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Don’t panic!!!

There were four stars in that subject line, not three, and that’s because the word I’ve disguised is cynic.

Now you might not think that cynic is a dirty word – I disagree.

While cynicism may be up there with chatting about the weather and queue forming when it comes to British traits, there’s nothing charming about it in the slightest…

And worse still, it can cost you a fortune.

Here are two examples that I’ve come across in the last 24 hours alone:

This one was in reference to a free betting guide we’re giving away on Facebook at the moment – let’s dissect it…

First, he hasn’t read the guide, he’s just assumed it’s “another load of bullshit” – let’s compare that cynical reaction to an optimistic, or even just plain neutral reaction…

The cynic: Hasn’t read the guide, won’t read the guide.

The optimist/open mind: Reads the guide because it’s free. It may only cover stuff he or she already knows, it may ultimately be of no value to them. Then again it may also completely transform their betting and make them much more profitable. Either way it certainly hasn’t cost them anything to find out.

Second, he assumes it can’t possibly be any good because “nothing is free in this world”…

Presumably, whenever he walks past a stand of free copies of The Metro newspaper, or the Evening Standard (if in London), he shakes his head in disgust and keeps on walking.

Thirdly, he is absolutely, 100% certain, that nobody beats the bookies, so let’s again compare the cynical reaction to an optimistic, or even just plain neutral reaction…

The cynic: Either continues to place uneducated ‘mug’ bets and continues to lose, or doesn’t bet at all (but no doubt plays the lottery religiously every week).

The optimist/open mind: Does the tiniest bit of research. Discovers that there are high profile figures that absolutely do beat the bookies (such as Tony Bloom) and also discovers that there is an actual online movement, so big is the problem with bookmakers closing down winning bettors.Realises that it is possible to make money from betting and perhaps goes on to do exactly that.

Now for example two:

Click to enlarge

That email was in response to a ‘less than half price’ promotion for our NFL service.

As I said to him “Sure, no problem. Though complaining about a discount offer is a new one on me! Maybe from now on we’ll start charging everyone double.”

For one last time, let’s compare the cynical reaction to an optimistic, or even just plain neutral reaction…

The cynic: Turns their nose up at the offer and goes about their day.

The optimist/open mind: Asks why it’s discounted. Discovers that it’s because we’re halfway through the NFL season and so it’s been decided that people will be offered the chance to get involved at a low price as a trial run for the last couple of months. If they don’t like the service it’s only cost a few quid and, if they do, they’ve got a bargain and they can renew at the full price for the 2019/20 season.

Free bread and the Nations League

The above isn’t to say that everything we offer is magnificent or that you should always take action whenever I offer something up to you.

The reason I’ve used those two examples is purely because that is the type of cynicism I most regularly encounter…

In reality, you could just as easily use free bread or the Nations League as examples, so let’s do that too:

If you live in London you’ll know that, quite often, usually in train stations, companies give away free stuff (our Facebook commenter’s mind will no doubt be blown by that)…

Examples I have personally encountered include energy drinks, bags of sweets and even loaves of bread.

On encountering something like this the cynic would no doubt walk straight past, muttering something under their breath about “tracking devices that work in tandem with the specific brand of flour used by Hovis”…

The optimist/open minded person would get a free loaf of bread.

And finally, to the Nations League:

On Sunday England qualified for the semi-finals of the inaugural Nations League, topping a group containing the mighty Spain and World Cup runners-up Croatia…

Sure, the Nations League may not be the World Cup, but it is a tournament that pits the best nations in Europe against each other and that those nations were undoubtedly taking seriously.

The cynic doesn’t care about this, the cynic blusters something about “glorified friendlies”, claims “we’ll probably get stuffed in the semis anyway” and goes back to their day job, scowling at customers who dare to approach their checkout.

The optimist/open minded person allows a little bit of joy to seep into their heart and goes about their Monday with a smile on their face.

Cynic or optimist? I know which one I’d rather be.


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