Bookie Watch: Never Look A Betting Shop In the Eye

| July 21, 2011 | 6 Replies

I wasn’t going to write anything today as I’m just about to head off to Ascot and I’m in a bit of a rush…

However, I spotted something on Tuesday night and it’s been niggling away at me to such an extent that I just had to let you know about it.

Picture a betting shop window and what do you see?

The first thing I think of is the board with a suggested bet, complete with potential winnings – it will look something like this…

Manchester United 3 Newcastle 0

Bet £10, win £110

I’ve seen a million of these boards and generally I think fair enough.

Sure, correct score markets don’t offer much value (hence why they’re highlighted in shop windows) but the predicted score is usually pretty feasible.

Well, that was what I thought before Tuesday night.

You see, on Tuesday I wandered past a betting shop on the way home from the butchers and spotted this board…

Peru 3 Uruguay 1

Bet £10, win £130

Whooooa there!

That’s Peru, of which Paddington Bear is a descendent, to beat Uruguay 3-1 at odds of 12/1…


Now one, Peru were big underdogs, with Uruguay odds on…

And two, prior to the Uruguay match, Peru had scored a grand total of two goals during normal time in the entire tournament – that’s four matches or 360 minutes…

And the betting shop was offering 12/1!

Now, the only reason I can possibly think of for those odds is the fact that the shop is in England and your average Englishman won’t know the last thing about Peru or Uruguay…

Apart from the fact that Paddington Bear is a descendant of the former of course…

So, in other words, they were essentially conning people out of their hard earned and while that is admittedly what they strive to do day in, day out, this wasn’t even subtle.

The moral of the story then is this…

One, never place a bet without doing any research and two, just as importantly, never ever look a betting shop in the eye – if it gets you under its spell, you can say goodbye to the contents of your wallet!

Oh and one last thing before I go…

I’m currently putting together a betting preview for the new season and as part of the preview I’m interviewing a fan of each club.

I’m still looking for fans of Blackburn, Bolton, Man City, Sunderland, Swansea, West Brom and Wigan, so if you follow any of those sides please get in touch.

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  1. Wayne says:

    Hi Matt

    When you do one about the lower reaches of league football give us a call and ill tell you all about Bradford City

  2. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Will do Wayne. Although you never know, it wasn’t that long ago you were in the top flight!

  3. Rob Broadhurst says:

    Hi Matt

    Ladbrokes by any chance?

    If you are still looking for a West Brom fan for your Premiership fan article, let me know. I am a season ticket holder (Brummie Road end) and would be happy to help if needs be.

    Oh, loved the string on Mr Morrison. If I were him, I would have refunded immediately regardless. Think of the brownie points he would have garnered! Shame on him.

    p.s – Have ticked the box but some would still argue I am not human! 🙂

  4. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Rob,

    In all honesty, I can’t remember but it may have been Coral. Whoever it was, it was a shocking price – I wouldn’t have gone near it at 28/1.

    I’ve now got all the teams covered but thanks for the offer anyway. I’ll keep you in mind if I need a Baggies fan in the future.

    And as for Mr Morrison, well, that was quite entertaining wasn’t it?! I recieved an email from Denis the next day to tell me that he did eventually get the refund as direct a result of my article, so time well spent I think!

    All the best,

  5. John Barnett says:

    Interesting post. I too have been thinking about these “mug bets” My local bookies always seems to get these bets totally wrong. I’ll do some research to see how often they get them wrong. There could be lay bet possibilities. Yesterday, Ladbrokes were offering Chesterfield to beat Torquay 3-0 Bet £10 win £160. Result Chesterfield 1 Torquay 3. Could be the basis of a system.

    Obviously I would never take the advice of a bookie on what to bet on but it seems there are plenty who will because iot is easier to do that than actually work out a sensible system that will bring in consitent profits.

  6. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi John,

    It would be a very interesting test and I do get the feeling that the people that put up the ‘tips’ are getting bonuses/pats on the back for losers rather than winners. Certainly I can’t remember ever seeing a winner and I’ve seen plenty.

    My thoughts regarding a system are that the odds are usually too big for straight lay bets but a trading system may work.


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