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It’s time for another column from our Head Reviewer, Peter Philipson. Enjoy and, as always, if you have any comments for myself or Peter you can leave a comment on the reviews section of the website or email

Matt Houghton

If all else fails read the instructions

The first time I look at many of the services and products I am asked to review I am not totally clear on what is being offered or how the product may work.

As I try to look at things from an ordinary punter viewpoint I will re-read if necessary and perhaps enquire of the service where I cannot fathom things out myself. If the response points out something that was already shown/stated I feel mortified!

But I do sometimes wonder if punters are their own worst enemies?

The number of times is increasing where I see or hear of a situation where the punter is feeling aggrieved and it turns out to be a case of not reading the instructions. It also appears that a service client now expects the service provider to be waiting for his email and respond immediately to a question…

Of course many of the less reputable service providers do not reply to emails at all or take a long time to do so but it does seem that the punter always assumes the worst and is quite prepared to broadcast this as fact when it may well not be the case.

Don’t get me wrong here, I am firmly in the punter’s corner when assessing the value and claims of a service but I do think that it is reasonable for the seller to expect some consideration as well.

As with any shop a service or product is being offered for sale and it is down to the individual whether they choose to buy what is on offer.

How far does the service provider’s responsibility go?

If, for example, a horse racing service is offered based on taking Best Odds Guaranteed prices at the time the selections are sent is it reasonable to ask the service if it works at Betfair Start Prices and then complain if the answer is either no or, as more likely, we do not know?

Should all services carry a warning that if it is successful as advertised there is a risk that you may struggle to keep your bookmaker accounts open? If a service did say that would people regard it as another clever marketing ploy implying that the profits are assured?

Is the seller entitled to assume a level of expertise from his potential customer?

Interesting question as many are advertised as suitable for newcomers in which case they are inferring they will be explaining everything for their clients (my experience is they don’t!). If you really do not appreciate an aspect of a service then by all means enquire and if you don’t understand the answer then don’t buy!

When is an account not an account?

The bookmaker account question has reared its ugly head again this week as I have received notification of a situation that I found hard to believe, even for these notoriously arrogant businesses.

A member going through the matched betting offers tried to open an account with Titanbet and when he reached the end of the sign up process received an error message saying the operation had failed please try again. When he did he could not get through to the site and so decided to wait a day and try again.

Next morning, without doing anything further, he received an email from Titan welcoming him to their service and inviting him to deposit funds and start betting with them, so the account had apparently been registered despite the error message received, or had it?

When he logged in to the account it immediately raised another message saying please contact support as the account was locked. He emailed them and after nearly 24 hours he then received a reply as below:

Thank you for choosing Titanbet. 

Please be aware that your account was closed due to our management’s decision with no option to reopen it. 

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the TitanBet Sport Support Team. We are available 7 days a week via chat, phone or E-mail.

So having never even been able to deposit funds with the bookie let alone place his bet they have closed his account – what an insult and what a pathetic communication to the potential punter!

He has asked for an explanation for the action but has received the standard “we can do what we like” response quoting terms and conditions at him.

The customer service team do not seem to have appreciated that the account was never operational and our member would like to know what he did to upset them…

A complaint via the CMA enquiry is going to be lodged as this seems an unreasonable stance to take.

Why might this have happened?

We can only speculate but as the member was following general advice given out in many places including here and using a VPS with IESnare blocked you have to wonder if Titan are doing the same as Tote and blocking access to accounts that will not let them spy on your device. I understand that this member is new to betting and has not placed bets totalling more than £500 in all and so is hardly going to be perceived as an expert.

The right to bet movement is gathering strength and I urge all Betting Rant members to support it where possible. Our friends at Justice for Punters can both guide you in the right direction for lodging complaints and making representations to the CMA.

Until the next time take care.


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