Are You Brave Enough To Bet Profitably?

| August 22, 2019 | Reply

Sometimes, you need to change something.

It’s been another week of not enough sleep, not enough time at work and not enough seats on my morning train.

I suppose that’s why we bet.

To have something else. Some excitement on the side. And, with a fair wind, a bit of extra money now and again to do things with.

Me, I’m getting out of London this weekend. Don’t even know where yet. Nowhere exotic, I’ll stay in England, but I’m going to dip into the betting bank, turn up at the train station, and… escape.

If I have a fun adventure I’ll let you know.

Here’s a question.

What part does betting play in your life?

Is it a casual flutter, more for the excitement than the money?

Are you a full time punter, to use that ambiguous noun that can also mean a frequenter of red light establishments?

Or are you, as I guess most of us who read the Betting Rant are, somewhere in between?

We take betting more seriously than your typical old boy who haunts the betting shop (sorry to stereotype, but that’s the evidence of my eyes whenever I have reason to step in one).

We don’t necessarily consider ourselves experts. That’s why we outsource some or all of our analysis to tipsters (I know some expert tipsters in their own right who also follow other tipsters).

Some readers – you may well be one of them – have already taken this part of our betting to a more serious level.

We’ve joined the independent proofing service Tipstars, run by the very diligent Chris Sowerby.

Chris is what you might call an evidence enthusiast.

He’s a show-me-the-numbers guy. Track record is everything.

Chris grinds those numbers on behalf of all of us, and makes the results available (for free) on the Tipstars website.

But that’s not all.

Chris has been bagging some great deals recently for those of you on the Tipstars mailing list.

We’re talking access to profitable services, proofed by Tipstars, at hefty discounts (add the money you save to your betting bank, or use it to buy a ticket to somewhere random when you feel like it).

It costs nothing to join the Tipstars mailing list, so you should sign up to see what offers Chris has next for his members. Sign up for free here to start receiving these discounts.

As if that’s not enticing enough, being a part of Tipstars makes you a shining beacon of truth and reason in a dark post-truth world.

I’m not saying it makes you better than other people.

But it will mean other people aren’t as good as you.

Because when you join Tipstars today, you’ll flood your betting life with pure fact and rational thinking.

And that’s a brave thing to do.

Think of those guys who give it all that about their big wins, but have selective amnesia about all the little losses that add up to swamp their wins and leave them in the red.

Think of the blokes in the pub cashing out at crap odds for a small profit rather than continue betting on an outcome they were already happy to bet before the match when that outcome was less likely than it is now!

These people are scared. Scared of reality itself, which is never a good place to be.

Don’t be like them. Be logical, be rational, be evidence led.

Join Tipstars.


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