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It’s time for another column from our Head Reviewer, Peter Philipson. Enjoy and, as always, if you have any comments for Peter or myself you can leave a comment on the reviews section of the website or email.

Service makes 5 Million points profit!!

It is hard not to use the headline you see on a website or marketing email as the marker for the service being offered but can you overcome this natural tendency and drill down into the wider picture to establish the true facts about a service.

Let’s take a recent email from the well know WIN publisher promoting an offer for the Selective Advisory Service…

“The Secret Service that is Making Spectacular Profits” trumpets the headline and proceeds to make a case for taking advantage of the special offer that is currently available following profits of 186 points in June, July and the first two weeks of August.

We are told the service is on a steep upward curve so now is the time to join.

Sounds good doesn’t it but, unlike many service offers, you are able to explore the full history for Betfan Group products – one of their great strengths – and so you should not have just accepted the email picture but looked on the proofing for the service…

And if you had done so you would see that the service has a spectacular history from its launch in February 2016 until November following which the wheels fell off.

The good period mentioned in the email is an accurate reflection of events but the service has not regained its peak profit level yet (so subscribers, if any left, will have paid nine months at £60 plus VAT to lose cash) and so perhaps the reader should be more wary about accepting the offer?

Also, check the staking plan and see the basis of the profit claims made – here we have what seems to have become a Betfan norm of 5 points staked per selection, so the reality is an overstatement of the profit compared to a 1 point level stake which is what the independent proofing sites record.

Now it is understandable that the email paints the best possible picture of the service it is promoting – there are no false claims made here – but the recipient of any such offers should be aware that they need to look behind the claims made.

Hopefully there will be a review available on Betting Rant for any service you are considering buying (and if not, please ask us to take a look) or some other data around to allow you to take a much more informed decision.

Above all, do not be tempted to take up an offer because it is advised as a short term discount or similar – if the service is any good it will still be there when you have completed your due diligence.

Another principle that can usually be applied is that the quality of the service is in direct inverse proportion to the length of the marketing blurb…

(Oh yes and what about the results for the service since the email? A loss of 50.5 points. Might just not have been the best time to join.)

Boycott a Bookie survey

We received hundreds of responses to our brief survey – many thanks to all of you that did.

The outcomes were interesting even though a statistician would probably say they could not be considered representative.

Some 13% of respondents have had restrictions placed on their accounts with at least one bookmaker and the worst case was a member with 15 bans in place… Perhaps he ought to start his own tipping service if he is that good!

Just a few of the comments received are given below:

Racebets: “Restricted to SP only after just two bets of the five required by their sign up offer.”

Titan/Vernons: “I once placed a withdrawal for £300 with Vernons. After the cash didn’t appear in my bank after 14 days I enquired via email where it was to be told it had just been placed back in my account, it wasn’t there five minutes earlier. I wonder what would’ve happened if I had forgotten about the transaction.

“I was then asked for proof of age, this despite having placed numerous bets for the previous four years. This took three attempts to clear verification and another four days of my time.

“Then, you guessed it, Titan blocked my account asking for ID. After the Vernons experience I did not want a repeat as they are the same company. However a repeat is what I got. Again this took a week before the funds were cleared.”

“Titan gets my vote… got a £500 matched bonus with them, they then restricted my bets to somewhere around £1. But there are many others close behind!”

As regards which bookie we should look at organising a boycott against, it is fair to say that all the major players have received significant mention with Coral and bet365 top of the list closely followed by Stan James and Paddy Power.

We are working on plans to try and hit one of them hard in the pocket so watch this space but perhaps this is a good time to remind ourselves about the ethical values of these businesses, who pay lip service to respectability and fairness, while the reality is they use most methods known to man to increase their profit at the expense of the ordinary man.

Take a look at this excellent article by Victoria Coren Mitchell. If you were in any doubt about the methods they use this will dispel them and you will not be surprised to see that the politicians do not come out of things well either. Yet another thing we have to thank Mr Blair for.

I am aware that the Gambilng Commission is looking at the problem and I believe the CMA is accepting submissions from the public about these iniquitous machines. If you have suffered or know someone affected please make sure your voice is heard.

They always re-appear

Over the years I have had the misfortune to look at a number of services promoted by Jon Owen of Equine Investment Management Ltd in Malvern who laughingly describes himself as “the UK’s leading provider of betting advice”.

He has been very quiet of late but I was horrified to see that Betting Gods were sending a promotional email for his latest offering AM Racing…

As usual the tipster is the best Jon has ever seen and there is a free trial available to the first 500 that sign up.

The pattern is depressingly familiar and if you make the mistake of signing up you are likely to receive many more offers including offers for one off bets where you place a bet for the author and so take all the risk.

While I have not seen the performance of this latest service I would been astounded if it were successful and if you search the Betting Rant for services from this source you will see why. Like a bad apple they always re-appear and I suggest you give it a miss.

Aspire/Genesis update

We are now aware that this sorry matter has been reported to the police via Action Fraud and both the Gambling Commission and the Financial Conduct Authority are looking at the legality of the offers made.

Around a score of Betting Rant members have advised us of their involvement and we would ask any who have not contacted us to do so in order that we can let them have the case reference details and so ensure easy cross referencing for the police.

As we found with a previous miscreant there needs to be a significant number involved before action is likely and so please try to prevent others falling victim by helping if you can. Just email on the usual address…

If it’s too good to be true etc etc

Finally, I have just received an email promoting a request for Beta Testers for a new service where so long as you have £100 capital and are prepared to pay the author £110 they will give you the means to make at least £300 per week.

If this target is not met you can claim a refund under the guarantee. There are no contact details available at all apart from the email address.

The offer comes from Horse Racing Info on behalf of an unnamed author who wants 25 people to sign up for what can only be described as an outright gamble.

We will try to get more information on this but take care if you have already signed up. Make sure you retain your email invitation so that you can make a claim via PayPal if needs be.

Finally, if anybody has any information on a service called Jim Football from one James Tomlinson I should appreciate their contacting me on the usual email address. I am advised it is a scam but have been unable to track down any details.



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