Are You Being Legally Robbed?

| January 22, 2015 | Reply

The other day I was sat on a train flicking through the free copy of The Standard and I saw a small article about the seemingly harmless ‘Spot The Ball’ competition…

Of course this competition is an old favourite, dating back to the days when football fans wore flat caps and actually watched the match rather than spend 90 minutes taking s**fies.

So, why describe it as only ‘seemingly’ harmless?

Well, because the jackpot for this game – which costs a minimum of 50p to play – hasn’t been won for ELEVEN years…

That, despite around 14,000 people entering every week!

To all intents and purposes that equates to legal robbery and so I thought I’d point out a few more examples of popular cons that you should steer clear of if you truly want to make your betting pay…

1) Scratchcards

Here is a list of the odds of winning the various prizes on a £1 scratchcard that I have chosen from the National Lottery website at random…

£1 = 11/1

£2 = 13/1

£5 = 73/1

Actually, you know what, I’ll stop right there (you can see the full list here) because that is quite frankly ludicrous.

To put it in betting terms, that’s the same as backing Championship Middlesbrough to win away at Premier League champions Manchester City this weekend at odds of even money…

Or, roughly the same as backing Championship Derby County to win the entire FA Cup at odds of 5/1.

2) Roulette

Do you know why there is a zero on the roulette table?

I’ll give you a clue – it’s not to help the punter.

There is a zero because the zero is neither black nor red and so your even money price on black or red is NOT value.

Of course in sports betting a small house edge isn’t terminal because sporting odds are about opinions but with casino games it IS terminal…

It’s simply maths – if you play roulette for long enough you WILL lose.

3) Bingo

Did you know that the typical house edge for an online bingo site is 40%?

That means that for every £100 you invest you will lose £40 on average!

If that wasn’t enough to put you off, it’s also mind numbingly boring.

4) Fruit machines, Fixed Odds Betting Terminals etc

The only thing these will give you is a betting addiction.

While I’m usually the first to roll my eyes at petitions and campaign groups and while I admit to laughing out loud this morning when I heard The S*n haven’t got rid of Page 3 and it was actually all a big publicity stunt, FOBTs are worthy of all the negative attention they receive.

You can argue that smoking, alcohol, topless glamour models and even illegal drugs all offer the user something and so it should be up to them whether they indulge or not…

FOBTs however offer the user nothing.

It’s not a case of the cons outweighing the pros – there are no pros.

They WILL lose you money and they ARE specifically designed to create and cultivate addictions.

5) F*****g trains!

I realise that last point was a little heavy (necessarily so, I might add) so to finish up for today and to take us nicely back to my journey home flicking through the paper, I’m simply going to point you towards this article.

It made me chuckle and if you also happen to use the blasted things regularly it’ll make you chuckle too!

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