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| July 6, 2011 | 39 Replies

This new ‘once in a blue moon-ly’ feature will highlight shoddy systems, scams and awful customer service in a bid to save you from the fiendish clutches of the betting world’s most unsavoury, or in some cases, just plain useless, characters.

If you’d like to highlight a system, tipster or service that should be avoided like a plague of drunken Millwalll fans, leave a comment on the site or email me at

Our first tip off comes from Betting Rant subscriber Denis, who says that he has been refused a refund by one Daniel Morrison…

“Hi Matt,

This email is for your info and the protection of your other readers Re: “At Last Something That Works!”


Not only does this system not work it comes with a guarantee that the seller Daniel Morrison will not honour:


Having used this system myself for a long while now and because of the confidence I have in it continuing to be successful I am willing to guarantee it working for everyone who buys it. The guarantee is this: Follow the system rules step by step for two weeks only. If at the end of that time you can tell me that this system has not worked and could not make you £500 a week or more in clear profit, then I will refund your money in full, no questions asked. I simply cannot be fairer than that.

I have emailed Daniel Morrison 8 times asking for help with the system all he sends out are page copies of what I already have along with insulting remarks. On the last four emails I have asked for a refund of £67 as I can’t use something I don’t understand, my requests for a refund have been ignored.

I’m quite sure he won’t be happy at the adverse publicity he will get if you take this matter up but he deserves it.


If you have any experience of Daniel Morrison, or if you are Mr Morrsion and would like to respond, you can leave a comment below this article.

UPDATE: Since this episode I’m pleased to announce that Denis did receive his refund in full from Mr Daniel Morrison.



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  1. Daniel Morrison says:

    Well what a wonderfully impartial and fair website this Betting Rant is! All you have to do is send in an email slagging someone off and you can immediately get them labelled a scammer. How charming! What about contacting me first and asking for my side of the story eh? Wouldn’t that be fairer, wouldn’t that allow you to get a full view of what has happened? For your information this person who tells you he is called Denis but signs his emails as Julian, (That’s one fib already on his part you never looked in to), asked for a refund the day after buying the system as ‘he didn’t like it’. To me that is unfair as an electronic download cannot be returned and the guarantee does ask for users to try the system and show me it doesn’t work with some bets placed. Not too much to ask I don’t think. He then kept emailing saying he didn’t understand the system despite claiming to be a racing fan and gambler for a good number of years and has been the first person to claim he didn’t understand despite selling hundreds of copies over the years. Lets be honest, it is NOT difficult to understand and I gave him two or three email replies trying to explain what was already pretty obvious but he ws then just trying to be an ass. Anyway thanks for nothing Betting Rant, your site really is the place to go for impartial betting reviews. NOT! I recommend everyone emails Betting Rant claiming any website is unfair and see how many thousands of scammers this site can’t wait to post up without checking the facts through first!

  2. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for getting in touch. Everybody is entitled to their opinion and Denis’s opinion is clearly that your standard of customer service is not very good.

    Having offered your side of the story, people can make their own minds up but my view is that you are not justified in withholding the refund. After all, the vast majority of genuine system and service providers offer a “no questions asked” money back guarantee within a set period.


  3. Denis says:

    What a liar he is I spent two weeks asking him for clearer explanations. That was until I got fed up with no help plus the insults and asked for a refund.

    Incidentally, I run the Julian Jay Hair & Scalp Clinic hence the name Julian on my email address

  4. Fair enough that you have at least replied so thanks for that but what right have you got to say that me witholding a refund is not fair? It has absolutely nothing to do with you and I would appreciate it if you took that back. What ‘the majority’ of system sellers do is 1, their business and 2, not proven by you and just something you are ‘presuming’.

    We could go back and forth with this but I will try and look after my busineess and probably best that you do the same with yours. I wouldn’t post anything defamatory about anyone without absolute proof and not hearsay like you clearly do.


  5. I would like to add that I have a Buyer Beware tag on your website now after one email from an unhappy buyer, just 1! How is that fair? I hope everyone reading this can see how ridiculous this makes the website. We could all just claim a website is rubbish and hey presto! they are labelled a scammer straight away. I have sold hundreds of these and also refunded plenty of genuine buyers too in the past. It would be nice if you collected more information before knocking an honest business and system that clearly works just because one person who cannot work out the simplest of systems even after very clear instructions and wanted a refund within 24hours for reasons which are not in my guarantee rules, is a bit unhappy and cannot be bothered to put any effort in to something they have bought.

    I have no respect for your site and your knee jerk reactions to slag people off without any in depth investigations just to fill out web space, sorry.


  6. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Daniel there is nothing defamatory posted here. If you read the piece, the only comment I make is that a Betting Rant reader says that he requested a refund but was not given one – something that you do not deny.

    I have every right to say that I don’t think it’s fair because that is an opinion, not a statement of fact and everyone has a right to air an opinion.

    I do know for a fact and can prove that one of the biggest system publishers in the UK, Agora, provides a “no questions asked” money back guarantee with all of their products. I believe that a guarantee of that nature provides greater value and piece of mind to the customer than a guarantee that is not clearly defined, such as your own.

    It may well be that Denis is one unhappy customer among a pool of thousands of delighted customers and I would urge Betting Rant readers to make up their own minds with the information available to them.


  7. Why don’t you have a section asking people of their opinions before slagging people off with no proof or any facts before just posting rubbish after one solitary email?. This way you may just get a balanced view although I think you like the dramatic headlines don’t you? Plus you would have to actually put some effort in to your site rather than just turn out lies and speculation.

    Just out of interest, how do you know, before you posted his email, that I hadn’t given this person a refund and he was just making it up to be sly? What proof do you have? Why don’t you test systems yourself before coming to a decision on what they are like or are you just too lazy and can’t be bothered?

    Oh and these ‘big system sellers’ Agora who are so honest and trustworthy, that would just happen to be your company wouldn’t it. 🙂


  8. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Daniel you’ve admitted that you haven’t given him a refund – anything else is irrelevant.

    Agora do provide no quibble refunds – anything else is irrelevant.

    I don’t have reviews on here at present as it is not a review site although this is an area that I am looking to move into. I do test products however and I would be more than happy to test yours.

    In fact, I’d be more than happy to make it the very first full review on the website. Just send a copy of the system to my email address and I’ll get cracking today.

  9. Forget that I have admitted I have given no refund, I haven’t as it does not comply with my guarantee, which is clear for all to see before they buy. It is there for a reason and I stick with that not what you who seem to think you are cleaner than clean although we have no proof of this of course.

    You posted your first post on this subsject under the blazing headlines of ‘Scammer Alert!!!!’ before even asking me and getting my side of the story or even to check if in fact I hadn’t given a refund. If I had not posted here you would still have one emailer saying he had not got a refund without any proof whatsoever – everything else is also irrelevant would you not agree?

    I will say again, it has nothing to do with anyone what I do regards refunds. Where is your proof that you or anyone else gives a full no questions asked refund? You cannot prove this so please don’t even bother.

    I’m sure that Julian or whatever his name is will give you a copy of the system – if in fact you are not the same person.

  10. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    No you’re quite right, you can do whatever you want regarding refunds and if you’re happy with your refund policy then you shouldn’t be too fussed about another company publicising it.

    But then it’s not surprising that you’re unhappy because you clearly don’t want anybody to know too much about your system. After all you clearly don’t want your system reviewed and you also seem to have no response to the other forums and sites completely independent of myself that have given you the thumbs down.

    And quite why you think that the editor of a successful e-letter/website with tens of thousands of readers would go to all the trouble of making up a claim against a largely irrelevant blip in the betting landscape is beyond me. It did make me chuckle though.

    Anyway, I’m bored with this now, so I’ll summarise then leave you to it…

    A Betting Rant reader has had a bad experience with you and has been refused a refund – you don’t deny this.

    I believe that anybody looking to purchase a betting system is better off using a publisher such as Agora that offers a “no questions asked” money back guarantee but hey, that’s just my opinion.

    I’m not trying to influence anybody – they can look at the information and make up their own minds.

    I’ve let you have your say and if you provide me with a copy for review I will gladly do just that.

    And there you have it.


  11. Denis says:

    Found this posted on another site exactly the same experience as me.

    Gordon Coles says:

    April 5, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Unfortunately I succumbed to the temptation and bought this one. It is sold as a system, which it most definitely is not! The seller is Summit publishing, they are obviously a wonderful bunch, for they offer a “no questions asked” 2 week full money back guarantee. YER RIGHT!!!!
    I did exactly as asked and papertraded the method for 2 weeks, with disastrous results, therefore I contacted them by email, 3 times and also made a refund request via Paypal. They have totally ignored me on all fronts!!

    Be warned!! Never mind the so called system/method, never under any circumstances purchase anything from this bunch of crooks.

  12. huw says:

    well done matt, wow what an attitude that guy has, i fully beleive that you gave him every chance to reply to your original letter and to put his point across, but he replied with all guns blazing and couldnt wait to attack you and your comments. i did think it became boring towards the end and you were right to call a halt to it (but thats just my opinion, and i am entitled to my opinion). look, we all know that certain systems and tips etc will not suit everyone, but yes there are others who would find the very same systems/tips acceptable, and possibly profit from them. you cannot please all the people all of the time, and the sooner some people realise this the better. i could understand this guy getting annoyed over one bad comment (as he clearly was), however, what better opportunity to clear up and to inform the betting public that he runs a very worthwhile and reputable system. i dont think he took the oportunity very well, in fact i think his replies made him sound a bit like a dick, but this again is just my opinion, again one which i am entitled to because they are my thoughts. i for one would not now buy a product from this geezer, not because the product may or may not deliver what it says on the tin (and i would like to read a review, with an open mind) but because i wouldnt like to do business with someone who i possibly couldnt communicate with if i needed to. anyway, to summarise, 1. well done on highlighting this system, 2. whats his problem? he’s already sold hundreds over the years.(so he says) 3. oh, i’m getting bored again, next rant please.
    keep up the good work matt!

  13. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Thanks Huw, I enjoyed reading that!

    Despite what he says, this site is very open and transparent and all of his comments were and will continue to be published without any form of censorship (within reason obviously).

    Before yesterday I’d never even heard of him or his system and I’ve nothing against him personally, I just feel that information like this deserves a public airing and I will continue to publish information like this about other vendors if I feel that it is justified.

    Think of it is a betting version of Watchdog. Actually don’t, that would put me in the same bracket as Anne Robinson!!

  14. frank says:

    Good morning Matt
    Although majority will realise but you have today’s tips showing as Thursday 7th.I hope Daniel Morrison not getting to you! Have a good week end.

  15. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Frank,

    Thanks for letting me know, I’ve changed it now. Hopefully today is as good as yesterday!

    And don’t worry about Daniel, it kept me entertained!


  16. terry says:

    Matt – not very good at this game,I take it you mean anything at evens or below we back,anything above we place,yes?
    Regards Terry
    PS I don’t need to put my password in,it comes straight up!

  17. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Terry,

    Yeah, some computers do that, makes it a bit quicker for you.

    You’re nearly there. Anything evens or below we back as a normal bet and anything above that we back each-way with twice our stake (these bets have an EW next to them).

    So, a bet at 10/11 will be £10 on the win. A bet at 2/1 will be £20 each-way.

    If you are betting with Betfair, who don’t offer each way bets, bet £10 on the win and £10 on the place for anything above evens.

    Dutch bets are the same as they always were (see guide for more info if required).

    Hope that makes sense.


  18. Jim says:

    Hi Matt, Surely the advice in your last post should read £10EW Total £20.
    Best regards, Jim.

  19. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Jim,

    Which bet are you referring to?


  20. Richard says:

    Hi Matt,

    I registered here yesterday after being directed to your site by jack at moremoneyreviews. I have got a form based lay system that i am using and would be glad to post my selections on here if that’s ok.

  21. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Richard,

    I’m happy enough to post them in the proofing section of the site starting next week. Could you email me at with a brief overview of the selection process and we’ll take it form there.


  22. willie baird says:

    hi matt enjoyed reading al those comments and i have got a no quibble money back on a system i wasnt happy with from agora n if i buy anymore sysems i am not happy with i no il get me mony bak so im more than happy eh. also i wish i had a system 2 test n id let u r agora test it 2 ha ha

  23. john says:

    Dear Matt, read prevoius posts with great interest.. i would like to say that i had a similar experience back in march of this year.With a guy called richard ashdown of percentage profits, selling a system called H.C.H.H. . same story were you can trial it for a month and if it does not work out claim a refund, this i did after an unsuccessful trial.. i was initially given a promise of a refund after my first email but nothing since then despite numerous emails.. regards john

  24. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi John,

    Do you have any other details for him such as a registered address or telephone number?

    This sort of thing isn’t on at all and it gives the rest of us a bad name.


  25. john says:

    Hi Matt, many thanks for your email, the system is called High Class Hype Horses.. richard ashdown
    26,york street
    london w1u 9pz
    regards john… if you find out anything further about this guy can you let me know…cheers

  26. john says:

    Hi Matt, hope you dont mind but i have sent you a copy email to agora email as proof i was promised a refund… thanks again john

  27. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Not at all. I’ve just replied.

  28. Paul says:


    I also took the plunge on HCHH. All was going well for a period (bank increased 60%) until 1 particular day at the end of July when all profit was wiped out. 6 lays in 8 races won their race. It got worse from then on and my bank is now 60% down as at Nov 13th….. Nov 13th is a significant date as that is the last day the bot actually worked. Customer support appears to to be non existant now as I’ve had no response to emails since then.

    I should have smelled a rat right from the start when Mr Ashdown didn’t take kindly to constructive criticism about his results spreadsheet….. some results had commission deducted, others didn’t. SPs were quoted at BSP + a certain % when accurate BSPs have been available for years.
    Decimal odds were quoted incorrectly throughout e.g evens showed as 1.0, 2/1 as 2.0 etc. When I questioned why ‘industry standard’ decimal odds were not used, I was told “it was easier to do it like that” !! There were several other errors in the spreadsheet which were never corrected.

    Anyway, eventually, I was basically told to piss off and leave him alone !

    Seems to me like it was a get rich scheme by the author and he’s now ‘done a runner’

  29. Paul says:

    Apologies, above should say ‘ISP + a certain %’ , ‘BSP +’

  30. Paul says:

    Fingers are not working, lol. Apologies, above should say ‘ISP + a certain %’ , NOT ‘BSP + a certain….’

  31. Robert says:

    Just read comments about HCHH. I also was not impressed with it and only got involved with it because, if I remember correctly, Matt Bisogno( whom I HAVE EVERY RESPECT FOR,)gave it some credence. I received my refund with no problem, but I did ask for it through Matt. It seems a long time ago and I hadn’t thought about it or heard anything up until I started to read these posts! Don’t know if Matt changed his mind, but Ashdown seemed to have a reasonable reputation up until then.

  32. Malcolm says:

    I have subscribed to your site and have read with interest and some disappointment the string about Mr Morrison but would make this observation. If he was a scammer he wouldn’t have refunded the money but taking that to one side and this comment is for all of you.

    I don’t think a betting system is possible for the following reasons. A horse bred to do six furlongs which on the gallops does well at that trip will produce helpful form if it runs at this distance. Sadly it is a standard trick of all trainers to runs horses three times to get an artificially low handicap rating. To achieve that they routinely run a horse on going that doesn’t suit it, the wrong grade and mostly the wrong distance. This fact contrived to make a good deal of the declared form utterly meaningless and since all systems can only be based upon that type of information betting systems cannot work even over the short term.

    What I ma saying is that trainers routinely give instructions on top of that to pull the arse of a horse to keep it away from any horse that has a higher rating for fear of going up the handicap before they have had their little touch. The game is to know about that get into the mind of the trainer and bet accordingly. THAT takes weeks of study and no system can possibly predict when any horse is or will be trying.

    How many times have you and your collective pundits picked out what is affectionately called ‘a handicap good thing’ to see it tailed off and blatantly not trying. Hundreds of times. Never a day goes by without you seeing horses just strolled to the line when racing rules state each horse has to be run to its merit that never happens.

    The finally we have the going. How many times have you selected a multiple bet [Heinz or yankee] based upon good to soft to find after great clods of earth are kicked up during the first race to be then informed [as if that were necessary] the going mysteriously is now heavy. In the eighties when I did put in the time to win I used to routinely get ten pound each way doubles up. On twelve occasions that same two went to a third selected on the same basis none of which won to make that big hit.The interesting thing that I noticed is that everyone of them came stone last but won next time out. Funny old world gambling.

    A little envelope to the jockey especially when the bookmakers stand to lose 40k to 70k if the third horse wins and bobs your uncle its tough luck BUT is it luck or is it fixed. Put it this way I stopped gambling my money going for the big hit with twenties and up to fifty. I use the odds and small stakes so that if there lose for the above reasons It doesn’t hurt me but if I win I win a lot. NEVER put a lot of money on any horse or dog for that matter because it is too easy for the bookmakers to fix the race when they stand to lose a lot of money.

  33. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Malcolm,

    I’ve added some spaces to your comment to make it easier to read. I hope you don’t mind.

    As regards Mr Morrison I never claimed that he was a scammer and I’m sure he isn’t one. The issue was regards the money back guarantee and, to his credit, this has now been resolved.

    As for horseracing systems your comments are very interesting and thanks for contributing however I don’t agree that there is no such thing as a winning system simply because I have seen and used them first hand.

    In addition there are also some very good lay systems (backing a horse to lose) which could well take advantage of your opinion regarding horses and handicap ratings. If you expect them to lose why not back them to do so?


  34. Sarah says:

    With respect Matt, you’ve made Mr Morrison the focus of an article titled ‘Buyer Beware…’ and with an opening paragraph which promises “…shoddy systems, scams and awful customer service in a bid to save you from the fiendish clutches of the betting world’s most unsavoury, or in some cases, just plain useless, characters.”

    That’s the framework within which you’ve placed someone who you subsequently admit you’re sure isn’t a scammer.

    I’m not defending Mr Morrison, but this is sensationalist ‘trial by media’ and (whatever your opinion) it is not just.

    My question: what was your motive for publishing this post?

    Was it to get Denis his refund? If so, might I suggest you could have contacted Mr Morrison discretely, representing Betting Rant, and fired a proverbial shot across his bow. If he didn’t respond within a reasonable time, then by all means go ahead and expose him.

    If though, he provides the refund, then problem solved.

    Was it to bring a rogue seller to public attention? Well, that’s a noble objective, but seriously, you’ve gone about it in a very hit-and-miss fashion.

    You may well have uncovered your rogue. But you may just have easily have wound up giving the wrong impression about Mr Morrison.

    You say that we as readers can make up our own minds – but that’s downright lazy journalism. Why did you not give Mr Morrison the right to reply, before the post was published? I’d suggest it’s because either you’ve been lazy, or you’ve been biased.

    I’m sure I cannot be the only reader here, who wants to know the facts – the whole story – so we’re in a position to intelligently make up our minds.

    In summary, this column has a noble goal to champion buyers of betting systems. But your modus operandi is wholly unprofessional – surprising for a publishing house with the reach of Agora.

    You distance yourself from Anne Robinson and Watchdog; but compare how you’ve operated here with how the TV program operates, and then tell me you aspire to the same standards of professional journalism.

  35. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Been a while since this little episode!

    In reference to the top line, I don’t see an issue with that – it’s not saying that all the people featured are scammers, they could merely be a bit useless with poor customer service.

    My motive was simply to help out a reader who emailed in – nothing more, nothing less.

    I appreciate that I may have been a little over zealous in getting the post up but then this kind of thing isn’t what I usually do as I’m more about betting tips and analysis of sporting events. Of course I should have given Mr Morrison the opportunity to reply before it was posted but what’s done is done. I certainly gave him the opportunity to respond afterwards and the final conclusion was that Denis recieved his refund, so job done as far as I’m concerned.

    As I say, I’m sure I could have gone about it a little bit better and more professionally, so lesson learnt but then again, this service is called the Betting Rant for a reason!!


  36. Sarah says:

    I have to say yours was a very mature reply. I put my tuppenny worth in as constructive criticism to (hopefully) make you think in future, and I’m glad you’ve taken it in the spirit intended.

    It’s all very well excusing this column as nothing more than a Rant, but its a very public rant and riding rough-shod over someone else’s livelihood is irresponsible at best. You (probably) got it right this time, but as a betting man you’ll know… luck can turn around and bite you sometimes.

  37. danokel says:

    Hi Matt i bought a system called Betwinners pro on June 19th with a “no questions asked” guarantee. I found the system was not worth the money and having contacted the vendor complaining that the system was not working I was persuaded to give it a little longer i.e the full 60 days I agreed but by JULY 6th it had shown no improvement so I requested a refund and again on the 10th and 11th of July all receiving no reply so I went straight to Clickbank who are now contacting the vendor hopefully more successfully than I. Now Matt I fully realize that the time I took to take action was short and maybe not sufficient to mak a considered judgement but operating the system daily I feel that it will never work and feel well justified in my action. perhaps I would have felt a little differently If I had received any reply from the vendor. Who the hell can we complain to?
    Terry Warrington

  38. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Terry,

    The problem with all betting services is there is no real regulatory body and so nobody to complain to, no matter how poor the system and/or customer service is.

    If it’s advertised as a no questions asked refund however then you should certainly be getting one regardless of whether it works or not. I’m pretty sure that Clickbank will ensure any refunds are made (unlike PayPal) but if it’s not successfully resolved, let me know and I’ll see if I can help.


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