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Product Name:

Cricket Betting Tipster

Company Name & Contact Details:

Betting Gods Malta Ltd
Level 5, The Quay
Portomaso Marina
STJ 4015


£25 (+VAT = £30) per quarter or £100 (+VAT = £120) annually.

There are no monthly subscription options for this service.

There is a 10-day trial option for £1 plus VAT.

Money Back Guarantee:

Yes. 100% guaranteed refund within the first 30 days.

NB: there is no automatic 60-day return guarantee from Clickbank. I know there is a common misconception about this, but for clarity:
“ClickBank allows each vendor to determine the appropriate return, replacement or cancellation policy for its products (each a “Vendor Return Policy”). See the Client Contract (Section 3(a)), for more information. Each vendor will make its Vendor Return Policy readily available to customers prior to purchase of a product. If the applicable Vendor allows for returns, replacements or cancellations, ClickBank will allow for the return or replacement of any product purchased using the ClickBank services in accordance with the applicable Vendor Return Policy.”

What Do You Get?

Cricket tips from around the world delivered by email. Mainly singles, with a few doubles and trebles when the picks allow. There are not tips everyday due to the lack of cricket action at certain times.

Where to Buy:

Cricket Betting Tipster

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A starting bank of 100-points is recommended for this service.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The website shows £1,772.25 profit to £10 stakes from the launch on 20th March 2018 to 31st December 2018. This equates to approximately 19 points average profit per month.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

On days when there are tips it will take up to 10 minutes to place the bets depending on the number of selections. This has ranged from one to four selections during the first month of the review, although the day with four selections also included a number of multiple combinations as well.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

The standard fare of a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet connectivity and a range of online bookmaker accounts is sufficient.

Value for Money?

As always, I will defer a comment on this until the conclusion of the three months. We ended the three months with a small loss of 5.3 points, and at just £25 per quarter for membership it wouldn’t take much to turn this around. On the basis of the review I would say that the quarterly membership fee is fair for this service, which will probably never be a great money spinner, but if you want a cricket tipster for your portfolio then this looks low-risk.

Quality of Customer Service?

Part of the Betting Gods platform, who provide full customer support via email, live chat and the members’ area of the website.


Cricket Betting Tipster launched on the Betting Gods’ platform in March 2018 and, according to the website, has more than doubled the starting bank and delivered an average monthly profit of around 19 points.

Selections come from worldwide cricket and the areas will vary with the seasons. At the moment we are seeing tips from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Selections have mainly focussed on one-day and T20 matches, although we have also seen selections from the New Zealand v Sri Lank test series.

The timing of the daily email can vary greatly depending on the matches being covered. However, they have always been received well ahead of the scheduled start time, so there should be plenty of time to get on. The email itself contains details of the competition, the match, the selection and the advised stake and odds. A list of bookmakers offering those odds is given, and I have always found the odds to be widely available.

As well as from the email, the tips are also available via the members’ area of the website and the free mobile app which is provided as part of your membership package. This is a nice touch that helps to ensure you don’t miss tips/prices if emails are delayed.

As a member of Cricket Betting Tipster you can also gain access to the private Betting Gods’ Mastermind group on Facebook.

The majority of selections are singles but there have been a number of doubles and trebles, usually from combining the singles. Stakes per bet range from 0.5 to four points and average out at just under two points.

The vast majority of selections have been in the match result market, although Pankaj has delved into the man of the match and team of top batsman markets as well so far.

Interestingly, the website gives one of the eight reasons to join Cricket Betting Tipster as “high odds selections”, quoting average odds of 12/1. However, the average odds we saw in the first month of the review were 1.89 for each of the individual selections and just 2.24 when the multiples are included. This is worth keeping an eye on to see if we just hit on a very low month or if the focus has switched.

Results – Month 1 (7th December 2018 to 6th January 2019)

The review got off to the best possible start with six of the first eight bets all winning, including the first double of the period. This saw us with 7.49 points profit in two days. Unfortunately, this profit was whittled away and we entered the final week of the first month at breakeven. The month then ended in complete contrast to how it had started with three of the last five selections losing, including three- and four-point win singles. The upshot was a loss for the month of just over six points, despite the encouraging start.

There were 30 single bets in the month, of which 15 won and one was void. The six doubles produced two wins, and the only treble this period was a loser.

The average odds this month were 1.89 for the individual selections and just 2.24 when the multiples are included.

Results – Month 2 (7th January to 6th February 2019)

The strike rate this month was 54.05% and included four out of seven on the doubles. This improved success rate delivered a profit for the month of 4.88 points. Not quite enough to totally wipe out the loss from Month 1, but enough to get us back to just 1.21 points in deficit.

The average odds this month were lower, with the individual selections averaging 1.57, whilst including the doubles brings the average up to just 1.85.

Like the first month, a poor run at the end spoilt an even more promising position. This time, seven losses in the last nine bets saw us drop from a high of almost 10 points profit to the final position of 4.88.

Results – Month 3 (7th February to 6th March 2019)

Although we ended the review period with a win on the West Indies in the final ODI against England at 2.85 and a low-priced/low stake treble, this merely reduced the loss for the month to the final position of -4.09 points. The damage for the month was done in the previous nine bets, with seven of them losing. The overall strike rate for the month of 38.1% was significantly down on the previous month and effectively led to last month’s gain being wiped out.

With a small loss already brought forward from the first two months we concluded the review with a loss of 5.3 points. There was no real damage done, and the bank was never even vaguely threatened. It would not take much to turn this around to a profitable position in the next month or so. 

The month produced seven wins from the 18 single bets (there were also a couple of void results), two losing doubles and the one winning treble, which paid 2.5 and was staked at just a half-point.

Summary at End of Month 1

Not the best of results to begin the review but we are only a third of the way. Let’s see what the next two months bring.

Summary at End of Month 2

With just a tiny loss going into the final month of the review it’s entirely possible that the final result could be a profit, and with a quarterly cost of just £25, a net profit at that.

Summary at End of Month 3

Although we didn’t see the overall profit we had hoped for, the loss was minimal and, at such a low membership fee, it is easy to see how this service can be profitable over the longer term.

A full breakdown of the results from the trial can be found here.




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