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Product Name:

Draw Doubles

Company Name & Contact Details:

John Baker


£37 per month.

Alternatively you can subscribe quarterly at £87 (saving over 20% against the monthly price) or annually at £277 (a saving of over 37% against the monthly price).

Money Back Guarantee:

30-day unconditional guarantee offered.

What Do You Get?

High value opportunities to back the draw in football from leagues around the world delivered daily by e-mail early morning on the day of selections.

Where to Buy:


Brief Summary:

A newcomer to the football tipster world having launched in October 2017. Offering daily selections from world-wide football leagues backing the draw as either singles or as combinations of doubles. Flat rate staking of one-point per selection.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

Varies depending on whether you want to follow the service as singles, doubles or a combination of both. For singles a 50-point starting bank is recommended, which rises to 150-points for the doubles and 200-points for the combined singles and doubles.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No claims made. However, profits since the launch on 14th October 2017 are recorded as 81.56 points backing singles and doubles. The ROI for this result is 6.58%.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Depends on the number of selections, but a maximum of 10-15 minutes at weekends which tend to be the busiest days. There are occasional “no bet” days.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

Internet connection and mobile device or PC with access to on-line bookmaker accounts.

Value for Money?

Too early to reach a conclusion and I want to monitor the next two months before offering a view. Unfortunately, this service suffered two poor months and one just above break-even, and with a total membership cost for the three months of £111 I cannot recommend this service as value for money on the evidence of our review period. 

Quality of Customer Service?

The website claims that all enquiries will be answered within 24-hours and often much sooner. I have found this to be true, and the communication I have had with John has been very open and professional.


Although Draw Doubles was only launched in October 2017, the author – John Baker – is also responsible for the Banker Bets service which has been around a lot longer and has received many good reviews. So, the lack of track record for this service is not a major concern for me.

The system uses a software-based algorithm to identify matches with a high likelihood of ending in a draw.

The daily tips are received early morning on the day of matches, usually between 05:00 and 06:30. There have been occasional e-mails the night before when the Australian league has been involved due to the timing of their kick offs, so there is always plenty of time to get your bets on. The tips are delivered in groups of 3 selections and this is where you can select how you want to follow the advices.

Option one is to place all of the individual selections only. Option two is to place the three selections in each group as cross-doubles i.e. three separate bets. Option three is to place both singles and the cross-doubles for each group. On midweek days there are usually only one or two groups of bets. However, on one Saturday in February we had seven sets to place. For the purposes of the trial I have been following option three of singles and doubles combined.

The web site records results for all three options, providing a month-by-month summary for each, and a link to the detailed results spreadsheet. The detailed sheet has three separate pages covering the singles, doubles and stats for the service and goes back to the day the service launched. A very comprehensive historic record of the system which I like.

The tips e-mail is comprehensive and clear. It usually starts with a brief review of the previous days results, this is followed by a reminder of how to use the selections depending on what option you are following, and then gives the tips for that day. For each set of selections the bets are broken down to show the league, match to be backed as a draw and the average odds available. The e-mail finishes with a results summary of the month to date and also the cumulative position since launch, together with a link to the full results page. I think this is a really positive element as there is no attempt to hide the results away and even in a poor run the performance is transparent.

The use of average odds available means these are always achievable, and often you can find better prices if you want to take the time to look. The average odds are used for the results analysis as well, so again there is an opportunity to better the published results through a bit of odds research. The average odds have been used in this review.

Results for Month 1 (1st to 28th February 2018)

Unfortunately, we started the review on the first month the service has delivered a significant loss. The first month of the review period showed a loss of 42.49 points across the combined singles and doubles, although both elements were in loss individually as well. However, of the 141 individual selections 43 were winning tips. This gave a good strike rate of over 30%, the main issue was that the winning selections were spread across the various sets of selections in such a way that the doubles didn’t deliver the return one would expect at that strike rate. Backing the singles alone would have resulted in a loss of just 1.14 points in the month.

The good news is that the second month of the trial has started very well and that is why we always use a three-month review period. We will wait and see how month two affects the longer-term position.

Results for Month 2 (1st to 31st March 2018)

As I said above, this month started brightly, and by the middle of the month there were over 20 points profit in the bank. This was clawing back a significant part of the losses from Month 1 and was being built on more “sets” of bets including two, or even three winners. However, the second half of the month fell into the same pattern as the previous month, with plenty of single winners but all falling in different “sets” and missing out on the lucrative doubles. The strike rate of 30% was very similar to Month 1 but the key to this system’s profit is the number of doubles it lands – hence the name!

Ultimately this month ended with a small profit of just under two points. Although as I mentioned in the review this is based on average odds and it should be possible to beat those in most cases. The loss over the two months to date still stands at over 40 points and we need to see a really big month in April to claw that back.

Results for Month 3 (1st to 30th April 2018)

The final month of our review followed a similar pattern to the first, with plenty of single winners – the strike rate of 27.27% being just slightly below the previous two months – but not enough doubling up in the sets. The month ended with a loss of 34.34 points, to give a total loss for the trial of 74.86 points.

Of the 390 individual selections across the three months, 113 ended in draws (28.97%). There is the option with this service to back all the selections in singles only, which would mitigate the losses in poor runs but would also miss out on the big wins when three draws occur in a set.

Overall, this was a disappointing performance from a service I had high hopes for.

Summary at the End of Month 1

If I’m not careful I’m going to get a reputation as a bit of a curse for services I review as we have now had three that have suffered a poor performance in the first month! However, you will all know by now that I am more interested in long-term performance and profitability than individual month performance and so we wait to see what the next two months bring.

On the positive side, the quality of the tips e-mail and the open and transparent approach of the author is very refreshing.

Summary at the End of Month 2

A much better month than previously and at one stage it looked like the losses would be wiped out, but it wasn’t to be. If they can maintain the strike rate and the grouping of the “sets” is kinder then this position could still be retrieved.

Summary at the End of Month 3

It wasn’t to be for this service as the spread of draws continually missed grouping together in sets. The strike rate for the singles is still good and with a kinder spread of draws the results could be totally different. However, I have to base my assessment on what we witness in the trial period and on that basis alone I cannot award anything other than a one-star rating for Draw Doubles.

The full results to date can be found here.

You can also follow the fortunes of this service, alongside John’s other service – Banker Bets – on The Tipster League page here.





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