The Cricket Man (Month 2 Update)

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Product Name:

The Cricket Man
Company Name & Contact Details:
William Perry
129 Kingsway


£29 + VAT for lifetime membership.

Money Back Guarantee:

Unconditional full refund within the first month of membership. No reason required.

What Do You Get?

Cricket tips from around the world delivered by e-mail.

Where to Buy:

Brief Summary:


Match winner selections from worldwide cricket, provided by a former cricket journalist with a “committee of ex-professional cricket players, team coaches and decent statisticians”. No previous results history provided on web site.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

No betting bank stated.

How Much Money Can I Make?

No specific claims, but testimonials on the web site indicate “thousands per month” are achievable. Whilst I cannot dispute that you could make “thousands per month”, you would be staking at between £500 and £1,000 per point to achieve this. Average odds across the two months reviewed are just 1.62 and that has stayed consistent across the period.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Minutes on days when tips are received.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

Internet connection.

Value for Money?

Too early to reach a conclusion, but early promise shown.

Quality of Customer Service?

E-mails have been responded to in good time.


The web site has a long and rambling introduction to the service and the author, and suffers from a number of contradictions in the facts. There is no history of previous results, no evidence of proofing of previous tips, but there are details of William Perry’s “7 Rituals of Profits”. These are the seven steps a selection goes through before being issued, although step 7 is, thankfully, to send the tips out to members!

That said, the sign-up process was quick and easy, and my e-mail questions were answered in good time. However, there is no welcome e-mail and no betting bank or recommended staking plan given.

Tips are received the morning of the match but vary hugely in the actual time received. They have been as early as 03:18 and as late as 10:20. Because of this variation, and the fact that tips are not received everyday (approximately 2-3 tips per week), I would like to see a “No Bet Today” e-mail. This is a personal preference, but does ensure that tips are not missed.

The tips are usually accompanied by a brief analysis of the rationale for the selection.

The selection on 16th December was given as:
CSA T20 Challenge 2017 = Titans Winners @ 1.76

However, that day was the final of the competition between Titans and Dolphins, the Titans were available at a best odds 1.33 to win. This selection has, therefore, been recorded on that basis in the results. Aside from that I have managed to match the advised odds on all but one of the selections, and achieved better on a couple of occasions.

Results – Month 1 (November 21st to December 20th 2017)

In the absence of any recommended staking plan I have recorded all results to a one-point stake.

The first two tips received were both losers, but these were followed by nine consecutive winning bets (there was also a void selection in that time as South Africa isn’t immune from a bit of English rain!). Overall there have been ten winning bets from 13 selections, a strike rate of 76.92%. However, the average odds achieved have been 1.63 and so the profit to date is 2.78 points. This gives a very healthy ROI (return on investment) of 21.38% for the month.
The profile of this tipster will appeal to anyone who wants potentially long winning runs, and short losing ones. The bank growth will be slow due to the average odds, but if the strike rate is maintained then it would provide a nice steady income. That said, to achieve the “thousands per month” stated in the promotional material, you would need to be betting at £500 per point.

Betting at £10 per point would have just about recouped the lifetime subscription in one month.

Results – Month 2 (December 22nd 2017 to January 21st 2018)

Although there were less bets in Month 2, due to the Christmas and New Year break, the overall results were virtually a mirror image of Month 1. Total points profit made was 2.73 compared to 2.78, ROI was 27.3% compared to 21.38% and strike rate was 80% against 76.92%. So, after two months this service has delivered 5.51 points of profit at an ROI of 23.95%. If slow and steady is your cup of tea then this might work for you, but in the absence of large stakes it will never meet its claims of “thousands per month”.

Summary at end of Month 1

The results are sound enough for the first month and if they continue at the same rate then this will provide a good steady return.

For me though, the service could be improved significantly on the client service side. For example:
• More focus on the historic results in the marketing material and the correction of the conflicting statements.
• A welcome e-mail setting out the frequency and timing of tips, recommended staking plans and betting bank etc.
• A “No Tips” e-mail as confirmation that there is no tip that day, especially as there is no alternative way to check for selections, such as a members’ area of the web site. “No Bet” e-mails have been received this month, with a date for the next expected tip.
• Attention to detail in the tips e-mail. As well as the confusion on 16th December, the tip on November 17th was between Khulna Titans and Rajshahi Kings, but the prediction was given as Khulna Tigers. Whilst it probably didn’t affect anyone placing the bet, it is attention to detail that grows confidence in a tipster.

All-in-all, this was a steady start and I look forward to months two and three.

Summary at end of Month 2

The results continue to deliver, and I can only report as I find. Nevertheless, I have received some quite vociferous feedback from one member which is in conflict with what I have found to date. So if you have any experience of this service, good or bad, I would love to hear about it.


The full results to date can be found here.



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