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Product Name:

i-BET (Intelligent Betting)

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Commission of 25% of winnings is invoiced each month. No payment if you have no profit in a month.

Money Back Guarantee:

No, but you only pay commission on profit and you can access the system free for one week to “paper trade” the tips before committing.

What Do You Get?

Win single selections on UK and Irish racing seven days a week. This is not your average tipping service and there are on average 50-60 tips per day, sometimes more. See the full review for more details of how this works in reality.

Where to Buy:


Brief Summary:

The system uses an online interface which suggests horses throughout the day between 11 am and 8 pm (or 10 minutes before the last race if earlier). The system gives the horses name, course, race time and the price you need to obtain to make it a valid bet. If you manage to place the bet at the correct suggested price you click a green tick and it places that horse in the matched section of your account, if you can’t get the suggested price you don’t place the bet and hit a red cross to remove it. The system calculates your profit and loss for the month based on these and invoices you for 25% commission on your profit each month.

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A 200-point starting bank is recommended.

How Much Money Can I Make?

The service aims to provide a 100-point profit each month. However, achieving this is much more likely the more selections you are able to place.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

To follow every tip presented by the system is nigh on a full-time job from 11am each day (including weekends). If you only follow the selections at selected times e.g. weekends, then there is an increased risk of not making anything like the returns mentioned.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

A mobile device or PC with an internet connection and online accounts with multiple bookmakers as recommended by the service.

Value for Money?

I’m going to defer until the end of the trial to comment fully but any service where you only pay on results can’t be bad, oh and the bank nearly trebled in Month 1 if you had covered every bet!! As payment is based on results then there is value to be had here. Whilst 25% commission may appear steep to some, we were still left with an ROI (Return on Investment) of almost 11% after deducting the commission from the winnings. If the system works for you in terms of operating requirements then there is value here.

Quality of Customer Service?

I have found dealing with Richard an absolute joy from day one. He is attentive, quick to respond and no request seems to be too much trouble.


When I was asked to review this system, and include it in the Tipster League, I must admit to having an air of trepidation with the number of selections involved. However, the system is extremely slick and user-friendly. The biggest “issue” with this service is the sheer volume of selections you have to try and place.

An e-mail alert is sent when a new selection is added to the system. Once logged onto the system you place all bets from there. On the left-hand side of the screen you will see all of the current selections with the horses name, meeting, type of race, race time, price offered (in fractional and decimal format) and a link to the bet slip with the bookie(s) offering the price. If you are able to place the bet at the requisite odds, then you click the “green tick” and the bet is saved to your “matched bets” area. If not, you click the “red cross” and the selection is removed from the screen.
All selections are one-point flat stakes, so it is a simple exercise to place the bet, especially with the direct links to the bookmaker sites. There can be multiple selections in the same race and all of the tips are generated from the i-BET algorithm, which looks to identify value selections. The basis of the service being that if you are on enough value selections often enough then you will make a profit.

The system then records all of your selections and prices obtained and calculates your profit or loss and then raises an invoice for 25% of the profit at the end of each month. No profit = no charge.
The right-hand side of the screen has a user forum, recently matched prices (so you can see at a glance where the price is still available), a list of todays meetings and races and some statistics from the best performing users of the system.

In all honesty, there is a lot of information on the screen and at first glance it may appear a little intimidating, but after a couple of times using the system it is actually very simple and intuitive.
The results speak for themselves (see below), but there are a couple of potential drawbacks that I can see. Firstly, this service won’t be for everyone. I often talk about finding a tipster that fits your own personal circumstances and betting style, and to be as sure as you can of making the returns indicated you need to devote a lot of time to this service. As you move further and further away from following every tip then you are building in more and more risk as your returns will become very dependent on the ratio of winners to losers you hit.

Secondly, there is a huge amount of action to follow and you will need active accounts with as many bookmakers as possible. Partly to ensure you can match the price as often as possible, but also so that you can spread the load around, otherwise you could fall foul of account closures and restrictions very quickly.

Results – Month 1 (23 April to 22nd May 2018)

Hold on to your hats and batten down the hatches – 388.60 points profit in the first month of the review!! The service virtually trebled its bank in the month!!

So we should all sign up today right? Well maybe not. These results are genuine, and to flat one-point stakes. However, there were 2,433 separate selections to place in the month, an average of around 80 selections per day, often with multiple selections in the same race. So to achieve these mesmerising returns you would have had to devote the full month to working the system. In fairness, i-BET aim to deliver a minimum 100-point profit to users each month and this is dependent on the number of selections you follow and the ratio of winners to losers that gives.

The winning strike rate was 15.54% (378 out of 2,433). The ROI (Return on Investment) was 15.97% and the ROC (Return on Capital) 194.30%.

Had you been fortunate enough to place every selection you would have ended up with an invoice for 97.15 points as the 25% of your profit, still clearing a very healthy £3k if betting at £10 per point!

Results – Month 2 (23rd May to 22nd June 2018)

Ok, so the service nearly made 400 points in Month 1, well it exceeded 400 points in Month 2! A return of 416.88 points profit at an ROI (Return on Investment ) of 17.49%. The month got off to a flyer with five profitable days in excess of 40 points in the first six. This included a single day profit of 106.73 points. On the flip side we did see more losing days this month – 11 compared to eight last month – and three of those days incurred single-day losses in excess of 40 points.

However, we need to be clear once again that this return entailed placing every one of the 2,384 selections during the month at the advised prices. This is a similar number of selections to the previous month and delivered a strike rate of around 15% for the second straight period.

Your commission invoice for this period would have been for 104.22 points, but you would still have cleared in excess of £3,000 for the second month running at £10 per point stakes.

Overall we have now seen over 800 points profit at an ROI of 16.72% and a Return on Capital which has seen the opening bank multiply fivefold.

Results – Month 3 (23rd June to 22nd July 2018)

The third and final month of the review period delivered the lowest monthly profit at a “mere” 192.81 points!! We saw the most “losing” days in a month with 13, plus one day which broke even.

Although the strike rate this month was slightly higher than the previous months at 16.14% it delivered an ROI (Return on Investment ) of 9.37%, the lowest of the three months by some way (due to the average price of the winning selections dropping in the month). This month also saw the lowest total number of bets, but this still amounted to 2,057 selections.

Placing £10 on every tip at the advised price would have generated a net income for the month (after deduction of the 25% commission) of £1,446.08.

Over the course of our three-month review we have generated 998.29 points of profit at an ROI of 14.52%, and seen our starting bank increase almost six fold in that time. The net profit, after commission, at £10 per point staking on all 6,874 selections would be just under £7,500.

Summary at End of Month 1

A mind-blowing set of figures and clearly i-BET have developed a system that works. However, you need to be clear in your own mind how many of the selections you would be able to place and how that would affect your own personal potential returns.

Summary at End of Month 2

This really is a full-time job to follow every advice given and I wonder how many people could realistically invest the time and money to do this. I cannot criticise the results, I have seen every selection in real time and checked a large sample of the prices available. In fairness, the claim made by I-BET is that they will deliver an average 100 points profit per month to clients. My concern here is that once you start placing only selected tips, as and when you are available, you build in a huge element of risk that you will hit a bigger proportion of losers to winners and reduce the potential returns accordingly.

Summary at End of Month 3

I’m going to award i-BET a four-star rating based purely on the results, which I really can’t fault. However, there is a huge caveat on the system being suitable for everyone. If you can treat it as full-time job and maintain your bookmaker accounts, then there is undoubted benefit available. However, any reduction in the number of tips followed begins to build uncertainty and risk into the system.

A full day-by-day summary of the number of the bets and daily returns over the three months is available here.


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