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Cleeve Racing

Company Name & Contact Details:
Email contact is via the contact form at


The basic monthly cost is £40, with quarterly, six-monthly and annual membership options also available.

Quarterly membership is £99 (saving 17.5% off the monthly fees), six-monthly is £179 (saving 25.4%) and the annual fee is £329 (saving 31.4% against twelve individual monthly payments). All membership categories renew on the anniversary date unless cancelled by the member.

There is a one-month trial offer for £10 available to all new members. This converts to a monthly membership at the end of one month unless the member cancels or converts to a longer-term plan.

Money Back Guarantee:

None mentioned.

What Do You Get?

Access to the members’ area of the Cleeve Racing website which includes their tips on Grade 2 and above racing in the UK and Ireland.

Where to Buy:

Standard Membership Options

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

No starting bank is mentioned on the website but a standard 100-point bank should suffice, and that is what we will base the review results on.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Although there are no specific claims made by Cleeve Racing, the website refers to a profit of £1,520 last season (to £20 stakes, so 76-points). The site also claims 14 consecutive seasons (7 years) of profit.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

An e-mail is sent when the selections area of the web site has been updated. You then log into the members’ area and pick up the selections. All Grade 2 and above races are analysed, and it may be that there are no selections, but you will need to look down the full list of races that have been assessed to see what selections there are. The introduction at the start of each day often says if there are, or how many, selections.

The bets are all win or each way singles, so actually placing the bets is a quick task as the bookmakers offering the advised odds are also listed.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone with access to the internet and a range of bookmakers’ online accounts to ensure you can obtain the advised odds.

This service can also be followed by placing bets in the traditional way in a bookmaker’s shop, but as the updates generally come out the evening before racing you will risk missing out on the best prices.

Value for Money?

Let’s wait until the end of the three months before we attempt to reach a conclusion on this. The three months of the review offered little to suggest there is value to be had from this service.

Quality of Customer Service?

Cleeve Racing claim to answer all emails within 24-hours and often quicker. This has not been tested.


Cleeve Racing focuses exclusively on Class 2 and above racing, the reasoning being that they believe the form holds up more consistently at this level. Their selection process is a three-phase progression which starts with each race being analysed mechanically by their 12-factor algorithm. The short-list that is produced then gets some human intervention to assess race conditions, trainer from etc. Finally, any selections which make the grade are assessed for value in the betting market.

Cleeve claim that this process has delivered 14 consecutive seasons of profit over the last seven years, although the full results are only available on the website from November 2014.

There is a lot of good material on the website, not just in terms of selections and race analysis but also “notebook” horses to follow (although this area doesn’t appear to have been updated since May) and other blog posts. The full archive back to May 2011 is available on the site.

As this service covers both flat and National Hunt seasons it is good to see recent results broken down by season, with the 2017 and 2018 flat seasons and the 2017/18 NH season results available as standalone spreadsheets.

When you receive an email notification that the members’ area has been updated and you log on, you will see an analysis of all Class 2 and above races for that date. For each race you will see the race details (time, track, race name, class etc), the selection box (which will either contain the selection for that race with the bet details, or confirm that there is no selection for that race), the three top-rated runners according to Cleeve’s own rating system and finally a written analysis of the race.

This past Saturday there were 14 races analysed, and although the introduction to the day stated that there were four selections, you still have to scroll through all of the analysis to find those selections. One improvement might be to have a summary of the tips at the top of the page so that bets can be placed quickly and then the analysis perused at leisure afterwards. Obviously, this is less of a problem when there are fewer races.

All in all, the structure of the service works well, and the tips are posted in good time. So, what about the results?

Results – Month 1 (7th September to 6th October 2018)

Unfortunately, our review has started in less than auspicious form. The first eight days of the review saw 16 straight losing selections. With just two winners from 35 selections (and a further six placed each way picks) the loss for the month came out at 38.08 points.

The average odds of all selections was 11.13 (just over 10/1), but the two winners came in at just 11/4 and 7/2. The average price of the placed selections in the period was 8.17 (or just over 7/1).

There is little else to say about the results for this month and we will look for a marked improvement in the next two.

Results – Month 2 (7th October to 6th November 2018)

There was no respite for the team at Cleeve Racing in Month 2, as 16 selections failed to produce a solitary winner. The only return in the month came from Lord Riddiford being placed at Doncaster at 25/1. Overall we saw an additional 23.75 points lost this period, which gives us a running cumulative total of -61.83 points.

We saw less than half the number of selections we saw in the first month, probably due in part to the switch between the main flat and National Hunt seasons.

The average odds of selections was slightly higher this month at 11.93, just under 11/1.

Results – Month 3 (7th November to 6th December 2018)

Unfortunately it was more of the same this month, as a single 5/1 winner and three placed selections left us with a further 20-points loss. After three months we now have a cumulative loss of 81.83 points. If you were staking at £10 per point, then with the cost of the service for the three months on top, you would be looking at a loss closing in on a grand.

Over the course of the review there have been 73 selections, with just three winners (4.11%) and 10 placed. 

The average odds of the selections throughout the trial was just under 10/1 (10.83), whilst the rare winners averaged just 4.75.

Summary at End of Month 1

The results this month were extremely disappointing, and totally out of line with the expectations created by the information on the Cleeve Racing website. However, as I always say, one month neither makes nor breaks a service and we wait and see what recovery Months 2 and 3 can bring.

Summary at End of Month 2

Another disappointing month, and one which leaves me little room for further comment and Cleeve Racing facing an uphill task in the final month to rescue any degree of consolation from the review period.

Summary at End of Month 3

The kindest comment I could make would be that we hit the crossover between the end of the main flat season and the start of the main National Hunt racing. However, the historic performance claims, and the focus on Class 2 racing, suggest that the results should still have been significantly better than we have seen. On the basis of the review period I am unable to offer any rating for Cleeve Racing.

The full list of results from the review period can be found here.


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