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| March 28, 2017 | 7 Replies

It’s time for another column from our Head Reviewer, Peter Philipson. Enjoy and, as always, if you have any comments for myself or Peter you can leave a comment on the reviews section of the website or email bettingrant@agoarpub.co.uk.

Matt Houghton

A warning, a utility, a revisit and an alert

A few things to tell you about today starting with a warning about some very unfriendly recycling!

A publisher with a poor reputation for both the products, its back up service and refusal to honour refunds is Lombard Publishing.

A check on the review threads will give you a good feel for their type of operation and I am indebted to Betting Rant member Martin for alerting me to their latest offering…

Called Home Profit Trader it appears to be a complete rehash of Morning Cash Trader and the price has increased to £67.

As the review for the original product show it was less than successful and the claims made could not be substantiated members should take care not to fall for the promotion and might do well to get their names removed from the Lombard mailing list to avoid the need to see their products in future.

Years in the making…

At the end of 2015 we were approached at More Money Review by a system developer who wanted us to check out his win only horse race betting service and, after some fine tuning and time spent developing a suitable bot for the service to use, it is now all but ready for launch.

Called DataKings the service has a high strike rate and excellent return on investment but is also groundbreaking in that it runs automatically once you have entered the specific races that may have qualifiers each day.

A thread page has been published here giving the proofed results and I know Matt is very excited about the prospects for members.

Useful utilities

Yesterday I wanted to try to trade out of a race should I have achieved a specific profit and it was quite easy to do this using a trading bot I run called Fairbot.

Geeks Toy or Bet Angel would have been equally adept at achieving the necessary bet but I know many of you do not run bots of any type and so have to scratch your heads to work out the appropriate stake and odds (or both) and of course as one moves so does the other.

Well there are quite a number of betting calculators available but a couple really make the type of calculation mentioned above very easy.

They are Betfair Calculator from John Winstanley and the Back/Lay Betting Calculator and they should certainly save some head scratching.

Bag your bonuses

I first looked at the daddy of matched betting products in 2011 when there were fewer bookies around and the spectre of closed and limited accounts was much smaller.

A lot of copy cat services have emerged since then and creator of the daddy, Mike Cruickshank, has also developed a number of follow up products, most of which have been successful.

But what if you are new to the game or only have a couple of bookie accounts?

Why not try Bonus Bagging to build up a betting bank at the bookies expense?

Well, I have been approached by a family member to help them work through the process and will shortly put up a thread page for Bonus Bagging 2017 and report each month on how things are progressing.

We are working on a starting bank of £350 – should be fun!


My thanks to those of you who responded to our request for thoughts on betting bots…

I have not been able to respond to all as yet but rest assured that I will do so – there are some very constructive and thought provoking ideas, so thanks again.

In the meantime the author of Little Acorns has just released a new footy service and we shall be looking at that alongside a VPS specially set up for betting aficionados and a training course for scalping on Betfair…

Until the next time take care.

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  1. Peter Philipson says:

    I have just been advised that the BBC You and Yours programme is broadcasting an expose on the bookmakers and their spying activities today 5 April. It is on Radio 4 at 12.15 with yours truly making a contribution.
    If you can tune in please do as it will help to build the pressure on the industry charlatans.

  2. Maynard says:

    Hi Peter – only just got in – missed the broadcast. Do you have a “replay” link?

  3. Peter Philipson says:

    Hi Andrew – it is available on podcast now at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08ksccg
    First feature on the programme.

  4. Maynard says:

    Thanks Peter – I’ve just listened. Hopefully the bookies won’t be able to rely on the “No business can be forced to accept a customer” argument.

  5. Peter Philipson says:

    Indeed. The “right to bet” argument is gathering weight too and the Australians are forcing UK bookies who want to operate there to abide by their rules which include a basic level of bet must be available to all.

  6. stewardsenquiry says:

    Shame we can’t all sign up to Aussie bookies and use them over here. That would light a firework and put it up the arse of the UK bookies for sure.

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