The Art Of Ante-Post Betting

| July 21, 2010 | 2 Replies

I met up with a friend last weekend who is a fellow football fan and sports bettor.

He’s currently celebrating a big win after Spain emerged victorious at the World Cup and so I asked him what price he took them at.

I expected to hear somewhere in the region of 6/1…

But was shocked when he said 16s…

And believe me, in the ever changing world of sport, it takes a LOT to shock me!

So, what was his secret?

A foolish bookmaker?

Well, maybe, but mainly it was because he had the foresight to see that the successful Spain side of Euro 2008 would not be much different to the one which took to the field in 2010.

So upon seeing ante-post prices of 16/1 for a Spanish World Cup win, shortly after the 2008 triumph, he pounced…

And two years later, has been handsomely rewarded.

A choice selection

A big part of achieving success in ante-post betting is choosing the correct event to stake your money on…

Because unsurprisingly, not every sport lends itself particularly well to the medium.

I mean, if you are willing to put a big bet on the Grand National months in advance, you are either very rich or very stupid.

Because it’s difficult enough to pick the line up for the event, let alone a winner, what with horse injuries, jockey injuries, form and the sheer ridiculousness of the race itself to take into consideration…

It’s enough to tie Paul the psychic octopus up in knots.

A much better bet is any event in which the variables are few and far between.

Such as the snooker World Championship, for example.

A groin strain is unlikely to befall Stephen Hendry and even if it did, something tells me that the Scot still wouldn’t have too many problems lining up his shots at the Crucible.

Team sports also lend themselves well to ante-post, due to many managers putting just as much influence on the quality of their squad as their starting line up.

You do still have to be careful however, particularly in club football.

After all, you can back the best team in a division by a distance but if they are in financial difficulties and slip into administration halfway through the campaign, the chances are there won’t be too many smiling faces come the season’s conclusion.

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An added incentive

The best bit about a good ante-post bet is that the long initial odds often mean that you will have the option to lay off your bet when the price drops…

Thus guaranteeing a profit.

Therefore you don’t even have to back a player or a team that you necessarily think will win…

Just one that is likely to be there or thereabouts.

Going back to the baize, I’ve often used this idea to my advantage in snooker.

Because for the last few years Ronnie O’Sullivan has wrongly been a big betting favourite for every major tournament going.

Sure, he’s the most talented player in the game currently…

Possible ever…

But talent doesn’t always equate to success.

Just ask Matt Le Tissier…

He couldn’t even get a game for England.

You see, when you actually look at the recent winners of the BBC televised tournaments in snooker, you’ll find that O’Sullivan hasn’t actually won that many in recent years…

Only four out of the last twenty in fact.

And if you ignore the favourite, you’ll come across a whole host of favourable odds, with Ronnie’s inevitably short price boosting those of his rivals.

This means that if he blows up again…

Not literally of course…

The odds on the other players will drop to such an extent that you can often lay them off at a profit, long before the final.

So next time you see a young national team with a bit of potential, an overrated player for an upcoming tournament, or a price that looks much too big, think ante-post and you may just end up with a very valuable investment.



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  1. Christopher Leighton says:

    Hello There I really enjoy recieving your betting Rant news letter some very good tips in there as of late and very useful advice aswell.

    I would just like to ask do you have any tips that I could back for any foruthcomming events that have caught your eye.

    Please keep the Rant’s comming you do a great job keep it up thank you.

    Hope to hear from you soon

  2. Matt Houghton Matt Houghton says:

    Hi Christopher, thanks for your comments. It’s always nice to hear people’s thoughts on the Betting Rant.

    I’ve been looking at the football this week and have spotted a couple of good prices in the Euro 2012 qualifiers on Friday night. I’m just putting them into an email as I speak, so they should be with you by the end of the day.

    All the best,

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