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Product Name:

Architect Tips

Company Name & Contact Details:

JPW Racing Tipster Limited
t/a Tipsters Empire
Bromleys Barn
Stud Lane

01242 230200

E-mail contact via the form on the website at


The standard monthly price is £34.99. However, there are a number of different options available as follows:
Quarterly – £87.50 (a 16.7% saving over the monthly equivalent cost)
6-Monthly – £157.50 (a saving of 25% over the monthly equivalent cost)
Annually – £279.99 (a saving of 33.3% over the cost of twelve separate months)

There is also a 28-day trial membership available to new customers only at £2.99.

There is no automatic rebilling by Tipsters Empire. Instead you receive a reminder five days before your current membership expires with a link to renew. A further reminder is sent the day before your current membership period expires if you haven’t renewed.

There is also an option to purchase memberships for individual Festivals at £9.99 each or a one-year Festivals package for £95.00 which covers 17 Festivals across the year.

Money Back Guarantee:

Any request for a refund must be made via the support page and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Refunds for longer-term membership options (quarterly, six-monthly and annually) are charged an admin fee of £5 and calculated taking into account the cost of the period already used at the appropriate rate for that period.

What Do You Get?

Daily single bets on UK and Irish horse racing (occasionally further afield), delivered by e-mail the evening before racing, generally between 18:00 and 21:00.

Where to Buy:

Architect Tips

How Much Money Do I Need to Get Started?

A starting bank of 100-points is recommended.

How Much Money Can I Make?

Although no specific claims are made, the website points to historic results of £136 per month average profit based on £10 per point staking, or 13.6 points per month.

How Much Time Will I Need to Make This Work?

Minutes daily when the tips are received. Saturdays and Festivals are busier and can have up to eight selections, so take a bit longer.

Will I Need Any Equipment to Do This?

PC, laptop or mobile device with Internet access and accounts with a range of online bookmakers.

Value for Money?

I will, as always, wait until the end of the review before commenting. After the full three months of the review period we are sitting on a net loss of two months worth of subscriptions (£76.87 to be exact) if following at £10 per point stakes. At £50 per point you would have just about covered your subscription fees and been left with £35.53 profit! Based on the review period this is very much a borderline case of VFM and ultimately I have to fall on the side of “no” based purely on the review results. However, this does highlight one of the weaknesses of a short review period, as the result for the next month would actually give us a much clearer view. See my comments in the summary at the end of the review for more musings on this subject.

Quality of Customer Service?

James Walsh and his team at Tipsters Empire place customer service at the forefront of everything they do and aim to deliver a first-class experience to members. My dealings with them have always been conducted in a professional, courteous and timely fashion.


Steven Dowler, aka Architect Tips, joined Tipsters Empire in April 2016 and, after a successful trial, went live as a paid for service in August 2016. The historic results claim profits of 396.75 points since then, at an average monthly return of 13.6 points from a 32.15% strike rate and a 10.76% Return on Investment. There is a full breakdown of the historic results available on the website.

The daily e-mails are detailed in their analysis of each race being tipped and also contain a review of the previous days results. Tips come from both codes of racing and can range from odds-on to 40/1+. Steven also produces blogs around the big races with even more detailed analysis and comment.

E-mails are received the evening before racing so that the best value is available and the odds quoted are generally still available. If the tips are delayed there is an e-mail to advise you of that fact and give the expected time of the delivery. The e-mail usually arrives between 18:00 and 21:00 each evening.

The tips are usually staked as one-point win or half-point each way, but we have also seen 1.5 and two points to win selections.

There are an average of three tips per day but Saturdays and Festivals tend to average between four and six, with the remaining days being more likely to have just one or two. There are occasional “no bet” days and these are advised via the normal e-mail.

Steven states, “Instead of just putting 100% effort into my work, I like to put in that bit extra because I always believe you can improve.” The detail in the write ups for each selection certainly show the commitment to studying the races and generating long-term profit for his members.

Results – Month 1 (13th August to 12th September 2018)

Architect Tips opened his review period with a monthly profit of 26.23 points, so almost double the monthly average claimed. The ROI (Return on Investment) also exceeded the historic claims, achieving a very tasty 24.62%. The strike rate in this first month was 21.9%, down on the average claimed, but with average odds of selections at 9.56 (just over 17/2) still an acceptable result.

The average odds of the winning selections was 7.08 (a tad over 6/1) and this included seven double digit winners. The biggest priced winner was War Glory at Kempton at 18/1, followed by Udontdodou who scored at 16/1 at Windsor. At the other end of the spectrum, there were eight winners priced at shorter than 2/1. However, the service openly states “Odds range from anything between odds-on to 40/1, perhaps even higher if the value is there to be taken.” At the end of the day, the mix of selections and winners is only important inasmuch as it affects the overall return.

There were two losing sequences of 10 and one of 11 during the month, but there were also several days with multiple winners.

Results – Month 2 (13th September to 12th October 2018)

Unfortunately, Month 2 saw us give back half of the profits from Month 1 as a loss of 13.23 points was suffered. Over the two months to date we are still sitting on a profit of 13 points, although this is around 50% of the historic monthly average. This month was bumbling along around the breakeven mark until a run of 12 consecutive losses, the longest we have seen in the review to date, knocked our position to a loss of just under 13 points. The remainder of the month then returned to running around breakeven leaving us with the 13-point loss at the end of it.

The strike rate fell further this month, finishing at just 16.22%, with 18 winners from 111 selections.

The average odds of all selections was very similar to the previous month, but the average odds of the winning selections fell by 1.5 points to 5.5 (9/2). The total number of selections was similar month to month and it was the combination of a lower strike rate and lower win odds that led to the poorer performance.

After two months the service is still showing a profit after the cost of the monthly membership. At £10 per point stakes this net profit is £59.97 and at £50 per point £579.77.

Results – Month 3 (13th October to 12th November 2018)

Despite the strike rate climbing back up slightly to 19.66% we still saw a further loss in the month of 10.19 points. This means that after 333 tips across the three months of the trial we are virtually back where we started, with an overall gain of just 2.81 points. Unfortunately, this means that using anything less than £37.50 per point stakes would have resulted in a net loss after the cost of the membership.

Whilst the average odds of all selections remained constant at just around the 17/2 (9.5) mark, the average odds of the winning selections this month fell to just 4.50 (7/2), the lowest of the three months reviewed. The first day of the Breeders Cup meeting at Churchill Downs provided the most successful day of the month, with Bulletin winning the Juvenile Turf Sprint at an advised 11/1, while Born Survivor scored at 10/1 at the slightly less illustrious Wetherby meeting!

The cause wasn’t helped, however, by the longest losing sequence of the review – 13 selections – occurring this month. 

Over the course of the three months the ROI (Return on Investment) achieved was just 0.82%, and the ROC (Return on Capital) 2.81%. 

Summary at End of Month 1

An impressive start to the review, and one which supports the historic results for this service.

Summary at End of Month 2

We have had two very different months so far and the third will dictate how the review concludes. That said, every service will experience ups and downs, and it is the long-term position that is important. So a 13-point profit from two months of betting is a solid base.

Summary at End of month 3

Architect Tips has provided us with the age old conundrum of using short review periods. After a fantastic first month, the profits have been all but eroded in the next two, but the next couple of months could tip the balance either way. We have seen the capability for a 20+ point profit month and so it is impossible to write off the historic profit claims, just as it is impossible to fully endorse them, based on just three month’s results. As always, I am advocating long-term performance reviews to get the most accurate assessment of a service.

With that in mind I am going to sit on the fence and award a middle of the road three-stars, with the caveat that it is probably worth following the fortunes of this service over a longer proofing period. Remember you can do this via The Tipster League page (which will be scaled up with its own website and many new features from 1st January 2019).

You can see a full breakdown of the review results here.


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