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They say…

“European 2011-12 Season – 564.96 Points Profit, Strike Rate 45%

We say…

The latest product that my team will be taking a look at in the coming weeks is Football Lays by Steve Davidson.

So, what is Football Lays? Well, it’s a football betting system based around lay betting that is intended to work for the off season leagues as well as the major European leagues, to inform bets all year round.

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The price of Football Lays is £69.97. There is no money back guarantee available.

If you have any questions you can contact the author directly at

Full review of Football Lays coming soon…

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Full Review

Football Lays is an ebook to download in exe format, so whatever device you are using must have Windows. An important point to remember is that it can only be downloaded to one device. The download process is straightforward, and they supply detailed instructions with screenshots for each stage. The ebook itself is well laid out and easy to understand, with numerous examples of the system in operation.

Now, for descriptive ease I am separating Football Lays into two parts. The first part involves some research online with data freely available, however, if you wish to save time they do offer a subscription service (paid monthly). The second part is done by everyone, whether you pay for the service or not. My experience of Customer Support was very good, so help is at hand if you should need it for any aspect of the system.

As stated before, a staking plan is part of the system so I cannot go into detail on that. They do not make any recommendation on a Betting Bank, it is really down to individual choice, but a ballpark figure would be in the region of 200-300 points.

If you look at the Sales page you will see that it operates on 7 Leagues during the European Season and 4 in what is classed as the Off-Season, hence you can use it all year round. Their results are based on following all the matches in all the Leagues quoted, and so far they have not had a losing month.


Our 4 week trial resulted in a Profit of 64.79 points.

I look on Football Lays as a mini-portfolio. It is an active form of betting that is under your control regarding time management, so you can fit it in to your lifestyle.

Thank you.

Initial Thoughts.

The first thing I would like to say about Football Lays is that the Customer Service they provide gets full marks. I experienced a technical problem with my computer when trying to get up and running with this review, and also sent them questions about the system. In all cases they replied promptly, in detail and couldn’t have been more helpful.

I will be following this system for four weeks, with a week running from Monday to Sunday, starting on Monday 19th November and finishing on Sunday 16th December.

The odds for the bets will be taken from Betfair at least the day before the match, sometimes earlier. Due to moving odds results will vary from person to person using Football Lays. My results do not include the Betfair commission. A staking plan is integral to the system.

Week 4

Week 4 ended with a Profit of 8.97 pts, so the Overall Profit for our trial period is 64.79 pts. I have not deducted any commission as there are various exchange sites out there offering different rates.

Monday 10th
4 Matches
2 Bets
Profit +1.96 pts.
Overall P/L
Profit 57.78 pts.

Tuesday 11th
4 Matches
2 Bets
Loss -4.42 pts.
Overall P/L
Profit 53.36 pts.

Wednesday 12th
6 Matches
2 Bets
Loss -4.15
Overall P/L
Profit 49.21 pts.

Friday 14th
3 Matches
2 Bets
Profit +3.64 pts.
Overall P/L
Profit 52.85 pts.

Saturday 15th
39 Matches
13 Bets
Profit +4.12 pts.
Overall P/L
Profit 56.97 pts

Sunday 16th
23 Matches
13 Bets
Profit +7.82 pts.
Overall P/L
Profit 64.79 pts.

Week 4 Totals
6 Betting Days
79 Matches
34 Bets
Total Profit for Week 4
Profit +8.97 pts.

Week Three

Another profitable week for Football Lays, with a profit of 16.81 pts. and an Overall Profit of 55.82pts. We applied the system to 7 Leagues and 68 Matches, resulting in a total of 20 bets over 4 days of betting. A detailed breakdown is given below. This weekend threw up a couple of good examples of how the results can vary from person to person using the system. There were two matches which using my parameters, ie. taking odds at least the day before the match, did not qualify as bets. However, by the day of the matches the odds had moved so much that they would then have been active bets. Win or lose, you can see how the results would be different.

Monday 3rd
2 Matches
1 Bet
Loss -1.12
Overall P/L
Profit 37.89 pts.

Friday 7th
5 Matches
1 Bet
Profit +4
Overall P/L
Profit 41.89 pts.

Saturday 8th
43 Matches
14 Bets
Profit +6.98 pts
Overall P/L
Profit 48.87 pts.

Sunday 9th
18 matches
4 Bets
Profit +6.96 pts.
Overall P/L
Profit 55.82 pts.

Week Three Totals
68 Matches
20 Bets
4 Days of Betting
P/L for the Week
Profit 16.81 pts.

Results of Week Two

We applied the Football Lays System to the same 8 Leagues as last week, that is a total of 114 Matches, resulting in 38 Bets over 6 Betting Days. The Profit for the week is 30.73 points, and our Overall Profit now stands at 39.01 points. A breakdown of the bets is given below.

A poster asked me some questions about the system last week, however the only thing I can add at the moment is that we are laying the favoured team in certain matches. I have given the daily P/L and overall P/L, but cannot reveal too much detail about how the system works or the actual bets. Thank you.

Monday 26th
3 Matches
1 Bet
Profit +3 pts.

Tuesday 27th
18 Matches
4 Bets
Profit +10.57 pts.

Wednesday 28th
15 Matches
9 Bets
Loss -5.81 pts.

Overall P/L
Profit 16.04 pts

Friday 30th
6 Matches
1 Bet
Profit 3 pts.

Saturday 1st December
40 Matches
13 Bets
Profit 22.4 pts.

Sunday 2nd
32 Matches
10 Bets
Loss -2.43 pts.

Overall P/L
Profit 39.01 pts.

Results of Week One

Last week we applied the Football Lays system to 8 Leagues; the 7 European Leagues as detailed on their Sales Page, and Brazil, which is one of the Off-Season Leagues but still had matches being played. There were 77 matches resulting in 28 bets over 4 days of betting, and a total profit of 8.28 points for the week. The detailed results are below.

Monday 19th November
1 Match
1 Bet
Loss -3.1 pts.

Friday 23rd November
4 Matches
1 Bet
Loss -0.92 pts.

Saturday 24th November
40 Matches
17 Bets
Profit +0.54 pts.

Sunday 25th November
32 Matches
9 Bets
Profit +11.76 pts.

Totals for Week One
77 matches
28 Bets
Profit +8.28 pts.


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  1. Peter Williams says:

    Can you give us some idea of how the system works, what market(s) are being lated, how long it takes to find selections, the actual bets you are placing along with a daily P/L (when there are selections) and a total P/L.


  2. skorpula says:

    Can You write which games you played at sunday 9th ? I also played 4 games, but my result is +0,50 points.

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