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Flat Selections (2018 Part Two)

| August 24, 2018 | 27 Replies

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Category: SYD Summer Selections

Comments (27)

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  1. John Mccrory says:

    Miles, received this as a notification but no horses?

  2. John Mccrory says:

    Ignore above just seen your note in the Part 1 section.



  3. David Helliwell says:

    Hi Cannot see Part 1 in Flat selections for Saturday. Is this correct?

  4. John Criddle says:

    g/day miles, looking for part one?can you assist. regards john

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      Morning John, it’s just a new page because the previous one reached capacity- just 2 selections for today and all for the rest of the season will be here.

  5. John Criddle says:

    miles, thankyou for that, regards john

  6. John Criddle says:

    good day at the races miles, keep those winners coming you beauty. regards john

  7. John Criddle says:

    g/day, matt/ miles, matt profitable selections for the football yesterday evening keep them coming, also are your tip and mix on this site or is it just an e-mail? miles couple of excellent selections at the races yesterday, keep those bookies trembling. regards john

  8. John Seaman says:

    Miles, you don’t say which horse for Friday’s 4 o’clock at Wolverhampton, but presumably it’s Fairway To Heaven which you talk about in the reasoning. Also most bookies are offering 13/2 on this horse (at the time of writing).


  9. Kieran Hagan says:

    Right now, Skybet are offering 8/11 on Kodicat to place at 4 places. That seems like a cracking bet given your analysis?

  10. Anthony Joyce says:

    Excellent results today again Miles and even better if not restricted by bet 365. Even so brilliant day. Thanks again Anthony Joyce

  11. John Mccrory says:

    Hey Miles, have a great break

  12. Anthony Joyce says:

    I personally think you are being a bit hard on your figures marking them as losers. I know I got paid out on all the places but anyone who uses your service will know you don’t need to try to make your figures look good. We were certainly not far away from some good profits and the service is showing a healthy profit up to now. Kind regards.
    Anthony Joyce

    • Miles Tredwell says:

      That’s nice of you to say that, Anthony, thank-you. I suppose my thinking is that, with my punter’s hat on, it’s a bug bear when services’ figures can’t be replicated and unfortunately the bookies who tend to be the most generous with extra places also tend to be the quickest to restrict.

  13. Robert Bille says:

    Only just come across this but thought I’d bring it to everyone’s attention… On a lot of races, Bet365 offer an “each way extra” found in the tab next to “fixed odds”; it doesn’t apply to all races so you’ll need to look out for it. I use it when Miles tips up a horse at say 25-1, in some cases you can get up to 10 places in big field events. Obviously the odds are reduced according to whether you’re looking for 6 places where the selection’s odds might be18-1 or 8 places where you might be offered 14-1. Just another betting angle!!

  14. Robert Bille says:

    Case in point, today’s 5.30 Kempton… Miles’ tip Sweet and Dandy was 20-1 with Bet365 for 3 places; I took 16-1 for 5 places… I find it just gives you a little more chance of a return!

  15. John Criddle says:

    miles, g/day, is the forcast/tricast any order or 1/2 3rd?
    regards john

  16. Miles Tredwell says:

    Hi John,
    Just resent you a previous email that goes into more detail.

    Forecast= 1st and 2nd
    Tricast= 1st, 2nd and 3rd

    Three horses and we want all combinations covered for both Forecast and Tricast.

  17. John Criddle says:

    miles, thank you for that, but the old brain cells are not what they use to be, you must have an excellent memory as it must be 6 months or more since you sent that e-mail. again thanks. regards john

  18. John Mccrory says:

    Bad day at the races….:-(

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