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Product Name:

Football Acca Tips

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Just £9.99 per month, with a 7-day free trial period to start.

Currently there is an option to purchase a full season pass for just £25, click here for details. This offer ends at the end of September 2018.

Money Back Guarantee:

The standard Clickbank 60-day money back guarantee applies if using this payment method. No mention made elsewhere but logic would dictate that if it’s available for one option it will be mirrored on all other options.

What Do You Get?

Football tips on the English Premier League from singles to acca’s, covering a multitude of markets including match result, both teams to score, anytime goal scorer, match result + BTTS etc.

Where to Buy:

Football Acca Tips

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

No mention of a recommended starting bank so we’ve gone with the default 100-point bank, but given the staking plan used this might be a little conservative.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No claims made and no historic profit and loss details provided, just current year results to date.

How Much time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Just minutes on days when tips are received.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone with internet connection and access to online bookmaker accounts.

Value for Money?

£9.99 per month (or £25 for the whole 2018/19 season if you get in before the end of September) is loose change in today’s market, but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s value for money. The first month’s returns are excellent, but I’ll defer a final verdict until the end of three months as always. Although Football ACCA Tips failed to build on the excellent results from the first month, with a breakeven and small loss following, the overall profit of 21.79 points does suggest VFM at the low purchase price.

Quality of Customer Service?

Andy undertakes to answer all e-mails within 48-hours, but hopefully quicker. I have dealt with Andy many times over the years and always had a timely response and any questions have been answered first time.


Football Acca Tips is a service run by Andy Thompson and has been going for over four years now. I first came across this service in its infancy and have seen it grow and develop over the years. It’s always been a no thrills service and focuses purely on Andy’s football knowledge and ability to pick out the odd “bombshell”. In the first season I followed Andy’s tips he put up a 280/1 scorecast on Sunderland v Man City and it came in, giving me my biggest priced single ever.

Over the last couple of years the service has focussed in on purely Premier League selections, and this emphasis has allowed Andy to develop an even deeper understanding of this league rather than trying to be a “jack of all leagues”!

Selections are sent by e-mail either the day before matches or early on the morning of matches, with plenty of time to get the bets on. As well as the e-mail notification, members get access to a restricted area of the website where they can pick up the tips and any other member only content.

Selections come from a multitude of markets, anything from match result to anytime scorer to match result + BTTS etc. On days when there are multiple fixtures Andy will usually tip a “match of the day” for single bets and then have one or more small-staked accas at bigger prices. There is advice on the website to be prepared to cash out on the very big priced accas to secure a profit rather than risk everything – but this is a personal choice and results are recorded to the final outcome.

The e-mail is clear and easy to follow, sometimes there will be a little bit of analysis behind a selection but more often it will be purely the selections themselves. Staking is given in pounds, but I have converted this to points for the purposes of the review using 1 point = £10, you can then apply your own staking preference to the results.

Personally, I would like to see some historic information on performance on the web site to give some context to the service. But ultimately what you get with Football Acca Tips is a no thrills service that has the potential to deliver good profits from low stakes.

Results – Month 1 (10th August to 9th September 2018)

The start of the review period coincided with the first day of the new Premier League season and started with a win for Man Utd at home to Leicester. Not the most inspiring tip but a winner and the lowest priced selection of the month at just 1.57 (just over 1/2), and also the only two-point bet of the period. Over the rest of the month we saw selections up to 435/1 for a match result and both teams to score fourfold, which unfortunately didn’t win! The average odds of the tips, including multiples, was 30.03 (29/1).

Of the 30 individual bets, 12 were winners to give a strike rate of 40%. Exactly half of the bets were singles (at average odds of 6.07 or 5/1) and of those nine were successful (60%) and delivered 12.89 points of profit.

Of the 15 multiple, or acca, selections three won, a strike rate of 20%. However, this included a match result and both teams to score treble which returned over 85/1! This ensured that the acca side of the service also delivered a profit for the month, in this case 11.65 points.

Overall, we saw a combined profit of 24.54 points from the service this month at an ROI (Return on Investment) of 141.84% and a Return on Capital (ROC) of 24.54%.

The average stake on singles was just 0.89 points and on multiples just 0.26 points, hence the impressive ROI figure.

Results – Month 2 (10th September to 9th October 2018)

If the first month was a flowing home win, then Month 2 was definitely a hard-fought goalless draw away from home. The profit brought forward from the excellent first month was defended with a breakeven performance, mainly thanks to Bournemouth’s brilliant start to the PL season. Having set the month on its way with a BTTS (both teams to score) win against Leicester, this result was also included in a treble with Liverpool and Arsenal to also have BTTS wins, and it came home at 62/1, albeit that Andy’s careful staking meant this was just a 0.1 point bet. The month meandered on a bit of a downward trail after that until Bournemouth popped up with another BTTS win, this time against Leicester at odds of 4.2. That proved to be the final success of the month as the PL headed towards another International Break and left the overall profit for the month at just 0.08 points. The cumulative profit now sits at 24.61 points.

The excellent strike rates from Month 1 were not maintained this time around and the overall rate of 17.5% was less than half the previous month. Unlike Month 1, the singles this time delivered a loss of 3.83 points. There were 26 single bets from the 40 total bets this period, and six were winners. The 14 multiple bets only delivered one winner, but it was the match result and BTTS treble at 62/1, so overall the multiples delivered a combined profit of 3.9 points.

The staking remained cautious this month, with the average stake on singles being just 0.68 points and on multiples 0.17 points. This does mean that the cumulative profit from the two months to date of 24.61 points, has been amassed at an ROI (Return on Investment) of 65.99%.

Results – Month 3 (10th October to 9th November 2018)

It was a slow start to the first weekend after the international break until the Monday night game saw Arsenal land the win plus BTTS at 7/4 (2.75). Despite Bournemouth providing another return, the next week ultimately lost almost 3.5 points. The final weekend of the review included a lovely match result plus BTTS double which paid just over 6/1 (7.15), but this wasn’t enough for anything more than a tiny profit on the week. Overall, the final month of the review lost just under three points.

The final tally for the three-months of the review was a tidy profit of 21.79 points. This was a Return on Investment (ROI) of 39.05% overall, and a Return on Capital (ROC) of 21.79%, both of which are extremely acceptable levels.

The staking on this service is very cautious, hence the high ROI figure. In the last month of the review we saw average stakes on the single bets of 0.91 points, and on the multiples it was just 0.24 points. 

At £10 per point stakes, the three months of the review generated a net profit of £187.93 after the cost of the subscription, at £50 per point the net return is £1,059.53.

Summary at End of Month 1

An impressive start to the review period with almost 25-points profit from low stakes. Even at £10 per point stakes you would have cleared over £235 profit after the monthly subscription fee.

Summary at End of Month 2

The cautious staking approach means that just 37.3 points have been staked in total across the two months so far, with a return in that period of 24.61 points, a near 66% ROI. I’m looking forward to seeing how the review finishes in Month 3.

Summary at End of Month 3

Football ACCA Tips has plenty going for it – it’s cheap, it’s low stakes/low risk and it’s profitable. I have no hesitation in awarding a four-star rating to this service.

The full results of the review period so far can be found here.


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