of the website.


The VIP area is an extension of the Free Footy Tips site and provides two singles and a double daily from worldwide football. Access to the VIP area costs £4.99 per month or £52 per year, although you can get free lifetime access by signing up to one of the bookmakers’ offers on the site.

As well as the VIP tips you also get the free daily tips, access to the members only “lounge” on Facebook and access to the regular video series “Horsing Around and Talking Balls”. The website claims 10,451 people are signed up for the free footy tips.

The website claims that VIP members get “Access to our in-house football tipsters best bets every day”. Free Footy Tips has been operating since 2008.

There is a sister site – Free Racing Tips – which offers a similar set up to Free Footy Tips but for horseracing, in case you hadn’t gathered!

As well as receiving the tips by email each day, you can access them via the VIP members area of the website. Each selection comes with a write up of the rationale behind the pick and the odds quoted are always Bet365 or Paddy Power’s.

Aside from the VIP selections the other “benefits” of membership are available as a registered subscriber for the free service.

Results – Month 1 (26th November to 25th December 2018)

The VIP tips for the first month of the review were not great. Of the 50 single bets just 14 were successful, a strike rate of 28% at average odds of 3.28 (c.9/4). Both tips were successful on the same day on just one occasion, meaning the strike rate on doubles was just 4%.

Staking one point on each single and one point on each double would have resulted in a loss for the period of 34.29 points.

Unfortunately, there is little else to say on this month’s performance and we will be hoping for a significant improvement in the next two months.

Results – Month 2 (26th December 2018 to 25th January 2019)

This month showed no improvement over the first month and added a further 34.92 points to the cumulative loss. Of the 48 single bets just 8 were successful, a strike rate of 16.67% at average odds of 3.43 (c.5/2). Both tips were successful on the same day on two occasions, meaning a strike rate on doubles 0f just 8.33%.

Cumulatively we are now sitting on a loss of 69.21 points. This comes from a strike rate on the single selections of 22.45%, which is far from acceptable at the odds being played.

Once again there is little else to say as the service failed to deliver for the second month.

Results – Month 3 (26th January to 25th February 2019)

An unwanted hat trick for Free Footy Tips VIP as the third and final month of the review delivered a third thumping loss. Adding the 22.89 points deficit this month to the cumulative total brought forward gives us a final loss for the review period of 92.1 points!

Although the strike rate on the singles rose this month to 35.59%, the average odds of the winning selections fell to 2.83 (c. 7/4). There was just one successful double in the month which paid around 11/2 (6.57).

That, probably mercifully, brings the curtain down on our review of the paid element of Free Footy Tips.

Summary at End of Month 1

The first month offered little incentive to sign up for the VIP service and, although we haven’t been recording the free tips, these are meant to be the “in-house football tipsters best bets”.

Summary at End of Month 2

Unfortunately, this month failed to give any indication that a transformation may be around the corner.

Summary at End of Month 3

As predicted, there was no transformation and we draw the veil over a disappointing three months.


A full list of the results for the trial are available here.


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