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Product Name:

Elite Betting Syndicate

Company Name & Contact Details:

E-mail – contact@elitebettingsyndicate.com


£1 plus VAT (£1.20) for the first 10-days and then £39 plus VAT (£46.80) per month. There are no longer term options available.

Money Back Guarantee:

The default Clickbank 60-day guarantee is applicable to this subscription.

What Do You Get?

Daily horse racing tips e-mailed the evening before racing. Occasional late information is also sent via e-mail.

Where To Buy:


Brief Summary:

A straightforward UK horse racing tipping service, focussing on win and each way selections. Selections are e-mailed the evening before racing. Established in 2009, they combine detailed statistical analysis with stable information to identify selections.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

No recommended starting bank is given, but clients are advised to only bet with what they can afford to lose. We have assumed a 100-point starting bank for the purposes of the review trial.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No specific claims but the web site states:

“This is not a get rich quick scheme! What we do offer is profitable, consistent and thoroughly researched betting tips that will make you impressive long-term returns”.

Historic results from October 2016 to now claim £25,628 profit at 20.21% ROI (based on £100 per point stakes).

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

A couple of minutes when the e-mail is received.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

Internet connection and mobile device or PC.

Value for Money?

I will defer commenting on this until the end of the 3-month trial. However, betting at £10 per point would only just have covered the cost of the membership for the first two months (not allowing for the first 10 day discount). Unfortunately this service suffered a small loss of 3.32 points across the full three  months of the trial. With the cost of the subscription included, the loss at £10 per point would have totalled £173.60. 

Quality of Customer Service?

Not tested. Simple sign up process though.


Elite Betting Syndicate is made up of a number of betting professionals with backgrounds in race horse ownership and statistical analysis.

The service is simple and straightforward to follow with win and each way selections on UK races. In the first month we have seen 70 selections, in line with the web site which suggests 50-120 is the norm. As the weather has affected racing so far during the trial we may see an increase over the next couple of months.

Although the service was established in 2009, the results history only dates back to October 2016. There is an individual results page for each month, with an overall sheet covering the period from 1st October 2016 up to today. The overall sheet is in Google sheets format and does contain an analysis of ROI, strike rate, average points per month etc. The individual month sheets are, however, in PDF and have no analysis attached, and are difficult to manipulate given their format.

The average monthly profit shown for the last 16 months is 15.48 points at an ROI of 19.92%.

The selection e-mail is clear, giving the meeting, race time, win or each way, price advised and staking. However, given the amount of statistical analysis that is undertaken and the claimed connections to stables across the country, there is no analysis of the basis for the selection.

All tips to date have been one point in total, either one-point win or half-point each way. One nice touch on the e-mails is the reminder of the staking plan.

They are also very active on Twitter @EliteBettingSyn

Elite Betting Syndicate are also founder members of The Tipster League which you can follow at https://www.bettingrant.co.uk/category/tipster-league-table

Results Month 1 (January 15th to February 14th, 2018)

Month 1 failed to hit the levels of the historic results from this service, although it did make a profit of 2.87 points at an ROI of 4.10%. We should bear in mind as well that racing during this period has been fairly badly hit by the weather. Of the 70 selections received, 16 have been winners at a win strike rate of 22.86%, with a further 13 each way selections placing.

The longest winning run in the period was three, whilst the longest run of consecutive outright losers was four on several different occasions. There was a run of 19 selections between winners, but this was broken up by six placed each-way selections.

To cover the monthly subscription fee at the profit level achieved, you would need to have been staking around £16 per point in order to break even. The lowest point in the month was a cumulative loss of 7.07 points, so our assumed starting bank was never troubled.

Results Month 2 (February 15th to March 14th, 2018)

Month 2 fared slightly better than the first month with a profit of 6.3 points achieved. After a slow start, with the first six selections all losing, there followed a run of four winners in six which turned the tide. The high point of the month was Sam’s Gunner winning at 20/1 at Sandown and advised as a half-point each-way bet. At this point the cumulative profit for the month stood at 11 points but fell back to its closing position despite Rathvinden winning on the opening day of Cheltenham.

The average odds in the second month were just slightly below those in Month 1 at a touch over 5/1. Across the two months the average has been fairly consistent at just a shade under 11/2.

The ROI of 6.7% (9.4% in Month 2) achieved so far during the trial is still running at roughly a third of the historic levels reported. Likewise, the average monthly return of 4.5 points per month is also roughly one third of the past results given.

Results Month 3 (March 15th to April 14th, 2018)

A disappointing performance in the final month as a 12.49 point loss more than wiped out the small profits from Months 1 and 2. This was the busiest of the three months in terms of number of selections with 83 in total. However, losing runs of 10 and 12 during the month really hurt the overall performance.

The average advised odds remained constant around the 11/2 (6.5) mark. 

The final overall loss for the three months of the review was 3.32 points. So whilst not significant, it does continue the pattern of two steps forward one step back, although you could argue that the final month may have been more like one step forward and two back. At the start of the month the profit was running at 7.5 points but the two significant losing runs wiped that out.


Summary Month 1

A steady enough start to the trial with enough positives to suggest it can kick on in months 2 and 3. As always, we are looking for long term, consistent profitability from tipsters and there is every reason to believe that this service can tick that box. We’ll see if the next two months justify my optimism.

Summary Month 2

It feels like a case of two steps forward, one step back for this service so far. Every time it looks ready to kick on it will hit a run of five, six or seven losers and drop back, then move on again. There are, however, enough signs to remain optimistic that this service will reach its historic levels before the trial ends. We will wait and see.

Summary Month 3

I really felt like this service was going to burst into life at various times, but it always seemed to stumble just as the momentum was building. Whilst the trial period didn’t meet the claims of the service historically, it also didn’t deliver a major loss. There were sufficient signs to suggest this service could be profitable over a longer period and it may be worth keeping an eye on the longer term performance via The Tipster League pages.

Based purely on the trial I cannot award any more than a two-star rating for Elite Betting Syndicate, but I do so with a big caveat about longer-term promise.

The full results of the trial can be found here.





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