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Product Name:

Football Masters

Company Name & Contact Details:


£20 per month or £97 one-off payment for the whole of the 2018/19 season.

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

Weekly (Saturdays/Sundays) correct score football bets for the English Premier League delivered by email.

Where to Buy:

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

No starting bank is mentioned, but the weekly stakes amount to seven points, and we have used a default 100-point bank for the purposes of the review.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The website claims a profit of 200+ points last season.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Around 10 minutes when the tips are received, this can be anytime from lunchtime on Thursday to Saturday midday. However, we have received the email on Thursday afternoon on all but one week, that one arrived on the Friday morning, so there is plenty of time to get the bets on.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

The standard equipment – laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone with internet connectivity and access to a range of online bookmakers – is sufficient. Could also be placed in the bookmaker shops as the prices tend to be more stable than other markets, so speed of action is less important than with horse racing tips for example.

Value for Money?

I will defer a comment on this until the conclusion of the review. However, £20 per month is not an expensive service in the current marketplace and the initial results are promising. With a breakeven review period I am going to sit on the fence and say this service would need a longer look before reaching a firm conclusion. There was enough encouragement to suggest it could work long-term and the style of betting will have long losing runs at times.

Quality of Customer Service?

Not tested, but setting up the review was quick and easy, and my communications were answered in reasonable time.


The Football Masters service is based on correct score bets on English Premier League matches. Each weekend three matches are selected with two correct score predictions for each, occasionally there is one score option for a match in which case the stake is doubled. A total of six points is staked each week on the singles.

In addition, the singles are permed into doubles, with the total number of doubles varying with the singles profile that week. The standard three matches with two options each generates 12 doubles. The doubles are then staked to a total of one point (or as near as possible). So the 12 doubles could be staked as 0.08 points each to give a total of 0.96 points or 0.09 points each to give a total stake of 1.08 points.

If you go to you will only see a single page with just an email sign up for their free tips. In order to access the Premier League correct score page, you need to add the suffix “/premiership-tips-2018-19-br” to the web address. A link from the home page without having to type in the full extension would be an obvious benefit.

Although the website refers to over 200 points profit last season, there is no historic data provided nor any breakdown of current season results. The weekly email does give some brief season stats in summary form. Without the historic data it is difficult to know what the profile of the results is likely to be. Did the claimed 200+ points come consistently over the season or were there significant peaks and troughs?

The website could benefit from some work to make it more informative and to make the Premier League correct score information more accessible.

Results – Month 1 (6th October to 5th November 2018)

Our first month’s review covered four weekends as we had the international break in between. The first weekend drew a blank, losing the full seven points. This was recovered in the second week as one single was landed at 15.0 (14/1). Although week three was another blank, week four saw two singles and a double come home for a total profit of 14.74 points on the weekend.
This left the total profit for the month at 8.78 points, a nice start to the review period.

The ROI (Return on Investment) was a very satisfactory 31.45%, whilst the ROC (Return on Capital) for the month was 8.78%.

For a service using correct scores, the strike rate of 18.18% is very encouraging, and we hope to see this sort of level maintained. However, there is an equal possibility of some longer losing runs due to the types of bets being covered. Although without any historic data to guide us the profile remains a bit of a mystery at the moment. We wait and see how the remainder of the review pans out.

Results – Month 2 (6th November to 5th December 2018)

There were just three weekends with selections in this period as we had another international break. All three weekends though returned a profit, with a single bet winning in each of the first two weeks and then two singles and a double in the third. However, it really was last minute for the double as Liverpool edged out Everton 1-0 in the Merseyside derby with virtually the last kick of the game.

The month saw a total profit of 17.78 points, which when added to last month’s gain gives us a cumulative position of +26.56 points after two months.

The Return on Investment (ROI) was a huge 85.15% this month and overall now stands at an impressive 54.43%. Likewise, ROC (Return on Capital) is a very healthy 26.56% after two months.

Despite my comment at the end of Month 1, the strike rate rose even further this time to 22.22% and now stands at 20% overall.

Results – Month 3 (6th December 2018 to 5th January 2019)

This was the busiest month of the review period as it covered the Christmas and New Year schedule. Of the 30 individual selections only one was successful, resulting in a loss for the period of 26.8 points. This took us back to breakeven for the three months of the review.

The net position (after the cost of membership) for the review period as a whole is a loss of £62.40 at £10 per point stakes.

I am not surprised to see a monthly result like this given the type of bets being used, although it is always difficult when it is the final month of a three-month review period. The first two months give cause for cautious optimism that this service could be profitable in the longer term, and remember you can now continue to monitor the performance at Tipstars to see how it pans out.

Summary at End of Month 1

I’m always keen to see innovative angles and approaches, and this service from Football Masters has my interest. The results have started well, and we wait and see if they can be maintained over a longer period.

Summary at End of Month 2

An even more impressive month to back up the first. However, its time to keep our feet on the ground as regular readers will know my mantra of looking at the long-term performance. That said, you cant help but be impressed by the last two months.

Summary at End of Month 3

A breakeven review period which showed both the potential upsides and the potential losing streaks of a service such as Football Masters. I’m going middle of the road with a 3-star award as there were sufficient positives to suggest longer-term success.


A full breakdown of the results for the review can be found here.


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