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Product Name:

Elite Tipping Service

Company Name & Contact Details:

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd
Innovation Way
South Yorkshire
S75 1JL

01302 429299



£40 per month or £90 per quarter.

First month available at £20.

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

Daily win single bets on British horseracing delivered by email around 10:00 each morning.

Where to Buy:

Elite Tipping Service

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A bank of 50-points is recommended by this service.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The results spreadsheet on the Sportsworld webpage for Elite Tipping Service shows 165 points profit between 1st January 2019 and 30th September 2019. Although January to March are shown as monthly totals only and not individual selections. This equates to around 18 points profit per month on average.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

There are between one and four win singles each day with the average being around two. Simple one-point to win staking means it’s a matter of a couple of minutes to follow this service each day.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection and access to a range of online bookmaker accounts. You could follow this service the traditional way by placing your bets at the local bookmakers, but with the usual caveat around not always being able to get the best prices.

Value for Money?

One for the end of the review period.

Quality of Customer Service?

Sportsworld Publishing Ltd has a track record spanning 25 years in the industry, so their customer care should be first class. They offer both telephone and email support.

Although I haven’t had to contact customer support during the trial to date, I have had contact with their management whilst setting up the reviews and found their approach to be professional and courteous at all times, with a timely response to any communication from me.


Colin Leafe’s Elite Tipping Service is based on a system he first used 20-years ago. Following a review of the system Colin found it worked as well today as it had two decades ago. After a thorough trial period with Sportsworld Publishing the service was launched to the paying public on 1st September 2019.

The system generates win singles on British racing and averages two selections per day. On any day though there can be up to four selections, with occasional “no bet” days. The information is emailed to members daily around 10:00 each morning when, as Colin states, “the markets are developed and most non-runners declared”.

All bets are recommended at the advised price, although if you are lucky enough to still be able to get BOG (best odds guaranteed) then you have the best of both worlds. The email states that the advised odds are available “across several bookmakers”.

The email is short and to the point, listing the race, the selection and the advised price. All bets are flat one-point win singles.

During the proofing period (January to August) with Sportsworld, Elite Tipping Service is claimed to have generated 152.5 points, at an average of 19-points per month. The first “live” month then shows a further 10.5 points of profit. Although we are not told the ROI (return on investment), a quick calculation on the period March to September suggests it is around 30%. It was not possible to calculate the ROI back to January as the first three months are shown on the spreadsheet just as a monthly profit or loss total.

Results – Month 1 (3rd September to 2nd August 2019)

Although the review started with a profit of 2.54 points, this is well below the average monthly profit claimed and leaves us expecting to see much higher profit levels in Months 2 and 3 to redress the balance.

There were 68 runners in the month with 14 winners, a strike rate of 20.59%. The winning selections ranged in odds from 2.875 (15/8) to 10.0 (9/1) and averaged out at 5.04 (c.4/1). The average odds of all selections in the month was close to 13/2 (7.49).

The ROI was 3.63% in the period, down on the historic levels in line with the profit. After taking into account the standard cost of a month’s membership there was actually a net loss at £10 per point stakes. This equated to £14.60 in monetary terms and a negative ROI of 1.97%. At £50 per point those results become £87.00 profit and 2.46% return.

The review started with seven straight losers and ended with a sequence of one winner in the final 16 bets, including a losing run of 10 straight selections. In between those times the results were significantly better and we actually went into the last 16 bets sitting on a profit of over 15-points.

Summary at End of Month 1

On the face of it a profitable month to start the review, but actually a net loss at stakes of less than £15.75 per point. A good performance in the middle of the month was sandwiched between a slow start and a disappointing finish.


A full analysis of the results from the review can be found here.


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